Penoka, the Other World [Sign-Ups!]

***Note: Scenario One is a mandatory Scenario for those whose characters are from Tier, unless your character"s among one of the few that vanished in the beginning. Characters from Tier will end up separated from each other once they enter the portal. Scenario Two"s only there to try and help get you in the mood of a person/thing from Penoka. You can be from anywhere in Penoka you want~***

~Scenario One~
[i]You had always wanted a taste of adventure. Despite what everyone said about the lack of action around the kingdom, your bones itched for something to do. Peace was so boring, and the fact that the kingdom could produce everything it needed without colonies only made it boring. Then, THAT day came. The All Hallows Eve that happened to be the twentieth year the king had been ruling the country. A mass of swirling light appeared in the town surrounding the castle, and a few people wandered into it and disappeared.

Your prayers for something to happen came true, the king searching all over the kingdom to gather adventurers willing to go into the portal and investigate the strange land, and to bring back those the portal had taken, if possible. Quite a few people showed up and were put through rigorous training. Many dropped out and many more failed horribly. You barely passed the training yourself, but you did, and now, with your chosen method of combat thrust into your belt, you"ll enter the portal, along with the others that passed. Say good bye to your homeworld of Tier, and hello to a new realm…[/i]

~Scenario Two~
[i]Your life was pretty ordinary, at least for someone that lived in the mountains dividing the East and West from each other. Hardly anyone lived there aside from the odd hermit, or the occasional dreamer like yourself that kept vowing to leave, but never did. There was the occasional dragon that you had to watch out for, since the dragons in the mountains were a hybrid of the Eastern and Western dragons and were extremely vicious. Sometimes you wondered if there was a place beyond the sea you could go to, or maybe a place where the most powerful magic could barely reach.

But your thoughts were put to an end when a mass of swirling light, a portal you guessed, appeared in the mountains. A group of people came out of it, completely confused. And they seemed even more confused when they saw you trying to warn them about dragons! They called dragons myths…and they called you a myth as well! The idiots! Still, you couldn"t be a horrible person, so you decided to try and help them by telling them everything you know of your world. And in turn, they told you about where they came from, another world.

At first, you laughed at them and tried to make them seem like they were only dreaming, but one ran into the portal…and shrieked as some kind of barrier charm placed inside it began to crush their very being… Afterwards, you warned the others not to try that and went off on your merry way. Well, you really didn"t because part of you was worried about them…somewhat[/i].

Description of the Other World (Or your world if Scenario Two applies to your character)
This world is filled with creatures of myths, such as dragons, elves, demons, and so on and so forth. Magic of a kind foreign to you is always in the air, and the human residents of this strange place can use it without difficulty. Thankfully, the animals of this world are the same as the ones back home, and there are Pokemon here as well. It"s comforting, to have somethings you"re familiar with in a strange land…

There are four kingdoms, which are located at the four corners of this world, so to speak. The Northern kingdom is a land of ice and snow, and although it spans from east to west, dragons are rare to find here, unless they"re extremely far north, where they dwell in caverns made of ice. The ruler of this kingdom rules with an iron fist and extends their rule to as far as they can. (Norse, Celtic, and Scandinavian mythology strongly apply to some of the creatures here.)

The Eastern Kingdom is extremely relaxed and has a serene feeling to it. It"s the birth place of one of the immortal races, the kitsune. The emperor of the region seems to be very loose in ruling, since there are many villages and clans of people and creatures alike that seem to live with next to no involvement of the emperor or their “lapdogs”. (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese,Thai and other Oriental mythology typically applies here.)

The Southern kingdom can hardly be called a kingdom, though there is a monarch. The monarch hardly ever makes important decisions, instead those are made by a group of representatives chosen by the people. Dragons are much more common here than they are in the Northern kingdom, and Eastern and Western dragons don"t fight as much as they normally would in the Central Mountains, which is neutral territory between all the kingdoms, though they separate East from West. (South American, Latin American, African, and Philippine mythology applies as well as Indian.)

Lastly, the Western kingdom typically follows the stereotypical “rules” of a kingdom, and is run the same way. Here is oddly a clash of all kinds of creatures, save for Eastern dragons and other creatures found way to the east, like Kirins. The Western kingdom is home to the other immortal race, the fairies.
(All sorts of mythological creatures can live here, though western mythological beings are the most common.)

[spoilerThe Immortals:311yrdcz]The two immortal races are fairies and kitsune. Although they"re called immortals, they can still die. They"re only called immortals by their inability to die from old age. Fairies are typically elves with the wings of various insects, though the colors may vary from fairy to fairy. Fairies are solidified wads of magic, and actually rely on it to live. If you can drain the magic from a fairy completely, you can actually kill one. However, fairies tend to turn into little colored balls of light when they"re dangerously low on magic, and can fly away extremely fast. You could also kill a fairy by using any weapon to cause a fatal injury, though the rush of magic leaving their body could result in a giant explosion or everyone in your family to come to be inflicted with a curse

Kitsune are just foxes that grow one tail per century that they"ve lived, growing only nine tails. Their tails are one of the two ways to kill them, though it"s the only way to kill partial kitsune. A kitsune has a main tail, though it"s impossible to tell which one it is if the kitsune"s over two hundred years old. If you can cut off a kitsune"s main tail, you can kill it. Alternately, you can kill a pure kitsune by taking away the round gems they carry around with them and keeping them away from it for a long time, or by smashing it. It"s also an easy way to get a kitsune to be your slave.


[spoilerLong list:311yrdcz]1. All standard PMU rules apply.
3. No Mary Sues (or Gary Stu for a boy). These are characters that are all-powerful, absolutely perfect, flawless, and with no mistakes.
4. Do not God-mod (or control another person"s character) unless you have permission from the other person to do so.
5.TRY to use proper spelling and grammar.
6. Character forms are highly recommended, but not mandatory so long as you describe your character"s appearance during the RP.
7. If you have not read the rules, you are still held accountable when you break them. You shall have only 2 chances.
8. This is the most important rule… Have fun!
9. Ask me if you have any questions! I"ll try to answer as best as I can, and to the best of my ability!
10. State the world your character comes from in “Other:” to prove that you read the rules.

11. Anyone notice the lack of 2?
[spoilerCharacter forms!:311yrdcz]Name:
Age: (Both physical AND actual please.)
Species Description: (HIGHLY recommended if you aren"t a human or a Pokemon.)
Personality: (A paragraph or two, or 7 to 14 traits in a list. Include what you like and hate, as well as any trivia about you!)
Theme Song: (Optional)

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