PMU Fan-Fic Writers: Thoughts of the Writers

We have a decent amount of fanfic writers on PMU. We have some pretty good writers, and we have some okay writers. So, this thread will be to compliment, review, and give our thoughts about the writers and their stories. Remember to do your research of the people that write fanfics before you go and give your thoughts. But, with that aside… Let’s give our thoughts and praises to the fanfic writers out there!

Well, I guess I’ll start out. I actually have two authors that I know on here that deserve some praise.

ChaosCaptain, author of PMD: Explorers of the Aftermath, has become a good friend after discovering that we both enjoy writing about the Charmander evolutionary line. We posted our stories on here within a week of each other, and after he mentioned in his story that he didn’t mean to be unoriginal about using posting a story about Charmander-Charmeleon since mine had just been posted, I immediately thanked him for the compliment and we became friends. Since then, we’ve helped each other improve with writing and often discuss ideas for our stories.

His story is one that I hope will continue soon, as it is one of the best I’ve read on here in a long time. The characters were instantly likable and seemed to be on a well-paced development curve. His description rivaled my own and it’s what makes his story so captivating.

My second author is actually the one who started this thread. Shadow Lucario 50 is undoubtedly one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met. He found my story on here around a year ago and praised me for my skills and immediately called me a liar when I said I was new to writing.

Shadow’s Initial Reaction: You say you’re new to the Fanfiction world with a piece like that? I sense you are lying, or you just have a great skill at writing.

That same day, he offered to beta read and review my story, which was possibly the greatest thing that’s happened to my writing. He gave me tips and drilled grammar rules into me. We became friends and still are.

We benefit each other, as I tried to help him with his story. Giving him some advice with description, an area he was weaker in, while I was fairly decent at. His story, along with Chaos’s are two jewels on this site. PMD: Domination and Liberation is one of the most unique stories I’ve found yet. A crossover between Pokemon Conquest and PMD is something I’ve never seen anywhere else, and he puts it together excellently. The way he portrays his characters, and the minor characters other users submitted, is unparalleled.

Knightfall signing off…

My fic isn’t even done and it sounds like it won’t be compareable. xD

I’ll give yours a read.