PMD Walk-In

For the past few years, Pokemon have progressively gotten more and more aggressive. They lose their sense of self and go on rampages, destroying their environment and attacking other Pokemon. Now it has begun to affect the more civilised beings. If not quickly dealt with, their power multiplies and they lay waste to their homes, and soon enough, surrounding towns and villages.

Some have started to speculate that it is due to some sort of illness, some say that it’s a curse but for now the majority of the blame seems to be directed towards a prophecy. One unearthed from deep within an ancient ruin. It states that a human shall come to their realm, signalling the end of the world as they know it; the translator described. With society crumbling before their very eyes, most Pokemon were left with no choice but to believe him. Suspecting that the human were already among them, they became more suspicious of each other. Before long even the sane Pokemon would turn hostile, leaving nary a safe place within the region.

Thankfully, one way or another, you met Pascal the Scizor. A gentle soul, Pascal wants nothing more than peace among Pokemon once more. Through hard work and dedication, he and a small group of followers built a village, hidden away deep within the woods. You find a home here, away from the looming horrors of the outside world. You hold onto the hope that things will fix in time, and that none of your neighbours shall turn for the worse. Doubts and fears aside, there was little more to do than enjoy the temporary peace and security this village provided.

That was before the human came.

1. PMU Rules & ToS still apply.

  1. Walk-In means that you just start roleplaying. No need to sign up, or ask permission, or whatever else…

  2. That said, you are responsible for keeping your character balanced.

  • You may have six moves, but keep note of them somewhere and don’t change them out of nowhere for no reason.
  • Unlike PMD, you may only have one ability at a time.
  • You can have a held item as an accessory but please mention it somehow within your first post so we are aware of it.
  • Don’t god-mod, auto-dodge, power-play, etc…
  • No legendaries or mega evolutions please.
  1. You live in Pascal’s village. You must start in or around it.

  2. Since this is a Walk-In, we only know as much as you tell us about your character. For this reason I’d prefer if you only have one main character.

  • If you want to play village npcs, I’m fine with that.
  • If you want more than one main character, I ask that you please talk to me about it. I’m fine with more MCs but I’ll probably need some sort of summary on them for clarity.


Cecil, a lone Murkrow, gentled ruffled his feathers as he sat down to rest in a particularly soft patch of grass near the edge of the village. He let out a faint sigh of contentment as he closed his eyes, allowing the thin rays of light that managed to make their way through the thick vegetation above to warm his feathers.

He was quite the nervous fellow, so it was rare to see him so peaceful. Typically, he’d be seem almost constantly on edge, eyes darting around for any potential threats, and quite the easy target for any of the pranksters in the village, as he was both gullible, and easy to sneak up on, despite his timid disposition. Though, perhaps it would be of no surprise to anyone, it’s not like he’d always been this way. Before he’d been found by Pascal, he’d been injured by a gang of Pokemon who’d been on edge when he’d happened upon them. Thanks to this encounter, his right wing was out of commission. Any flying Pokemon could think of much worse than not being able to take to the skies, whether it was for fun, or to escape potential threats.

As far as appearance goes, his was quite typical for an adolescent Murkrow. His most notable features were perhaps how well groomed he was, keeping his ebony feathers pliable and glossy, as well as the Pecha scarf loosely hung around his neck. Despite being a Dark-type Pokemon, he didn’t have the least bit of an ominous or threatening demeanor, as you might ordinarily expect.

In his current relaxed state, it would be clear to any onlookers that he wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings, and you’d be able to get quite close before he became aware of your presence.

A rather jovial Chikorita came bounding into view all of a sudden. With a spring in his step and the soothing chime of a bell ringing through the air, it was difficult not to notice him.

Skyflower was well known in the village, often being there to lend a leaf to anybody in need. He was shy when he first arrived but quickly warmed up to the locals when he helped solve a berry crisis using his knowledge of the forest. Today he was on a stroll into the woods to gather a few more berries.

“Hiya Cecil, are you doing alright today?” he asks, noticing the Murkrow resting nearby. “I’m just heading out for some berries.”

For future reference, Skyflower the Chikorita has the following moves:

  • Natural Gift
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sunny Day
  • Grass Knot
  • Solar Beam
  • Nature Power

Kaine had recently evolved into a espeon,she was happy but soon after her mother had got ill whilst she is still alive its unsure how long she will be alive for. Just as she was leaving she was given a gift from her mother, it was a friendship ribbon to remind kaine to be happy, she left with a smile on and the ribbon tied around her neck and she began to search the town for something to do , she was good at helping people and was known for that kaine the little job girl.She stood next to a small bed of flowers and sat down beside them watching them.

Attacks:Psychic,calm mind, wish, shadow ball, psyshock,refresh

[FONT=arial]It was a new day. Pascal hadn’t slept a wink last night. Slowly he lifted himself out of his seat by the window and over to a tall bench, covered with jars and pails filled with all sorts of trinkets. At the very end was an old wooden bucket. It was once a barrel but it had been cut in half and now acted as a wash pan. He scooped some water in his hollow pincers to splash in his face. Putting his claws on either side of the shallow barrel, he leaned against it, peering over it to see his own reflection staring back. The whites of his eyes were as red as his body. The Pincer Pokemon hunched over, his face almost touching the water. He took a deep breath and pushed his entire head inside. It brought his senses back to life, the cold water robing him of his fatigue. His memories of the past and duties of the days to come floated about his mind like the pieces of a puzzle. Their order was a little bit muddled and the details weren’t so clear. It was almost as if he were looking at his life through the eyes of another. He exhaled, the bubbles tickling the side of his face as the sound of the air surfacing echoed beneath the water. He remained there, breathless. If he had the willpower, he could just…

Pascal raised his head, gasping for air. His eyes were drawn to his reflection. Shock looked back at him through the ripples and distortion. How oddly fitting. The Scizor refused to look on anymore. He couldn’t be in this room any longer. If he went outside he’d be okay.
He darted out of his room quickly shutting, but not quite slamming, the heavy oaken door behind him. Besides their homes, there wasn’t much privacy in this village at all. All homes were built into the trees, with bridges and platforms connecting them to each other. Everyone knew where each other lived and it was not uncommon for people to wander into each other’s huts.

Pascal sighed and looked over his own platform. Down on the ground was an artificial clearing. A few log huts had been made out of the trees they’d cut down. Each one had its own individual use and was owned by the one who came up with said purpose. The largest of them was a warehouse, owned by a Roserade named Edith. She was elderly, yet loud with no tolerance for thieves, as her thorny brambles will tell you. A necessity here where most houses were barely large enough for much more than a bed and a chair. Most supplies were stored here, be them personal or for the sake of the village. Beside it was an item shop. Owned by a Honchkrow and her partner, a Leavanny. Both were hard workers within the village and would sell excess material for personal use, or even the odd luxury accessory or trinket they may come across. They didn’t trade with typical currency, but for other goods or even services the townsfolk could provide.
The Leavanny, Rigel, would sew cloth out of rags and even foliage growing in and around the location. He even knew how to make rope, which was how they managed to build their connecting houses within the trees.
Sable the Honchkrow would venture out into the dangerous world, along with a small following of Murkrow and retrieve things otherwise unobtainable for the village. They were essential for the survival of the residents and Pascal could not be any more grateful. Although with every trip he made Pascal began to fear more and more that she may never return.
Lastly was… he wasn’t ever quite sure what it was. It was owned by his closest friend, Lansel the Delphox. He’d always change his services to be whatever took his fancy. For now he seemed to be working as a fortune teller, although most are probably wise to his scams by now. Then again, people still look to him for guidance. Maybe it’s because it reminds them of how life was before the crisis, or maybe because they need something to give them hope. Either way Lansel never failed in keeping morals up.
These four were precious to him. They were the founders of this village, along with himself. They’d each give their life for anyone within the village, as would he.

Pascal drew a deep breath, looking over his village. The children played on the ground below as their parents looked on from their balconies. Some waved hello to him, to which he responded with a smile and a nod. He took in a deep breath, feeling a strange sense of pride at the community that had blossomed in this isolated village. It’s a new day, he thought to himself. One more day…

The Murkrow sluggishly shuffled to his feet as Skyflower neared him. He let out a particularly loud yawn before turning to good-natured grass-type, giving him a slight smile as a sign of acknowledgement. He brought a wing to his eye while the Chikorita spoke to him, wiping the sleep from his eyes. “Ah, going out for berries again today?” he murmured, seeming to perk up a bit. “I certainly wouldn’t mind coming along, if that’s fine with you?” he asked, tilting his head to the side questioningly. While he appreciated the kindness of everyone here very much for taking him in when he was left by his flock after hurting his wing, he often needed to take a break from the lively village. He often found himself becoming tense in such an active environment, and sometimes just needed to get away from it all, and have some time where it’s quiet. Time where he could think.

He didn’t much like being around all the other flying types of the town, anyways, with how he was right now. He couldn’t help but feel jealousy welling up deep inside him every time he saw all those other Murkrow and Sable, not to mention any of the other Pokemon in the town that were flighted, being able to soar freely over the treetops. Meanwhile he was here… on the ground, for who knows how long, perhaps forever. He didn’t blame them for his plight, but just being able to go clear his mind and not having to see it for a while would make him feel quite a bit better.

((OOC: Cecil’s Moveset and Ability btw :]
Ability: Insomnia

Wing Attack
Whirlwind ))

Can our character have a friend that is only explained a little?