[PMU7] Glaceon Skin (this is awsome)


Hehe, I gave up on eevee and did glaceon! It’s awsome for the first time i did a glaceon O_O

[spoilerBackground+loading bar:1cxlf2cw]


[spoilerMain meun+news+Login meun+background:1cxlf2cw]




[spoilerNew Account / Delete Account:1cxlf2cw]


[spoilerTeam panel:1cxlf2cw]


I drew the glaceons >=o except for the one in the team panel, Please commend ^.^ (hehe, pure artz)

Download ink: http://www.mediafire.com/?6n82dkoe64cqj0t
Or the click one: http://www.mediafire.com/?nt6qcdb200h6wz2

Recomended for glaceon lovers~ <3


Not bad start, however, never save in the jpg/jpeg format, it’s really bad and make the image quality low.
Use .png for all graphics you make.

As for showing your skin, you can just take screenshots of it working in your client, otherwise people won’t know if it’s good or not, I only seen the graphic you posted after all.


Thanks Kirk, But i save it as JPG cause thats the only thing u can save as in photo shop to view…=( ,and now i know how to take screenshots in the computer thanks to pipply! ^.^