~ PMU Podcast Request Thread ~


Welcome to the PMU Podcast Request Thread
This thread is for requested musis or challanges. for the Podcast, when it"s not broadcasting live. This way, if a request is put onto the show, it will be easy to obtain and give a name too. It will be used through PMU Podcast 2013 - 2014.
[i]Please keep in mind, that there is music or challanges that we will not allow requested:

  • Music Owned by said Record Label *
  • Music created by Mainstream Artists *
  • Music with inappropriate content *
  • Challanges must be able to be completed in less then 10 minutes
  • Must be able to be done on air whilst broadcasting
  • Be sure to explain the rules of the challanges. [/i]

We hope you enjoy requesting, feel free to post a link to the YouTube video and of course, please give the name and other information for the song. Happy Requesting~

First for Mazinger! Song is called Kanjite Knight and it is sung by Ultimate Lazy. This version is the one featured in Super Robot Wars Z2
Youtube Link:


If you could play First Love by Utada Hikaru, the music box version, that would be great!! It’s such a pretty song!
Youtube Link:


Thanks for your requests, we will be sure to have them in the next episode of the Podcast ^^

This song is Happily Ever After from Gurren Lagann it is featured in Super Robot Wars Z2:


I’ll be sure to get that in for Next Week!

Gooey Goomy contest. Make it happen! :>:D:

Got any requests for the 33rd Episode of PMU Podcast 2013?
Be sure to get them in by Satuday, December 7th @ 10AM PST. All requests sent after that will be put on queue for the new episode.

Could you possibly explain the rules on how this would work? If you want, you can send them via PM.

If it isn’t too mainstream, can you do Kicks’ theme from Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6IWY-qyRXo

A good choice, I’ll be sure to get that in.

Hope this song is alright if not let me know and I’ll post something different.
By the way the song is from the Megaman X series.


Yay, Megaman! Good choice

Got a request for this weeks show? Send them in NOW!

Can you do Break the Targets from Super Smash Brothers Melee?
YT Link-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc1wzDWFvf8

We will be sure to get that in after 2013 :)