PMD: Forests of Fertility


A war is raging on. Two entities; differing in ideals are beginning a war against each other. Xerneas; a ruler of hope and light and Yveltal; a ruler of destruction and death. Pokemon are forced to abandoned their homes because of this horrible onslaught. If their fighting persists, then the world will be destroyed before anything can be resolved.

Pokemon have gathered in caverns underground, searching for a refuge and a hideaway from the dangerous legendaries above. In the underground, they meet the Legendary Zygarde. This Pokemon is also a part of the trio alongside Xerneas and Yveltal. At first, the Pokemon that gathered thought they would be forced out of their newfound home, but it seems that Zygarde too is fed up with all the fighting the duo are causing. Together, the refugees and Zygarde form an alliance to stop the destruction above and create The Underground. Pokemon who wish to help in this cause would join them here and join one of the three guilds; Merchants, Explorers, and Rouges.

The Merchants group, led by the beautiful Gardevoir Marusaki, will try to create a more beautiful world without all this chaos one PoKe at a time!

The Explorers guild, led by Aaron the Lucario, will try to stop the activity of the Legendaries at all cost. They’ll explore fissures caused by the numerous natural disasters caused by them, and save desperate Pokemon caught in the mess of things.

The Rouges guild, led by Seth the Hydreigon, will do missions and dirty work with his rouges. They’ll go around and do things their own way, even if it’s not in the job description. But, no matter how their work differs from the other guilds, they still desire for a better world.

With the guilds established, some of the younger Pokemon in The Underground have sprung up and offered to pitch in. Soon the guilds were nearly filled with Pokemon offering to help.

Now it’s only a matter of time until Xerneas and Yveltal are stopped. But, if not stopped soon … the world may fall into chaos … and stopping them wont matter anymore …

It’s all up to The Underground now …

Chapter 1- The Underground …

“How much further is it?” a voice called out.

Emerging from a bush was a small Oshawott. His smirk showed the world how prepared he was for anything. He breathed in the fresh air of the meadow he stood in and turned to his friend behind him.

“Only a little further.” the Oshawott called back.

Next emerging from the undergrowth was a smaller Fennekin. She had blue eyes and her ears twitched as a slight breeze fell across the meadow. She walked up to her friend and smiled.

“Wott, how can you be so sure we’ll be accepted into The Underound?” the Fennekin asked.

Wott bit his lip for a moment and turned to her, “Well, I’ve been hearing that they’re looking for a lot of recruits, Sandy. So it shouldn’t be that hard to get in.”

The duo walked through the meadow and the warm sun hit them just right. They both sighed in content.

“You’d never think that some of the world is in ruin… It’s just so peaceful here…” Sandy said quietly.
“I know, it’s great.” Wott replied.

Past the meadow they went, and back into the forest. They climbed over logs, pushed fallen branches out of their way, and made their way towards their destination. Wott would reach into the toolbox he had brought along and pull out a map every now and again to make sure they were going in the right direction.

“So what do you think The Underground will be like?” Sandy asked.

“Well, I imagine a lot of Pokemon will be there. After all, you saw what some of the roads and villages looked like that we passed…” Wott said sadly.

Sandy looked down remembering what they had seen. On their way to The Underground, they had passed by so many villages and towns that seemed in need of help. Buildings and homes were broken apart, caught on fire, and so many families seemed torn. She looked ahead at her friend leading the way.

“You don’t possibly think it was all the legendaries doing? After all, it could have just been bickering in the villages.” she asked.

Wott paused, “I don’t know… maybe. But that was a little too many villages in ruins don’t you think? And what about all of the natural disasters that kept occuring? We almost got flooded off of the road twice!”

Sandy nodded in agreement. It’s true, what else could be causing all of the natural disasters anyway?

Wott stopped in his tracks and looked ahead. He turned back and smiled at Sandy. She titled her head and glanced at him, confused.

“What’s up?” she asked. She walked up close to him and squinted her eyes to make out what was further ahead.

“I think we’ve found the entrance to The Undergound.” Wott explained as he glanced down at his map.

The map showed a cave surrounded in vines. And ahead of them, a mossy cave with the entrance covered with grass. Wott moved closer to it and put his hand on the supposed entrance. He pushed through the vines and walked in with Sandy following closely behind him.

Wott looked over and saw a branch lying against the cave wall. He picked it up and walked over to Sandy, leaning the tip of it to her mouth. She spurt out fire and they used their new found torch to lead the way through the confusing labyrinth of the cave.

After 10 minutes of walking forward and sometimes downward, they came to a fork in the cave system. One cave lead downward, another to the right, and another straight up. They tried using their acute senses of smell, but it was no use, the cave had a musty smell to it, and they couldn’t make out scents at all.

After a cheaty game of eenie-minie-moe, they took the path that lead downward. An hour had passed since their decent and they hadn’t run into another fork. Perhaps this was a lost cause? Perhaps they were wandering around in circles? There was no dead end, so the duo kept heading forth.

Wott’s eyes widened and he sniffed the air. Sandy’s ears twitched and she heard something. ‘Water!’
The duo ran towards the sound and the smell of water and finally came to an open cave with a lake of water before them. They both ran over; Wott jumping into the lake and Sandy going to the side of the lake and getting a drink.

Wott emerged and smiled. “We may not have found any other Pokemon yet, but hey, at least we have water.”

Sandy licked her paws to clean some of the dirt off of them, “Yes, well, we’ll need food eventually.”

Wott nodded and dove back underwater to see if there was anything of interest under the ripples. He eventually found a small current and followed it. It was a tunnel leading out of the lake! But to where?

He resurfaced and swam over to the side of the lake.

“I think I found a way out of here. But it’s a tunnel underwater.”

Sandy’s eyes widened and she shook her head rapidly. “No! I’m not going underwater! What if I lose my breath?” she asked.

“The current goes fast, we’ll be able to make it out fast. And if I swim fast with the current, we’ll be out in no time.”
“But, Wott… You know I can’t swim, and I’m a fire type for Arceus’ sake!”
“Yeah, but you’re not a Charmander. Now grab hold, I’ll get you there safely”

Having run out of options, Sandy hesitantly climbed onto Wott’s back, shaking with fear.

“Hang on tight and don’t let go. Also, get a big breath in now!”

Sandy did as instructed and breathed in. Wott dove under and swam quickly towards the current. The current pulled them into the tunnel and they began swiftly moving through the cramped area. About 30 seconds passed and Wott felt Sandy’s grip loosening.

‘I have to get her out of her soon …’

Suddenly, as he finished that thought, the current ended abruptly and they fell out of a small waterfall landing in a smaller pond. Wott emerged into the air with Sandy coughing on his back. They reached the edge of the pond and breathed heavily.

Once they regained their breath, they moved forward coming to another cave. However on the wall of this cave, there were Unown letters carved into the wall. It was hard to make out, but Wott had studied the Unown language. He read it and stuttered as he attempted to make it out, “Un… der…”

It was cut off after that. But he could imagine it said Underground. This was it. Inside this cave … they would join the Undergound. Wott and Sandy charged in, ready to begin their journey when suddenly they fell into a pitfall trap!

They screamed as they fell and hit the ground with a thud. Wott looked up and heard voices gathering around the hole. They were met by glaring faces from all sorts of Pokemon. Mother’s held their children with terrified faces. And the guild leaders stood looking down at the tiny Pokemon.

“What do we do, Aaron?” Marusaki asked worriedly.

Aaron glanced down at them and spoke firmly, “You down there. How did you get in here!”

Wott looked up, flailing his arms around. “We came in through the underground lake!”

Aaron looked confused at the other guild leaders.

“Underground lake…?”
“Where is that…?”
“They’re not telling the truth…”

All sorts of murmers erupted above them and Wott called out.

“I am telling the truth! Sandy and I came here to join The Underground!”

Aaron looked at Seth and nodded. The Hydreigon flew down to the bottom of the pitfall and snatched the small Pokemon.

Wott smiled, “Thanks for listen-” He was cut off as Aaron blindfolded him. Sandy was also blindfolded.

“Hey! Why’re you doing this! We just want to join!!” Sandy shrieked.

“Take them to Zygarde! I don’t trust them … for all we know they could be allied with Xerneas or Yveltal.”

Children started fussing and got scared, and the others gasped.

“If they got in, then that means others will!”
“We’re not safe here!”

Aaron turned around and whistled. Up from the ground came a Diglett and a Dugrtio.

“Make sure no others get in through which these two came. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

The Pokemon disappeared back into the ground.

“Now let’s go.” Aaron mumbled.

Marusaki and Seth followed, with Wott and Sandy in the middle behind Aaron.

The Lucario looked back, “Welcome to the Underground …”

Always imaginative and creative as usual, Maru! Since I PMed you my edits, I’ll give my review of this story!

Overall, I find this a pretty good story. I really like how you made the introduction like a status report. Heck, it almost made me want to write a side-story to this, but I’ll resist the urge to do so.

Also, as I clearly presented in the edits, Wott is one of those characters that I have a bit of a fond to torment for his ridiculous ideas. He could have gone in and tried to find another pathway to The Underground, but instead decided to pull a fire-type into the water because he didn’t search hard enough for another way in. I’m surprised that they didn’t think of going back and taking another pathway, but I guess they don’t have that much patience. I’m not trying to criticize you for the idea of going through a tunnel underwater, but I find it hilarious that Wott thinks that’s the only option.

Also, I do appreciate the fact you give them a bit of an excited nature to rush into the Underground without a second thought. It just shows how inexperienced they are and what they’ll be able to improve on later in the story. Hopefully, Wott will come up with smarter ideas when he"s with the Underground as well. I should stop ridiculing Wott. >.>

I find it quite silly how frightened the citizens of the Underground are of two outsiders entering into their haven. That’s really capturing the fear of the unknown, so I am pleased with that. But I’m surprised by how they handle the situation. Instead of trying to deal with the problem with their own paws/claws, the Undergrounders (I’ll call them that for now until an official name is given) give the two the benefit of the doubt by bringing them to Zygarde.

Still, overall, it’s really coming together quite nicely. I look forward to more editing for you (and hopefully I’ll be a little easier on Wott). :’:
Not going to happen though. I’m going to pick on Wott just because of that Water Tunnel scene. Sorry!

Chapter 2- Welcome to The Underground (For Real!)

Wott and Sandy were led into a dark cavern up ahead. Pokemon who hadn’t seen them come in at first now gathered around glaring at the small creatures. Sure, they didn’t seem like much of a threat now, but in times such as these you never know anymore. In the crowd, stood Marusaki’s younger siblings. They were also part of the Merchants guild.

Marusaki’s sister, a Kirlia, and her brother, a Ralts, ran over to her side and stared at the intruders before them.

“Maru, who are those guys?” her brother asked.

“Are they bad guys?” her sister asked.

Marusaki stopped as Seth and Aaron continued towards Zygarde’s den. She crouched down so she was eye level with the little ones.

“Don’t worry about it. They’re little and they can’t hurt you. Now run along and get ready for that mission your mentor will take you on.”

She shooed them away with her hand playfully and they skipped away. Marusaki caught up with the other guild leaders and talked to them.

“So where do you think these two came from?” she asked.

“Actually, we’re from-” Sandy started.

“Shush, Fennekin!!” Seth said sternly.

“If they lived with either Xerneas or Yveltal, something has to be done with them.” Aaron reminded them.

“We’re not with them! Please believe us!” Wott yelled.

Seth growled at him and Wott cringed. Sandy could smell a new scent coming from in front of them. It was faint due to the musty smell of the caves.

In the darkness, a faint breathing could be heard.

“Who are they…?” a voice called out.

“We’re not sure, sir. They came in from the underground lake. Or so they say.” Aaron announced.

“Unbind them.” the voice said.

Marusaki undid the blindfold around Sandy’s head and Aaron undid the one around Wott. When the their eyes had adjusted to the dark, they made out the shape of a gigantic looking shadow in front of them. Actually, all that lit up the cave was green crystals that hung on the walls. Suddenly, the shadow’s eyes began to glow a green color. It made the shadow glow just a bit. Now they could see who it was. The leader of The Underground, Zygarde.

“What business do you have here? If we find out you’re with Yveltal or Xerneas, there will be dire consequences.” Zygarde said in a rather calm voice.

“We want to join The Underground, sir!” Sandy exclaimed.

Zygarde narrowed his eyes. “How did you find this place…?”

Wott pointed backwards. “There was a cave above ground and covered with moss. Rumor had it that The Underground was hidden beneath it in the caves somewhere. So… we made our way here and went through the lake.”

“The little ones always play in the pond outside the main cave and they’ve never found any secret entrance!” Seth yelled.

Wott glanced up at him. “Ever look at the mini waterfall above the pond? That’s who we came in.”

The three guild leaders fell silent.

“Sir, if I may. We still have the problem of these two being allied with Xerneas and Yveltal.” Aaron announced.

Sandy took a few steps forward, glancing up at Zyagarde. “Zygarde, sir, please listen to me. Wott and I have come from Grassroot Town, far off to the east. We’ve crossed the Old Lands, and we’ve come here in hope of joining with The Underground. Everyone in our home is terrified that one day Xerneas and Yveltal will destory Grassroot, Winden, Exbel and everywhere else. We beg that you let us join. We must help our families…”

Zygarde thought for a moment. ‘Grassroot Town? I believe I’ve heard of that.’ He glanced down at the little ones. ‘If what they say is true, they have traveled a great amount of distance to get here.’

“Tell me, how long have you two been traveling?” Zygarde asked.

“Oh, um…” Sandy glanced back at Wott, hoping to get an answer out of him.

“I think it’s been about a month, a month and a half?” Wott answered back. Sandy nodded.

“You two have traveled quite a distance and you haven’t run into trouble with Xerneas or Yveltal?” Aaron asked skeptically.

Wott and Sandy turned to him, showing sad expressions.

“You see, we found so many villages that had been raided and destroyed. Not only by Xerneas and Yveltal, but by natural disasters.” Wott explained.

“I don’t want to see that happen to Grassroot Town or anywhere else… that’s why we came here, in hopes that we’d be able to make things better.” Sandy added.

The guild leaders looked at Zygarde. The monstrous Pokemon looked down, as if deep in thought.

“Sir? What are your orders?” Seth asked.

Zygarde suddenly glanced up. “You’re telling the truth? If we figure out otherwise-”

“I swear on Arceus’ name, we’re telling you the truth. I’ve had enough of this war, and I’m sure all of you have too.” Sandy said.

A silence fell over the cavern for a few moments. To Wott and Sandy it felt like an eternity. Finally, Zygarde’s eyes glowed brighter.

“You can join The Underground.” Zygarde announced.

The guild leaders stared in awe and Sandy and Wott cheered with excitement.

“Choose with guild you wish to be in.” Zygarde explained.

“Guild?” Wott asked, tilting his head.

“He means us. You can join the Explorers guild led by me.” Aaron said.

“You see, us Explorers… We’re the heroes of The Underground. We rescue Pokemon in danger, explore new places and new mystery dungeons.”

Marusaki butted in. “But you see, the Merchants, led by me… We focus on money! After all money does make the world go 'round. We do missions that rank in a lot of cash. Of course, if we’re offered to help someone who for instance, will die, then we take it by all means.”

Finally, Seth squeezed through the two. “And I lead the Rouges! We do the dirty work here for The Underground! We’ll take missions no matter what we’re given. However, our work is a little … risky. We don’t care how we get it done as long as it gets done!”

Zygarde looked down at the newcomers.

“Now it’s all up to you… Which do you want to join.” Zygarde asked.

Wott was so excited that actually had been accepted that he wasn’t even paying attention to what the leaders had been saying. Sandy on the other hand didn’t know which guild to choose.

“Could we spend some time thinking about it? They all seem like great guild blocks, but we just need some time to make our final decision.” Sandy said.

Zygarde nodded. “Of course. Marusaki, please show our new recruits to their room. Aaron and Seth, I want you two to show kindness to these two from now on. They are no longer intruders and shouldn’t be treated as such.”

Marusaki lead the young ones out of Zygarde’s chamber and out into the main hall.

Seth and Aaron shared worried glances.

“Don’t worry you two. Marusaki doesn’t seem all too worried. Remember, her kind can sense emotions and feelings in other Pokemon. If they had evil in their hearts, she would’ve sensed it. They’re fine.” Zygarde announced.

“I hope you’re right sir…” Seth replied.

“As for them choosing a guild … I have just the idea for that…”

“This is your room. I do hope you like it.” Marusaki said with a smile.

Wott and Sandy walked in, looking at their room. It was much brighter than Zygarde’s room with green crystals lining the cave walls. But it was also dimmer than the main hall. In the center of the small room had two hay beds and a stump growing out through the rocks. It seemed unnatural that something was growing so deep down in the earth. But with all the water spread out around the cave systems, perhaps there’s an underwater river below here. Overall, their little room seemed homey.

“It’s wonderful, Miss Marusaki.” Sandy said happily.

Marusaki laughed, “Please, do not address me as such. Marusaki is perfectly fine.”

“Thank you Marusaki. For letting us join and everything, I mean.” Wott said.

“Think nothing of it, sweetie. And it wasn’t me, thank Zygarde for that. Anyways, I’ll leave you two alone for a bit. Dinner will be ready soon.” she took a bow and left.

Wott smiled at Sandy, “we finally made it.”

“We have. It’s so exciting, Wott!” She exclaimed.

“And that was some smooth talking back there to get Zygarde to trust us. I honestly thought he was going to send us packing!”

“I’m not sure they trust us completely, Wott. We did barge in unexpectedly and scared half the Pokemon in here.” Sandy said in a stern voice.

“Well, yeah, we did…” Wott replied, defeated.

“Anyways, let’s not mess up our stay here. I’m sure after a good night’s rest we’ll decide which guild to join!” Sandy exclaimed.

Wott nodded. “Hey, something just came to mind. All the cool teams have names. What should ours be?”

“Hmm, that’s a good question… how about…”

“Marusaki, come here for a moment.” Aaron called to her.

Marusaki walked over to join the other guild leaders. “What is it?”

“Zygarde told us a way to get those two to choose a guild.” Aaron explained.

“Oh? Do tell!” Marusaki replied.

“Here’s what’s going to happen…” Seth said.

Ahahaha! Cliffhanger! >:D

Great story! I really like the style you write with. Although dat cliffhanger… I want to know what happens next ;-;

Well, the third chapter is being written and will be up by the end of tonight :joy:
I’m glad you like it!

Chapter 3- The Road of Trials

The Underground was bustling busily as members scurried across the main hall. Merchants counted their profits so far, Rouges discussed tactics to doing their missions, and Explorers talked about recent mystery dungeons that had begun popping up. Echos bounced of the walls of the caves and sounded like a lot of commotion.

Sandy and Wott woke up with a yawn and ready to start the day. Today, they would officially begin life with the Underground. Wott couldn’t contain his excitement and began, literally, bouncing around the room. Sandy, no matter how excited she was, remained rather calm. When they walked outside their room, they were met with the Guild Leaders. Marusaki gave them a soft smile, but Aaron and Seth still seemed a bit uneasy with them around.

Marusaki walked over to them. “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up!”

Aaron nodded at what she said. “If you’re still unsure of which guild to join, Zygarde has given you a mission to do.”

“Here’s what you have to do,” Seth added. “There’s a member of the underground, a little Eevee, and lately his older brother had begun wandering around outside the caves. He hasn’t returned and that’s where you two come in. Find the Umbreon at all costs.”

“He was last seen around here,” Aaron pulled out a map and set it on the ground for the young ones to look at. “A dungeon called Emerald Cave is where he was last seen heading toward. You need to go to the depths and search for him throughout the cave.”

Wott and Sandy nodded, “Understood!”

With that, they took off in the direction they had entered the Underground.

“There’s no need for that.” Marusaki said.

The new recruits paused, looking back at the Gardevoir. She lifted her hands, and her eyes glowed with psychic power. A light engulfed Wott and Sandy.

“This is usually how we get members to and from the caves,” She explained. “That way you don’t have to go through all that mess of a labyrinth.”

“Thank you, Marusaki!” Wott said.

Suddenly they vanished.

Seth looked at the other guild leaders. “Now it’s our turn. We’ll set up our ‘traps’ and see what they do. If they pass one, then that automatically makes them a part of that guild!”

“I’m not sure I like Zygarde’s plan,” Marusaki said quietly. “I seems a bit unfair those two little ones…”

“Don’t forget, Marusaki. We’re also following them to make sure they’re not working with Xerneas or Yveltal.” Aaron said.

Marusaki nodded. Using her psychic powers, she teleported the guild leaders and herself out of the cave system.

When the light disappeared, Wott and Sandy could see again. But the bright light from the sun affected their vision for a bit. They had become so used to the dim light underground, it felt almost weird to be outside again. They appeared right next to the cave where they had entered.

Wott pulled out the map from his toolbox and spread it on the grass. Sandy looked down at the little pictures, trying to locate Emerald Cave again. She pressed her paw to the picture of the cave when she found it. With a nod, Wott placed it back. He looked at Sandy with much courage in his eyes.

“This will be how we prove to The Underground that we’re on their side,” Wott exclaimed. “And then they’ll trust us!”

Sandy smiled. “I certainly hope so, Wott. We’ve come so far from Grassroot Town. It can’t all be in vain,” She stopped for a moment and sighed, glancing back at Wott. “Now let’s go rescue that Eevee’s big brother!”

They began running off in the direction of the cave. Both had big smiles covering their faces. Finally. This was their first step to becoming an A-class Exploration Team.

A little ways from Emerald cave, the three guild leaders sat behind some bushes, planning their traps. Marusaki felt her trap would get them to join the Merchants. Now it was just a waiting game. When the leaders heard the duo walking up the path they ducked down into the bushes and waited to see what happen.

Seth whispered to Marusaki, “What exactly was your trap?”

Marusaki giggled. “You’ll see~.”

Wott and Sandy approached Marusaki’s trap slowly and when it was within sight, Wott squinted his eyes to see what it was. Sandy ran over and sniffed the ground. On the ground, they saw a pile of money just sitting there! Wott’s eyes widened. Sandy backed away, a little cautious.

“Who on earth would just leave 10,000 Poke here?” Sandy asked.

Wott shrugged. “Who knows.”

Wott reached down towards the pile of money. Marusaki giggled from behind the bush. ‘Yes! They’re going to join the merchants! More members means more treasure and money!’

Sandy place her paw on his hand. “Wott, use your head! No ones going to just leave money sitting in the middle of the woods. It’s obviously a trap!”

Wott sighed knowing it was probably true. It was a lot of money though…

They continued on and Marusaki become angered. She turned around in the bush, crossing her arms. Seth laughed at her and Aaron shook his head.

“Looks like I’m getting some new recruits!” Seth said happily.

With that being said, the three leaders took off, following the duo into Emerald Cave. That was also where Seth’s trap lay hidden.

Inside, the cave was lit up by tons of illuminating emeralds and all kinds of other crystals and gems. It was so beautiful. And yet, it felt ominous going inside this place. Even more so than where the Underground was located. Maybe because wild Pokemon wouldn’t leap out at you and just attack you?

Now the guild leaders hid behind giant boulders. They watched as the new recruits turned the corner of the cave and Seth couldn’t stop smiling. Aaron looked at him, just a bit scared.

“What did you do,” Aaron asked. “And should I be scared?”

Seth smiled evilly. “Maybe just a bit.”

Seth made the turn, following them and the other guild leaders crept from their hiding place, following Seth. Hiding behind stalagmites, they watched in awe when they spotted Seth’s trap.

Wott and Sandy shared the same expressions as the hidden guild leaders. Awe, confusion, and terror. Before them, a small pond full of Carvanha and Basculin. Above the pond, stalactites hung from the roof of the cave. And on the side walls, sharp rocks came out. It certainly looked like a mess.

Aaron and Maru glanced back at Seth and gave him a shared expression.

“You really went all out this time.” Aaron said. He was actually quite impressed.

“How did you even do this?” Marusaki asked.

Seth smiled proudly. “I have my ways.”

Wott looked at Sandy’s pleading eyes.

“Please don’t drag me through the water…” she said quietly.

“I won’t.” Wott said, a bit sadly.

Wott paced around, thinking of ways to get across. The walls on the side looked really slippery. If they fell in the pond, well… ouch. And Wott can’t use surf to get them across, because he’ll be torn limb from limb.

Seth couldn’t help but brag. “You see, if they have the skills and technique of a rogue, they’ll make it through that mess outstandingly.”

Marusaki frowned. “I feel bad for the poor things.”

Wott finally had an idea. “Sandy! I know dig! We can totally avoid everything in our way!”

Sandy smiled. “That’s right! Good thinking. But, the water. What if we dig too close to the pond?”

“I’ll be careful,” he began digging fast into the ground. “Follow me, and stay close!”

Sandy hopped into the hole after him.

Seth’s jaw dropped and he fell backwards, landing in a fetal position.

Marusaki looked back at him and snickered. “Poor Seth.”

“Well, since both your traps failed,” Aaron stood up and used dig himself. “Looks like they’ll be joining the Explorers guild.”

Wott and Sandy finally made it to the end of the cave. In the back of the cave, they saw a figure tied with rope to a stalagmite.

“That’s Umbreon,” Wott cheered. “Let’s go!”

The duo ran at the Umbeon. The Umbreon said nothing, but looked them in the eye.

“Sir, we’re here to rescue you! Are you injured at all?” Sandy asked calmly.

The Umbreon said nothing.

"Um, sir?’ Wott asked, tilting his head to the side.

There was something off with this Umbreon. Finally Sandy sighed angrily.

“We’ve been tricked!” she yelped.

“What’re you talking about!?” Wott asked.

Sandy walked over to the Umbeon and bit into the head. She ripped the head off and stuffing fell out. The cotton fell to the ground.

“It’s a Pokedoll!” she yelled.

“What!?” Wott asked. ‘How could I have been fooled by that!?’

“That’s right, it’s a dud.” a voice called out.

Sandy and Wott glanced around the room, trying to pinpoint the voice. It sounded familiar. But it echoed off of the walls, making it seem just a bit different. Finally, from the ground, an explosion.

Standing before them, a shiny Lucario. But this Lucario had on a Marowak skull.

Marusaki and Seth looked at Aaron in disgust. ‘Really!?’ they thought. Aaron wasn’t fooling anyone with that disguise…

“Aaron…?” Sandy asked.

Aaron gulped. “No! I’m the kidnapper of the Umbreon!”

Wott pointed behind him and when Aaron turned, he saw the Umbreon’s stuffed head had been ripped off. He connected his head with his hand, making a face palm.

Marusaki bore a bored expression. “No matter how serious Aaron may appear, he can’t do anything right…”

“Agreed…” Seth said.

Aaron sighed. “Looks like you guys have beaten even me…” He pulled off the Marowak skull and smiled.

“Wait, this was set up!?” Sandy roared furiously.

Marusaki rose up from behind the stalagmites. “Yes. You see, Zygarde had a plan for seeing which guild you belonged in. So, we decided to set up these ‘traps’ and see if you passed them.”

Wott turned to the Gardevoir. “Passed?”

Seth followed Marusaki. “If you picked up the money that Marusaki had left, that means you would’ve been a possible Merchant. If you had made it through my little obstacle course back in the cave, you would’ve joined the Rouges no problem.”

“And you saw through my disguise. So that means you’ve defeated me.”

“It’s not that hard, Aaron…” Marusaki said.

“But I don’t get it! Why would you set this up…?” Wott looked down sadly.

“We also did it to see if you were trustworthy,” Aaron Explained. “If you had said anything about Xerneas or Yveltal, we would’ve shown ourselves.”

Wott and Sandy paused.

“So our mission… was in vain…?” Sandy asked.

“Of course not. It was for us to help you pick a guild. Have you decided yet?” Marusaki asked.

Sandy and Wott looked at each other. They smiled and with a nod, they turned to the guild leaders.

“We came here to help Pokemon. To figure out why Xerneas and Yveltal started this all in the first place. And to try and decrease the uprising of so many Mystery Dungeons.” Sandy said.

“So we choose…” Wott began.

Both Sandy and Wott finished his sentence. “Explorers Guild!”

Aaron nodded. “If Zygarde trusts you are not with the legendaries… then so will I.”

Marusaki smiled at her friend and Seth nodded to him.

Aaron looked at the new recruits.

“Wott and Sandy,” He paused for a moment and then smiled at them. “Welcome to the Explorers Guild.”