Pakawaka Hijacking my Report Thread

Here is proof that Pakawaka is hijacking my report thread on Pi2z, and trying to start drama:

"maaan, just look at that!
Amazing speech!
But like, didnt you got muted or banned or whatever too?
What are you gonna say next, you learned from your mistakes?

Besides that, Pi2z does NOT deserve to be punished for that, and you, with ur amazing IQ, you know that perfectly right?"

Pakawaka insists on sticking his enormous nose into my business, where it does NOT belong.

Perhaps him getting reported himself should teach him where his nose belongs…

Nice, and do you think, by just reporting me, it will get me punished?

hijacking =/= providing opinion and actual somewhat useful insight

Well, you are engaging in what could be termed “breaking the rules”–you are deliberately going against what this forum is about.

Hence my reporting you.

For further clarification:

This forum is SPECIFICALLY for the reporting of another user’s activity/behavior, whatever.

It is NOT for hopping onto another user’s thread because you feel you need to input your own two cents. Or starting arguments, flame wars, etc. because you feel the user being reported should not be reported.

That is for the staff to decide, not the reported user’s friends (unless they are also staff).