Picture War!

Picture War!

The objective is to get a picture to destroy or defeat the picture above.

I’m not sure if a topic like this exists in the forums :?: :sad:

Anyway I’ll start! :D

Apologies. I’m trying to say loyal to my name. I’m that one idiot who has a Digimon username on a Pokemon forum. lol.
I really like some of the Digimon designs over Pokemon, but sometimes, I think Digimon needs to get a bit more originality when it comes to their names . . . Pokemon has a little bit more space in that department since they don’t have be restricted to _____mon. P: I’ll stick with this, though:

Pokemon Game > Digimon Game
Pokemon Show < Digimon Show
[Applies to Tamers, Adventure, Adventure 02, and to a lesser extent Frontier. Xros Wars and Savers were pretty bad.]

I rarely watch the Digimon show now, but I agree.


What. You know me, good ol" Ribbleschoo


Ahaha c’:

Excuse me, I’ll go back to tumblr now.