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My first actual Pokemon fanfic! \o/ I have a reputation for abandoning things… /shot

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[spoilerChapter 1.:31ikspw9][i] A dark figure appeared, even darker than the surrounding gloom. Lights flared into existence, and a cave appeared.

“Your job isn’t to question. Only to fulfill my will. Understood?” The voice was deep and like the shadows.

“Yes. That is why you created me.”

The figure nodded, as if in approval.

“Your target is the boy. His existence threatens mine.”

“Anything to please you.” [/i]

Every one hundred years, on the hundredth day of the year, over the Polaris Peaks, the stars fell. It was said that mystical energy was concentrated over a certain span of time, and when there was enough, it would push down old stars towards the earth. New stars were born. It was the start of a new generation, for the cosmos and the inhabitants of the world. This story takes place on one of the Polaris Peaks, Altair, during the falling of the stars.

Emerald stood on a dead stump, desperately trying to see across the sea of heads. Using his vines as a stool, the Bulbasaur pushed himself up higher, trying to get a view of the field below the plateau. At midnight, the stars were going to fall. This was a rare sight, so rare that not even his father had ever seen it, and his father had seen almost everything. But not this.

Whispers drew across the crowd, and the night was alive with lights. Lanterns with star pentagrams on them had been strung on strings that seemed to float against the inky sky. The smell of baked berries and fresh bread wafted through the air. The festival had brought the lonely moutains of the Polaris Peaks to life.

“Look, it’s starting!” shouted a voice, and every pair of eyes turned to look at the field underneath them, where the stars landed. Emerald strained his eyes, and thought he saw a small pink dot blinking in the sky, growing by the second. It approached closer, and closer, and the light became ever more radiant. A few of the villagers squinted, but most stared at it in awe. Finally, it came so close that he could feel the heat of the comet streaking through the air. It gained speed as it neared the ground, and hit soundlessly, with the dim of it’s glow ensuing. Everyone cheered. The first star.

After that, dozens of other stars flashed into the final phase of their life, showing off a plethora of pinks, reds, yellows, blues, greens, whites, and purples.

“How beautiful…” murmured Emerald, as more came closer, creating an effect similar to a rainbow as the lights crossed each other. A sight you could find no where else in the world.

After half an hour or so, the stars were due to stop falling. But the kept going. Worried rumors were quickly spread through the crowd. Emerald himself became anxious as well. What if all the stars fell? What would illuminate the dark nights after that, besides the moon? Would they spend their lives in a blanket of black? Their beauty entranced him, that was true, but somewhere inside, though he thought it was foolish at times, the Bulbasaur believed that stars had their own lives as well. Maybe they had parents, and children, and died after their time was up, like everyone else. Was it all ending now?

“Run!” The voice broke through his train of worries, as everyone ignored the warning and looked up. There was a bright white star, one of the most radiant he had seen throughout the night.

“Woah…” Emerald was almost speechless. But it was heading towards them. Straight for Altair. Straight for the villagers.

“Come on, run!”

This time, the warning was heard. Screams rang out in the night, and Emerald made a mad dash for nowhere. There wasn’t anywhere to go, at least a place he could get to before the star hit.

Cries and more screams filled the night. He added his own to the fray. It was all over. They would die. A flash of light blinded all, and a chorus of screams echoed throughout the lonely mountains. The air was impossibly hot for a moment. Then it was gone.

Daring to open his eyes, Emerald peeked a glance at the star. It was egg shaped, and still glowing.

“It"s not dimming!” he cried, suddenly worried. Would it explode?

Pokemon around him were still dazed and dizzy, vulnerable to any more surprises. A spark of curiousity lit his brain, and not knowing what compelled him to do so, Emerald reached out to touch the star.

It didn"t burn him, nor did it detonate. Strangely enough, it felt smooth and cool, like well polished ice.

“Stand back, everyone! And you there, young boy. Get away from the star!” yelled the mayor, a Noctowl named Zachary, though he was more commonly known as Old Man Zach.

Emerald moved back a bit, and was about to turn around and run home in fright, when he heard a dreadful sound akin to shattered glass and steel against stone. A few Pokemon moaned, as many more covered their ears. A few were still confused, not knowing what was occuring.

B-be brave! he told himself. The Bulbasaur turned around, bracing himself for the worst. Then he noticed that the star was shattering.

“N-no!” he shouted, and touched it protectively. More of it broke, and Emerald sent a desperate plea to whatever spirits were listening, begging for mercy for the star. A glowing piece fell off. Then be heard a cutting sound from behind.

Instinctively, he sidestepped, as a blade of air whizzed past him, and crashed into the star. Old Man Zach had corralled the gatherers to stand behind him as he protected them and rescued the boy who had been bewitched by “dark magic”.

Another piece broke off, and Emerald saw that it was hollow. More air blades whipped past him, cutting the star apart.


“Nonsense! Snap out of it!” roared the mayor, as he continued to assault the fallen comet. Finally, it crumbled apart, leaving a pile of stardust in the center. A few brave Pokemon ran forwards to gather the rare powder, as Emerald stood there in shock.

“N-no…” he mumbled, hurt by the loss of the star.

He imagined it"s parents, bigger stars who were down in the field, waiting for their child to join them in their dark sleep, only for it to never join them. A broken famil-

“I-it"s a Pokemon! And still breathing!” yelled Maryanne, a Ledian. The rest of the crowd lurched forwards, while Emerald was snapped out of his shock.

“Holy mother of Arceus…” he muttered, moving closer to the stardust pile. He squeezed past two impatient-looking Ekans, who hissed at him. Closer than before, he used his vines as a stool, and pushed himself up once again.

Admist the dust and shattered star bits, lay a sleeping Mawile.


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