: PMU Podcast : Episode Six :

Hello, everyone.
For those who don"t know, I am Illus. I host the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Podcast, the official community source for all things PMU and Pokemon. Episode six is now available, and it"s full of amazing content. Today, I am joined by Richard G.

You can stream directly on the forums here: [mp3:1wwrtmxf]http://illusioncasts.com/podcasts/PMU-Podcast/PMUCast.041314.Ep6.mp3[/mp3:1wwrtmxf]

Not working? Stream it on IllusionCasts: http://www.illusioncasts.com/streams/PMU-Podcast/ep6/index.html
If you wish, you can download the episode directly: http://illusioncasts.com/podcasts/PMU-Podcast/PMUCast.041314.Ep6.mp3

Episode #: 6
Title: Who Would Know It"s a Dream
Participants: IllusDark8 and Richard G
Length: 57:23

Show Breakdown:

Segment One [0:00 - 10:00]

  • Introduction (What is PMU? What is the Podcast?)
  • What’s New? [Roundtable]
  • What have you’ve been playing? [Roundtable]
  • What’s going to be in the episode today?

Segment Two [10:01 - 30:00]

  • April Fool’s Day Summary
  • Dungeon Release (Tanran Mines) [News]
  • Community Projects - Roleplay Movie by Zoura
  • Renewal of Surf [News]

Segment Three [30:01 - 50:00]

  • Pokemon News
    • Black and White Soundtrack Released on iTunes
    • Manga
    • Anime and Movie
  • Super Smash Bros Direct Summary

Segment Four [50:01 - 1:00:00]

  • Upcoming Interview Announcement [Undecided, no official names, perhaps a PokeTuber?]
  • Mario Kart Tournament Announcement [As NWC ends, a Mario Kart Wii / 7 Tourney will occur in Late April] [Prizes to be confirmed at later later]
  • Ending / Good-byes

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Wow Dude! Just AMAZING I just don’t know how to thank you for the shout out for our RP Project!
But just to tell

  • Community Projects - Roleplay Movie by Zoura

Call it “by Funkylaurens” Because most people don’t know who that is because it’s my skype nickname! xD

Anyway thanks alot again :)! I hope we bring succes with the Project

(and if you don’t wanne do that, it’s Zorua, not zoura xD)

Thanks. I’m glad you enjpyed it!