PMU Weekly Event. Week of January 31, 2021

Hello everyone, for this week’s event, we’ll be doing Boss Rush.

There will be a new map to enter, where you can obtain a ticket to run Boss Rush once. This entrance can be found at the top left of the Events Hub! Make sure you have two free inventory spots to get the ticket and the participation tokens when you talk to the NPC. This ticket will be valid for one whole week, before the event closes on 10 PM server time on Sunday, the 7th of February (the “typical” event time) and the map is blocked off. Once you use your ticket to open the door, it will only stay open for a short amount of time so make sure you only use the ticket when you’re ready to start and that you immediately walk through once you use it.

How it works
You will fight through a series of various boss fights, trying to get through to the end. Beware, as some of these fights can be pretty tough. You’ll be able to bring 4 Pokemon but no items, and all of you Pokemon will be set to level 30 (without moves changing). You only have one chance to beat all of the bosses you can, so make sure you are prepared when you start!

There will be 3 tokens given at the beginning, before the first fight, and additional tokens found as you make your way through. These tokens will be found on the maps themselves in the original entry map and between the boss fights, so make sure you grab them - staff are unable to help if you accidentally forget to grab any tokens off the ground!

Each person should only attempt boss rush once (meaning they only attempt to do so on one character). If we at any time suspect one person has tried to claim tokens for more than one of their characters, we hold the right to withhold tokens from all of their characters, and may enact further punishment if deemed necessary. Please play fair out of respect for the game and your fellow community members. Enjoy!

(gif directions for anybody who cannot find it: