Pearl Strings Disappear


Hi sorry I forgot to update this but Nuxl fixed this bug, so now we can all hoard pearl strings hurray!

Ive been doing sfr central runs to try get phione and collect pearls for my house. So the pearl string is the rare item from secret room, I got one and it disappeared from my storage, I was confused but I thought I must have just lost it somehow. But last night I got another one and this time I left it in my bag becasue I didnt want to lose it, but when I logged in next day it was gone. I checked the items in my bag to see if it had just done that thing where you move an item and it says the wrong name but no dice.

I wanted to decorate my house with them but if they are bugged I really like to know so I can just sell them when I get them.



Thanks for letting us know you may be having an issue. We’ll look into the matter and post what we find very soon.


Did anyone ever figure this out? I recently found another pearl string and to test it, I left it in my inventory [bag] overnight. When I returned in the morning the first thing I did was check and the spot where it was is simply empty. It’s impossible to keep these, but I don’t know if this affects just me or everyone.


well i dunno if anyones left to look into it, but, avimario also lost their pearl string over night, but when sciz had one and logged out it was still there altho that ws in a dungeon. Very mysterious! I will see if this one in my house gets lost.



Not too sure what the problem could be. It may be an issue with the item. I’ll let Kirk know and we can see what can be done.


We looked into the item’s data and we were unable to notice anything out of the ordinary.

There was word of the last few slots being buggy, but it seems only this item is affected. If you can get some form of proof they are disappearing (perhaps try to replicate the problem on video where the strings disappear) we can get a better understanding of what we can do, and we could reimburse you.


Thank you for looking into it, its a very mysterious thing. I’m not looking for reimbursement, but id like it to be fixed so i can safely collect them! I gathered some more evidence here today, it seems, oddly, when a staff tries this it is fine but when a user does it vanishes after a logout (scizivire and procyoon both tried)

But first I gave the pearl string to the user jungle jim (the one from my house which was safe in there) and had them screenie and logout. I realize its possible someone could just lie and say it was gone so they could keep it, but this person didnt seem untrustworthy and i can always find more to test. Here is the screenie they took and one of the conversation on my end (most screenies are in my house where i was scrolling to the rlevant conversation).

[spoilertest with jungle jim:7pjjec5w]


And here is where proc tested it (i didnt screenie the one with sciz sorry)
[spoilertest with procyoon:7pjjec5w]


Now I will try to see if I can take a video of it happening, off to find more of the elusive pearl string hehe!

oh yea I forgot i took this the other day but its when avimario lost theirs after we’d gone on a murky trench run with veezo
[spoileravimarios lost pearl string:7pjjec5w]



Probably best to stop storing them in your house…


But the house is the only place they are safe at :| They vanish from bag or storage.


Thats unusual… i personally checked the data for the pearl string… there is nothing wrong… best to just sell them when you get them, if there is a underlying script issue, thats something I cannot solve.


I understand, its a job for a coder but they have retired. Its a really weird thing and i dont know why it happens. The only thing I could think of is maybe theres a problem with the box, since the bug doesnt happen when a staff just makes the item in their bag. But I dunno what that could be. I still want to try and get a video of it just for interests sake, but after that Ill just sell them or use for house deco. Thanks for looking into it tho.