PMU skin!

Alright folks, this skin was supposed to be an official release a while back when I was part of the team. The skin itself is almost finished, the only missing graphics are two icons in the Options and Online buttons, I don’t do spriting, so the animated graphics were made by Fennes! Also, the remake of our logo was made by Flare! The rest is on me.

My computer is going to get wiped next week, and since I’ve put a lot of effort in this skin I decide to share it with you, maybe someone likes it and enjoy my work!

Oh, also I didn’t do the skin file, so in order to use this you’ll need to replace the Main Skin folder of your client in your PMU folder.

I really hope you enjoy this :)


Download Link:

It’s very beautiful <3 I love it! Especially the new logo!

Thank you :)! And yep, the logo looks amazing, Flare did a great job there! I hope that if they make a new GUI they include this logo officially. :o

Looks amazing, Coki! Been a long time since anyone made a skin, super happy to use a new one for once! ;v; Good job!

I’m glad you like it! Enjoy :D

That is actually amazing.

Thank you very much Shawnie!

Now, let’s see who finds the hidden owl… :o

Found it behind the chat box!

By far the best skin out there. Absolutely beautiful.

PMU’s GUI has a lot of issues in terms of positioning of widgets, namely misalignment and odd rendering/transparency issues - this can’t be changed, or fixed rather, without code edits and updates. Despite those obstacles, Coki spent hours to make a skin that tried to fix all of those errors given the constraints that the limited GUI support offered. She worked too hard on this, so please enjoy!

. Double post.

Can’t find the owl. X3

This looks so solid! Great job!
I think this should replace the old as default.

Lol. The owl is under the chat screen! [You can move it].

Also, thank you! If it was finished I guess the staff would consider it or something.

And it’s not because I did this but I kinda got used to this skin and now when I see the regular one I feel it has waay too much empty space, lol.

Appreciate the nice comments btw <3 :)