Pi2z Attempting to Start Drama

The following image is proof that trolls can come in many forms, and that trolling can even involve those whom you’d never think would stoop so low. Case in point, Pi2z:

The deliberate misnaming of my in-game character as “drama finger” is proof that Pi2z was deliberately engaging in an attempt to rile me up or at least attempt to get me to respond to him (thus causing the drama he was apparently wanting to cause).

Either that, or Pi2z apparently thought that just me logging on was causing drama. I bet he wouldn’t attempt such foolish behavior if other members of my guild were also online.

Well…he picked the exactly WRONG guild member to attempt to troll, as it’s not going to work out very well for him.

As stated before in countless ocassions, this section is not to debate about reports, you can comment simply if you have something relevant for the report, if not, please abstain of doings so.

Also, to avoid this getting out of hands due to unnecesary discussions I am locking this.

And, as usual, this will be looked upon.