Party Abilities should affect Team as well

Wouldn’t it make sense if many abilities that affect the party should also affect your team? For example, Sweet Veil, Flower Veil, etc. Or abilities like Damp.

If you have to keep these Pokemon active it’s a bit annoying because many of them are not strong enough, e.g. Friend Guard Pokemon are babies.

If keeping them in your team was enough for you or your party to get their effects, then I am pretty sure that their use would be increased. What do you think?

I’m afraid I have to disagree here. As is, certain pokemon are already highly “meta” (Altaria and its C9 friends) and almost always take up a team slot unless you want to shoot yourself in the foot. Adding a reason for literally everyone to run a Friend Guard user on top of their weather clearing pokemon is a step backwards in my opinion.


Would make things pretty broken quickly in my opinion. Granted I would love for Lightning Rod to always be active with my team but it’s just not the case and I understand why. Especially with abilities like friend guard things would be insane.

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