PMU Podcast: Episode Twelve

Hello, everyone.
The twelve episode of the PMU Podcast is ready for your ears.
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Episode #: 12
Title: Open Source Cut Out Symphony
Participants: IllusDark8, Mikey57, MasterShadowNinja with Yatterman and Flare
Length: 59:54

Show Breakdown:

Segment One [0:00 - 10:00]
Introduction (Welcome, Introductions, Podcast Absence)
What’s New? [Roundtable]
What have you’ve been playing? [Roundtable]
What’s going to be in the episode today?

Segment Two [10:01 - 30:00]
TCG: Furious Fists (via
Pokemon Hub on iTunes (via
Pokemon Center USA (via
Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions (via
What songs do you want to see in the Symphony?

Segment Three [30:01 - 1:00:00]
New Dungeons: Murky Trench, Seafloor Ruins, Inferno Volcano (& more)
PMU Battle League (Led by Yatterman)
PMU: Open Source

Segment Four [1:00:00 - 1:10:00]
Pokemon Nationals
Future Collab with It’s Super Effective & Steve Black Jr.

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