PMU Weekly Event. Week of January 24, 2021

Hello all,

Due to recent increases in the number of players, it has recently become a bit tough to host a weekly event where everyone can attend at the same time without running into some issues. While we might return to this set up sometime in the future, at least for this time we will be trying something new.

This week’s event will be trivia – but not the trivia we’ve done before. Instead, this trivia event will be hosted through a google forms sheet rather than in-game. That sheet can be found at Submit all answers using the provided Google form, making sure to follow any instructions as stated in the question. Once you submit the form your responses are final, so make sure you have the answers you want when you submit!

This event will give 3 tokens just for completing the form, along with a token for each 3 questions you get right, for up to 8 event tokens. You can complete it any time from now up until the end of the day on the 30th, UTC. Following this time period, we will grade the responses and award tokens appropriately.

We ask that you not discuss any of the actual questions on this quiz in our official discord server, our forums, or in-game on global or any populated map (Crossroads/Grassroot Town), and that each person only complete the quiz once (meaning for only one character). If we at any time suspect one person has tried to claim tokens for more than one of their characters, we hold the right to withhold tokens from all of their characters, and may enact further punishment if deemed necessary. Please play fair out of respect for the game and your fellow community members. Of course, feel free to collaborate or use your resources, such as the PMU Wiki!

If you have any feedback on this new format, feel free to contact a staff member about it. This is a trial run in response to some new conditions, so we expect not everything will be completely perfect right out of the gate.

Hi all,

The quiz event has been closed for a bit, and distribution has begin! Once you log onto PMU, you will get a notification for the amount of tokens you have been given. This will happen as long as you log in within the next 30 days.

For anyone who is curious about the answers, here they are!

  1. Betty and Bully, a Miltank and Tauros duo, run the Rest House and Shop just outside of this dungeon.
    Answer: Rustic Savannah

  2. The player character’s father in the Hoenn Pokemon games is the gym leader of this gym (city name only - do not include the word City/Town in your response)
    Answer: Petalburg

  3. Lil Timmy, found in the Housing Center in Grassroot Town, gives information about house commands for players. In the same map, at the table across from him, is this NPC.
    Answer: Croco the Croconaw

  4. This remote map, first found after beating Mineral Cavern and using Surf at the Exbel Peninsula, serves as the entry point to Southern Sea and Crescent Islet.
    Answer: South Outpost Island (or any answer that mentioned Outpost)

  5. Early in his first appearance in the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime, Paul caught 3 of these flying-type Pokemon, releasing one he perceived as weak.
    Answer: Starly

  6. The boss of Eternal Ruins in Gates to Infinity is this Pokemon, which can be shiny or not shiny.
    Answer: Ho-oh

  7. This NPC, a Fletchling, is found at the end of Sunny Hillside. What is its name?
    Answer: Fletchy

  8. In the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games, Moltres is found in this location, before being moved to Mt. Ember for FireRed and LeafGreen.
    Answer: Victory Road (really any answer more specific than just Kanto

  9. Weavile is the sensei of the dojo in this PMU region.
    Answer: Winden

  10. This is the most expensive item in the Sunken Tavern of the Tanren Undercity, costing 60 ekop
    Answer: Aged Grepa Juice

  11. The most populous city in Pokemon (through in-game population) is this city in Kalos, found at its center (do not include the word City/Town in your response).
    Answer: Lumiose

  12. In the Sentry Duty minigame of the Explorers Mystery Dungeon games, the player and partner must work to figure out which Pokemon is entering using this feature of the Pokemon.
    Answer: Footprints (or any variants)

  13. Furfrou are given their cuts by this Kricketune NPC, the owner of a studio near the Frigid Heights of eastern Winden. What is his name?
    Answer: Lawrence

  14. PMU7 first released in this year.
    Answer: 2010

15.In HeartGold and SoulSilver, this Ribbon is giving for defeating Red at Mt. Silver (do not include the term Ribbon in your answer)
Answer: Legend

This is how the prizes worked:

0-2 correct: 3 tokens
3-5 correct: 4 tokens
6-8 correct: 5 tokens
9-11 correct: 6 tokens
12-14 correct: 7 tokens
15 correct: 8 tokens

If you have any questions about your individual answers, please feel free to PM me on the forums, reply here (I’ll be unlocking the thread!), or in-game/the discord. I graded all 270 responses personally, and I’m sure I might have made one or two mistakes. I might be a little slow, however - it takes time to look through so many responses.