PMU beginner's guide

Guide of Contents:

[u]1. Choose your Starter[/u]
[u]2. PMU Basics[/u]
2.A Controls and Commands
2.B Basics about Dungeons
2.C Recruiting Pokémon
2.D Time of Day
2.E Mysery Eggs
[u]3.Getting Started[/u]
3.A Grassroot Town
3A.1. Kecleon" Brothers Shop
3A.2. Kangaskhan Storage
3A.3 Chimecho"s Assembly
3A.4 Electivire"s Move Recall
3A.5 Milly"s Grassroot Inn
3A.6 Mission Board
3.B Beginner"s Goals & Walkthrough
3.B1 Tiny Grotto
3.B2 Sour Root Cave (HM Cut)
3.B3 Cliffside Cave & Faded Relic (How to evolve)
3.B4 Winden Pass & Sauna Cavern (HM Rock Smash)
3.B5 Mineral Cavern (HM Surf)
3.B6 Mt. Skylift (HM Fly)
[u]4. The end[/u]

Ground Starters

Psychic Starters

Normal Starters

Grass Starters

Electric Starters

Water Starters

Fire Starters

How to choose your Starter:

1.Step on the Pokémon you want to choose.

2.Keep walking Straight and go to the crystal.

  1. Enjoy Buneary"s tutorial!


[answer]Edit: A nice amount of commands have been added recently by our Coders. I recommend you to check this link to see what these new commands are and what are them used for![/answer]


Hunger Example

Traps List

PMU Wiki - Traps


Recruiting Pokémon Example



Finding and hatching eggs examples

1.Egg found in Mt. Skylift:

2.Egg summary:

3.Egg hatching:

List of Egg Pokémon and locations

Mystery Eggs - PMU Wiki


Grassroot Town Map


Kecleon Shop


Kangaskhan Storage


Chimecho’s Assambly


Electivire’s Move Recall Shop


Grassroot Inn


Missions & Explorer Ranks Information

PMU Wiki - Missions.
NOTE: Update 07/21/2017. Starting from today Ranks give you better storage and inventory expansion, going as follow:

Ingame Mission’s Board

Full Grassroot Town Guide

Grassroot Town Guide for beginners.



Getting to Tiny Grotto

1.Go south from Town until you reach the Crossroads.

  1. Go far west until you reach Tiny Grotto entrance.


Getting to Sour Root Cave

  1. Head north from Town until you pass the bridge.

  1. Once you pass the bridge, head east until you reach a sign. Go north and you"ll see Sour Root Cave entrance.


Getting to Cliffsided Cave

1.Head weast from Town, follow the path until you reach the second sign. Read it, it should say Cliffside Cave is located North from your spot.

  1. Go north and cut the trees that block your way. Keep following the path until you reach Cliffside Cave Entrance.

Getting to Faded Relic

1.Go West from town until you reach the ocean.

2.Once you"re near the ocean, follow the path and go far north until you reach a stair located on the top of a cliff.

  1. Go through the stairs and enter Faded Relic. Walk straight and talk to the wall. Enter Luminous Chamber and evolve!


Getting to Winden Pass

  1. Head north from town until you reach a bridge. Turn west and then go north. Follow the path until you see a tree blocking your way.

  1. Cut the tree and keep going north, once you pass the rest point you will see the scenario changes (snow appears on the ground) keep going north and go up the stairs until you find Winden Pass entrance.

Getting to Sauna Cavern

1.Go east of Snowbasin Town and go up the stairs, follow the path north and enter Winden Sauna.

2.Go through the stairs and keep going down until you reach a hole in the ground, this is Winden Sauna entrance, keep going and get in the dungeon.


Getting to Mineral Cavern

  1. Mineral Cavern"s path is similar to Cliffside"s, the difference is that instead of going North after reaching the second sign, you have to keep going West until you see a path going south.

Basically, head west from Town, follow the path until it bifurcates south, turn down and cut the tree that blocks your way.

2)Keep going south until you reach a beach, go through it and you will see a rock blocking your way. Smash it, and enter Mineral Cavern.


Getting to Mt. Skylift: Rock Smash Path

  1. Head north from town and follow the path until you see it bifurcates west, then turn left.

  1. Keep going until you see a rest point. Go southwest and then turn north until you reach Mt. Skylift entrance.

Getting to Mt. Skylift: Alternate Path

  1. Head North from town and go a little west until you reach a water course, follow it until you see something similar to a cave entrance.

  1. Head North from town and go a little west until you reach a water course, follow it until you see something similar to a cave entrance. Once you find it, go on solid ground and you will find a rest point. Follow the path, go southwest and then go north until you find Mt. Skylift entrance.

Helpful Links

PMU Wiki - The PMU Wiki is one of the most complete websites about PMU. Check it out frequently, as it gets updated daily.

Tanren Tunnel - A dungeon you have to beat in order to get to Tanren (region).

Crescent Islet - A dungeon you have to beat in order to get to Archford. (region)

Tms & HMs

Move Tutors

How to make EASY MONEY (By Nuxl)

Zappeh’s PMU Walkthrough from the beginning. (Video Tutorial)


To the PMU Wiki editors. The information you provided allowed me to add accurate information about dungeons and missions.

To Festivo and Fennes, who are always cheering me up and supporting me while I decide to do guides or works like
this one. Also, they"re the perfect grammar checkers. (And friends) :heart:

To Nuxl, thank you a lot for investing your time on ranking PMU starters! Also, thank you for being my super personal grammar checker, It is much appreciated. :D

Just throwing it out there but I think it would be cool to let them know which starters can be recruited. its always good to know

a little training section; like if you wanna train your starter then don’t use it as a leader, dungeon locations for newbies

I personally didn’t want to add a recruitable starter list, simply because they keep getting introduced. I know someday all of them will be recruitable. Plus, as a beginner, the player is suppose to choose the starter he/she likes the most and don’t be thinking which other can be recruited later. In my opinion it’s a pretty advanced information, considering most of starters are recruited in dungeons that are meant for lvl 60+ players.

This is going to be under useful links at the end. :D

Thank you for your feedback!

Rather, how about adding the Pros and Cons of each starter? Some are significantly rougher to start with while others make the early dungeons a breeze.

Rather, how about adding the Pros and Cons of each starter? Some are significantly rougher to start with while others make the early dungeons a breeze.[/quote]

That would be a good idea, but I don’t think I can do it. I’m not competitve or much of a strategist either. Normaly, If I choose a starter it is because I like the pokemon itself, but not because I see pros/cons based on its moves or typing.

But, If any of you feel like making a list listing pros-cons, I’d totally add it.

I don’t know if you noticed, but 7 times 4 is not 24 but 28. Also, there are no traps that can Paralyze you, bit rather tell the beginning players about Sticky and Grimy traps. It would also be nice if you tell them how to get rid of status effects easily. As for the rest of the guide: Great work and I hope you finish it!

Err, now, that was a stupid mistake, I’m so ashamed. :o.or: . Fixed it.

I added a link to the PMU Wiki about traps, where every trap is explained detailed and also explain how to get rid of any effect, but I do agree It’d be nice to detail each of the traps you mentioned. Thanks Sciz!

one thing I thought I should say is to separate the screenies of the starter rooms into 7 different spoilers, not combined into one. just a little better, imo

i’ll make a post later with spelling/grammar mistakes- but this is a really great guide + can help some new players out! keep it up :>

i’ll send you some of this too

i’ll send you some of this too[/quote]

Looking forward to it, Nux! Thank you!

Nice work so far Coki! I do suggest you add a section about HMs though! PMU has some really basic/essential HMs that are needed to traverse through the overworld and even get to certain dungeons :B It’d be cool if this guide had some HM listings/uses or where to get them and etc.

It has it, Wiz! Under “Beginner’s goals and Walkthrough” I explain how to get Cut, Rock Smash and Fly, as well as how to evolve and the such.

I didn’t list other HMs simply because Archford or Tanren are not suitable for a Beginner’s guide, but I will add some links to the Wiki at the end of the guide.

Thanks for your comment! :joy:

Ah, I see~ Good job on making even detailed guides on the dungeons! :joy: I’m not sure how much I should keep pestering you, but HM surf is a fairly easy HM to obtain as well in Mineral Cavern~ It’d be cool if that was added too xD

Oh… Forgot about Mineral Cavern :@~@: , Thank you a lot for the reminder!

grammar fixes n stuff
bold = add a word/comma
italicize = word fix
underline =caps
parentheses in bold- comment by me
[spoilerBeginning Section:3yogmtjw]second bubble- titled “Choose your Starter”, -> titled “Choose Your Starter” (add comma),
third bubble- The second one, “PMU Basics” introduce -> The second one, “PMU Basics”(add comma),introduce
introduce you the -> introduces you to the
Grassroot town -> Grassroot Town
fourth bubble- ,titled “Getting started” -> ,titled “Getting Started”(add comma),
“And, finally, the fourth and last section, “The end”…” -> And(remove comma) finally, the fourth and last section, “The End”,
(Like the PMU Wiki) -> (like the PMU wiki)


[spoilerChoose Your Starter:3yogmtjw]first bubble “When you log-in for the first time you will appear” -> When you log(remove hyphen) in for the first time(add comma), you will appear
third bubble"Pokemon"-> "Pokémon(add é)
fourth bubble “step through that Pokémon and walk to and beyond the crystal” -> “step through that Pokémon and walk tob[/b] the crystal”

(fix your spoilers. 7 individual ones for each chamber, and you have a weird end spoiler that has two psychic images and then Buneary"s tutorial.)


[spoilerPMU Basics:3yogmtjw]first bubble- "you will spawn in Grassroot Town and you will have… -> "you will spawn in The Crossroads(walk north for Grassroot though) and have…(remove “you will”, unnecessary)"


okay I’m not done yet, but I’m getting forced off for now and I’ll continue tomorrow. best of luck on the guide, it’s very helpful!

EDIT: already fixed most grammar errors via personal means, no reason to expand this post

Edit: The guide is now finished! I may add a starters viability ranking, but as for now, the basic content is now complete an ready to be readen C: I hope you find it helpful, and thanks to all of you who have readed this guide and gave me feedback.

Have fun PMUing! :joy: