PMU Podcast Pokemon Giveaways!

PMU Podcast Pokemon Giveaways!

If you still have questions about this after reading the whole post, PM me about them!

What"s this all about?

You folks listen to the Podcast, right?
If so, you can get a chance to win a rare Pokemon! (Woah!)

It might not be for every episode, but if I get something worthwhile, it"ll be going over to you guys!

Sweet! How do I participate?

All you have to do is listen to the Podcast! There"ll be a “secret word” or “code word” announced. Once you"ve got that, PM me the Word! I"ll be throwing the names of the folks who PM-ed me into a hat, and I"ll randomly pick one out from there! If you"re the lucky winner, you"ll be getting a PM from me with my FC. We can organize a time to trade later.

I"ll be updating this page with the Status of each Pokemon. Remember, once a certain amount of time has passed, your chance to get that special Pokemon runs out!

Darn. I dunno if I can catch you guys on the Podcast.

That"s okay! You can always download the Podcast in an .mp3 format. I"ll make sure to include the episode number when I post the Pokemon here.

Sounds like a lot of work! Can I help you with this?

That"d be much appreciated! If you"re willing to donate a Pokemon, just PM me! I"d like them to have their own nicknames, so we"ll work that out. c:
The Pokemon

I try to give the Pokemon a Balm Mushroom whenever I can. Enjoy the extra cash! Maybe I"ll switch up the held items now and then.

Episode 37
Status: Given!

Note: Illus totally did not botch this up. So, we just gave it away immediately! There"ll be another shiny for the following episode, though!

Reggie (Gumball) the Poliwag || [Shiny!]
Modest /w Balm Mushroom

[Click For Pokemon Summary]

Episode 38
Status: The word is out! PM me for a chance to get this Pokemon!

Note: Make sure to PM me the secret word. :D

Machamp || [Shiny!]
Bashful /w Balm Mushroom

[Click For Pokemon Summary]

Be sure to tune in for our official PMU Podcast: The Series premier for a chance to win 3 Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y versions! Trivia, Music Guessing and more Ren’s Secret Words will be the way you’ll be winning the Pokemon! Don’t miss it!

Oooooooh shinny Pokemon!!! :3 ♥