PMU's Birthday Anniversary ~

Welcome, everyone! To celebrate PMU’s 7th birthday, the Staff Team is happy to announce that we have prepared a special event for you! It can be accessed through the Holiday Hills and will last two weeks.

This dungeon is not like any other, it poses a grave threat and despite its name, its a very challenging place with restrictions that may pose memories from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games…Will you step up to the challenge? What all is inside to loot? Find out by taking on the challenge!

On a side note, remember recommendations as well as screenshots to share your experience are welcome! But avoid spoiling the first days of the event, we want everyone to enjoy their own experience!

Have a happy exploring! c:

Well, you’re not lying when you say it’s challenging. I’m determined to get to the end though!

It sure is, in fact in my opinion it’s the hardest dungeon in the game! Except maybe the temples, I haven’t tried them. But those are puzzle based right?
But other hard dungeons… the well, sfr, tc… got nothing on this. Now this is a mystery dungeon where it’s all or nothing! I hope I can get in in my profile list.

Btw Coki… your relatives are merciless. They always put me to sleep and kill me.