Petition: Remove Reviving Item's Possibility To Be Sticked/Grimed (Bug fix + advantage)

Why? Because there’s an awful glitch where the “Revive” option show up even if you can’t revive! It gives you a false sense of hope! Also, when a Reviving item is sticked/grimed, it sucks! Well, vote or not? Comment your opinion, even if you’re against this!

Be careful what you wish, cuz’ you’ll just MAGNEmite get it!

we still don’t know if that’s what even happened for your case maybe relogging would have shown it again also removing sticky on revive items just makes the game easier and easier like all rest of the stuff that’s been changed the past year or so :(

Agree on remove the option to revive if revives are sticky. I’m not with make those items unstickeable. It’s also part of main game series so… The game needs to have difficulty and hard times too! Just keep trying… trust me, it can get worst.

there’s this cool new item that’s always been fairly common in loch lenile cavern called a “no-stick cap”. maybe if you get one of these magical items, your revivers won’t get sticky