Pay me 4 PMD fan sprites

:dittochest: I’m OrginX and welcome to diners, drive-ins, and dives

this might be a bit different from other types of threads, but my plan is to finish my ancient sprites/make new free2use wcredit PMD Pokemon fan sprites with an interesting form of payment.
For each 10k I’m given, I’ll make 1 frame of a Gen 5+ Pokemon of choice.
If its a more complex design or bigger pokemon, the price is ranged from 20k-30k per frame (aka mons like the Tapus/White Kyurem/Eternatus).

Currently I’m limiting this to sprites not done for PMU yet, or ones that people feel need remaking. On a simpler note, I do PMD portraits with the same rules for 50k each.

Here’s a compilation of some of my work :rainbowyoom:

Background is Southern Jungle’s entrance from PMD Sky

my current goal is to finish Gerald Dracovish, and to do a portrait of every Gen 8 Pokemon. Can’t not finish sprites if I’m given money for them :squirtlecool:


Hey there, I’m trying to reach you about some PMD style sprites. If you could, please contact me through discord.