PMU Giant Oversized Map

I made a giant one to one ratio map showing dungeons and the landscape of PMU. The size of the map is 230 mbs and took about 5.2 gbs of ram to have open in the default photos app in windows 10. Perhaps one day in the future i’ll separate the regions into separate files so less ram will be used but I’ve spent a solid week on it so I wanna do something else right now lol.

The map also includes a couple of out of bounds stuff that might be interesting to look at. The map is up to date as of 11/6/21.

Map Download

I’ve separated the regions to take less ram for those who needed it. The most amount of ram you’ll need for this download is a tad over 2 gbs free to open the exbel map. The folder has 5 files, 4 which are regions and the 5th being underwater and undercity. Hopefully this will help some people who wanted to look at the map but just didn’t have the ram for it.

Separated Regions Map