Pokémon: A Twist of Fate

Hey peepz of PMU, I decided to make a little story too. This is a bit like the main story of the Pokémon games but with a little twist. And you, the readers, can influence the storyline a bit. Every so often i will have a poll set up, and the outcome will be put in the story. Here we go! (you should note i am not very good at fanfiction, and my chapters wouldn’t be that long :dot:)

[spoilerPrologue::nldb91f5]The sun was shining through the window into Scotts room. He slowly opened his eyes, and began to wake up. He did the things he always did when it was weekend, and when he was showering he realized something. It was his birthday, how could he forget! Scott facepalmed himself in thoughts and wondered why it was so quiet outside. After he dressed himself he walked down the stairs. He was taken by surprise, because almost the whole neighborhood was in his living room!

Even Prof. Spruce of the Solarvine Town Pokémon Lab was there, and after Scott accepted all the presents he got, the Pokémon Professor stood up. He held a little speech. Then he asked Scott to follow him to his lab, and of course all the people wanted to come with him. Prof. Spruce told them they could not enter his lab, and since there were no windows, they had some privacy. Suddenly, he gave Scott a briefcase, and told him to open it. In it was a shiny red Pokéball. The professor told him he could generate one Pokémon with a special program, and Scott should pick his favorite. And Scott picked…


[spoilerChapter 1.1~:nldb91f5]Suddenly the door of the lab burst open. A fat kid and his mother walked up to Prof. Spruce and told him that everyone forgot his birthday, since Scott had his birthday too today. He demanded that Prof. Spruce give him a Pokémon too, and to Scott"s surprise, Prof. Spruce actually did. The boy picked Sandile, and after a little thought Scott said he wanted a Growlithe. The fat kid laughed and said Growlithe was a weak Pokémon. Scott protested and wanted to see that in a battle. However Prof. Spruce said they couldn"t battle in his lab, and he wanted to test something called the “Virtual Battleground”. He guided the boys in two cabins, and did something with his computer.

Scott and the fat kid were sent in a dark place with blue lit lines showing the border of the battlefield. The voice of Prof. Spruce told them to look in their pocket, and Scott found out there was a red device with a screen on it. The voice said to send out their Pokémon, and explained the device was called a Pokédex. They could use it to check their Pokémon"s stats and moves, and collect data on wild Pokémon. Scott pointed the Pokédex at Growlithe, and found out the moves of the fire puppy were Bite, Roar and Flare Blitz. He also found out the Sandile"s moves were Bite, Rage, Leer and Thunder Fang.

Prof. Spruce said they should start battling, and Scott immediately ordered a Bite from Growlithe. Sandile didnt take much damage, and countered with Leer. The fat kid was not pleased because Growlithe didnt take damage at all.Now he told Sandile to use Bite, and found out that that actually hurts the opponent. But Sandile was nearly knocked out by a Flare Blitz from Growlithe. Scott had found out Growlithe had the abilities Flash Fire and Justified, and knew it would get powered up by Bite. But it took damage itself, because of the recoil Flare Blitz gives. But he ordered another Bite, and after the sand croc got hit by Growlithes sharp fangs, it fainted. Scott was happy, because Growlithe leveled up and learned Ember. He decided to call his Growlithe Flare, and he knew he and Flare had a bond while he returned to the real world.


[spoilerChapter 1.2:nldb91f5]The two young trainers stepped out of their cabins, and from the face-expression of the other kid, Prof. Spruce could tell Scott won. He quickly congradulated him, and gave him a Pokéball because he won.He said he needed to use it wisely, and carefully choose what Pokémon to catch. Now, it was time for them to part ways. Scott thanked Prof. Spruce once again, and he left the Pokémon Lab.

Outside the building, everyone wanted to know what happened, and Scott showed them his newly acquired Growlithe. His mom separated him from the group a little while. After a deeply emotional talk, she gave him an egg, and told him what would hatch from it would be a surprise. The group reunited at the start of the road out of town, on to Route 1, and watched Scott disappear in the distance.

It was Scotts first time out of town, and he felt a bit nervous. What if a Pokémon jumped him from behind! Luckily, a person came over, and told him that Pokémon usually hide in the tall grass, in caves or in the water. The person now went back to the tall grass to look for Pokémon he wanted. Scott saw the route to the next town was filled with tall grass, so he started to worry a bit again. He decided to risk it, and sprinted through the first batch of grass. Something touched his leg, and he immediately freaked out.

He looked down and saw just a little creature, and calmed down a bit. He flashed out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon. It turned out to be an Oddish, and Flare had a type advantage over it. Scott decided to battle the Oddish, and ordered Ember from Flare. The creature instantly went up in flames, running around like a maniac. But it retaliated with a Tackle, which seemed to hurt Flare a little. But Scott let Flare use Bite on the plant. It fainted, and Scott had renewed confidence that he could take on any Pokémon.

But suddenly he noticed a Pokémon near the pond to the left to him. Scott checked his Pokédex, and saw it was a …


[spoilerChapter 1.3:nldb91f5]According to the Pokédex, the Pokémon near the pond was a Swinub, and had the types Ground and Ice. Scott decided to test the strength of his companion, and sent Flare out, but the Swinub already noticed him, and attacked. Scott saw the Swinub was enraged about something, but he wasn"t sure about what. He ordered Bite from Flare. The puppy sank its sharp teeth into the flesh of the little swine. But the Swinub did something unexpected. It used the move Avalanche, which seemed to do alot of damage to Flare, even though the type disadvantage on it. Scott was angry at the Swinub because it hurt his Growlithe so badly, but the pig just ignored him. So he ordered an Ember from Flare, which seemed to incinerate the Pokémon. But suddenly Scott felt some kind of bond with the Swinub, and knew he couldn"t just go rescue it in the fire. Then he knew it.

Scott threw the Pokéball Prof. Spruce gave him directly at the Swinub, and immediately the swine got sucked up in it. The Pokéball kept shaking for a long, long time, and just when Scott gave up on it and wanted to leave it, a soft clicking noise could be heard in the area. He walked up to the Pokéball, and saw a flash of light coming from it. He picked it up, and screamed with joy, because he knew he just captured his first Pokémon. He decided to call the Swinub Winter, because of it"s Ice type.

Scott looked around and saw a sign showing in which direction the cities were, and noticed he could go to Silverlake Town to the west, Windbound Town to the east, or go back to Solarvine Town. Scott wanted to visit Silverlake Town because of it"s Pokémon Museum, but on the other hand, Windbound Town had a great view from the hill it"s based on. But his feelings wanted him to show his newly catched Pokémon to his mom and the professor in Solarvine Town. After a deep thought, Scott went on a journey to…


[spoilerChapter 1.4:nldb91f5]Scott decided to follow his heart, and make his mother proud. And after a visit to his birthplace, he could try to decide which of the other two roads he would follow. So as he walked back to Solarvine Town at Route 1, someone approached him. Scott knew it was a trainer, because the person carried a Pokéball in her hand. She introduced herself as Rose, and challenged Scott to a battle. To his surprise, the Pokémon that came out of her Pokéball was cute but still fairly strong-looking, and the Pokédex told him it was an Aron. It looked very confident too, but Scott sent out his Swinub, Winter, to battle it.

Winter used Tackle, but she bounced off the hard metal skin of the opponent, which seemed fine. The Aron used Tackle too, but due to its low speed, it missed Winter completely. Winter then tried to use Avalanche, and endured several Tackles and Mud-Slaps from her enemy. Then she let loose her energy in a big snowstorm while pelting Aron with iceballs. Aron was defeated, but the battle wasnt over yet. Rose sent out her Pachirisu, which immediately used Spark on Winter. However, Winter just laughed, as if it was tickled. From the battle with Aron she gained a level, which made her a bit stronger. She used Tackle on the electric squirrel, but it retaliated with a Quick Attack, which knocked out Winter because she was tired from the other battle. Scott sent out his Growlithe, Flare, and ordered an Ember from him. Due to the amount of fur a Pachirisu has, it burned like a torch, and fell down to the ground after a while. Rose admitted defeat, and gave Scott some money. She also said she liked the way he battled, and requested if she could be his girlfriend. Scott, who never had a girlfriend before, was overjoyed, and together they walked the rest of the way to Solarvine Town.

Once they made it to Scott"s house, they said goodbye, and Rose told him that she lived in Silverlake Town, and would be waiting for him the next day, and she left to traverse Route 1 once again. Scott entered his house, and showed his mom his newly catched Pokémon, Winter, and she was delighted and proud of her son for making such progress on his first day. Scott also told her that he had a new girlfriend, and that made his mother cry. After a while of discussing how Scott"s first adventure was, she reminded him he had to wake up early the next day to visit Rose. Scott went to sleep, and had a very strange dream.

The only thing Scott remembered from his dream the next morning, was somebody shouting “Please rescue us!”, and Scott wondered about that a while before he set off to Silverlake Town.


[spoilerChapter 1.5:nldb91f5]The dream slipped out of Scott"s mind when he stepped on the dirt road onto Route 1. He felt some kind of great feeling, like Butterfree flying around in his belly. He guessed it must be love. He wanted to see his new girlfriend Rose as soon as possible, and started running. Some wild Pokémon tried to battle Scott, but he ignored them.

Soon, he reached the sign, and headed west, to the part of the Morih region that was a huge grassland with beautiful flowers growing everywhere. There were a lot of Pokémon, and Scott encountered a pair of Hoppip and a Skiploom, enjoying the morning sun while the Combee were zooming around to gather honey. Scott saw a pond with a group of Marill and Azumarill, and further away, was Silverlake Town, his destination. It was a pretty big town, for such a rural area. Scott walked faster and faster, as he approached the town.

Rose was already waiting for him at the gate of Silverlake Town. The young couple hugged eachother and together they went to Rose"s home. When they entered, both of Rose"s parents greeted them, and Rose introduced her new boyfriend to them. The rest of the day they had a lot of fun and, when they were having dinner, Rose told her parents she wanted to go on a journey with Scott. At first, they were shocked, but later on they agreed, as it was good for her to see more of the world. The two kids wanted to leave right away, and after saying goodbye, they left for the Pokémon Museum. But on their way, Scott felt something moving in his backpack. He checked if everything was allright, and jumped up in surprise. The egg his mom gave him was hatching, and it was nearly finished! He lifted it out of the bag, and then, it broke. What happened after was very strange and had never happened before …


[spoilerChapter 2.1:nldb91f5]At the moment the egg hatched, the fat kid arrived. He was about to say something, but out of the egg came a swirling vortex which sucked the three of them in. The space around them was cleared with a loud plop, and Scott, Rose, and the fat kid just fell out of a long tunnel between dimensions. They all landed on a soft patch of grass, and looked at eachother. Except, they were no longer human beings. They had turned into the Pokémon representing them, and Winter and Rocky were also there.

The confusion rose and they had alot of questions. After a while of figuring out what to do in this strange new world, a Swablu noticed them, and hurried its way towards them. “Hello! My name is Rush, and I live not far from here. I saw you falling out of some kind of rift, and i thought i would check it out. So how did you get here?”

“And that"s how we ended up here and met you.” Flare explained. “I see, i think you mean no danger to this world so i could probably take you to the village i live.” Rush told them. “There is just a little problem… I hope you have some fighting experience, because since you can"t fly, we have to go through the Floral Valley, and the Pokémon have been attacking trespassers lately.” “I don"t think i should travel with you weaklings. I can handle my own.” Sandile said. “My name is Dustin by the way. It"s been a shame to meet you.” And he walked off, to the opposite direction of where the rest of the group was going.

“You guys should try attacking.” Rush told them. “You could either use physical moves or special moves. Physical moves are moves you do with your body itself. Like this Peck i"m gonna perform.” Rush used Peck, and rammed it"s beak into a branch off a tree. “See? Now special moves, you do with either a beam shooting from somewhere, sound waves, or things you could perform with just your mind. I"ll show you a special move now.” This time Rush used Hyper Voice, and the tree it had attacked earlier was ripped out of the earth by the powerful sound waves. Rush told the rest to practise on both types of moves too, and after a long, long time, they succeeded. “Now, the next lesson you should know for surviving in the dungeons, is that you could pick up any item along the way to help you. For example, this tree here has Apples. You could eat them if you feel hungry. Or this Oran Berry bush. If you eat these, your health will be greatly restored. Items could be very useful in many ways. I think you are ready to explore the Floral Valley now, and i"ll guide you on your ways!” And from that moment on, Flare, Sparky, Winter and Rocky knew this world wasn"t all bad. They started their adventure and disappeared into the distance to explore.


[spoilerChapter 2.2:nldb91f5]As they headed into the Floral Valley, Flare noticed there was an unusual amount of Pokémon around. As soon as he told the rest, they all fled deeper into the valley. Soon, a wild Mankey appeared around a corner of a ledge, and it started running towards them, seeming even more atigated than normal. However, Sparky went into battle in it, and Rush attacked too. With a combination of Sparks and Pecks, they managed to knock the monkey out. But a Turtwig managed to launch a Razor Leaf at Rocky from Behind, and it nearly knocked him out.
He tried to use Superpower, even when he was badly injured, but he missed. Flare used Ember on the Turtwig, and it seemed like it was knocked out. However, it had been using Withdraw, and now Tackled Sparky. Sparky just retaliated with Quick Attack, and now the leafy turtle was done for for real. Rush said to Rocky: “Eat an Oran Berry to get a bit better!” He did, and immediately he felt restored.

The group advanced deeper into the valley, and they were ambushed by alot of Pokémon hiding at various places, like some more Mankey, Turtwig, Nincada, Pidgeotto, and a Roselia. They also leveled up a couple of times, and learned some new techniques. But finally, they reached the village Rush lived in. “This is Honeybloom Town, a place of peace and quiet in this cruel world. The only thing is, there seems to be no-one around, which is rare for a bustling town as this. Maybe there"s something going on at the Town Square.” So they went further into the heart of the town, and found out there was indeed something going on. The villagers were being attacked by a group of Rhyhorn, and a Rhydon.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Rush yelled at them. The attention of the attackers was now drawn to him. “What do you think we are doing?” The Rhydon answered. “We are raiding this village, and those weak little villagers don"t even resist! And what are you going to do about it?” “Well, we are not letting you get away with this!” Flare shouted. “Come on guys, attack them!” And thus they started fighting. Flare tried to use Flare Blitz on one of the seven Rhyhorn, but he simply bounced off the rock-hard skin of the Pokémon. Sparky also tried Spark on one of them, but it simply laughed and used Horn Attack, which swept her away. Winter had two opponents against her, but she bravely stood up to them, and performed a Powder Snow, which severely damaged them. One of the Rhyhorn was even frozen! “Wow, you guys, great job!” Rush told them, and she did a Hyper Voice on her enemy, which was the big Rhydon. It was confused for a moment, but it didn"t seem to do much. It tried to use Rock Throw, but it missed. Slowly the upperhand of the battle was turned in their favor, and they just kept going.

More and more villagers were encouraged by the brave actions of the rescuers, and tried attacking as well. A Drifblim used Astonish to scare one of the Rhyhorn, and a Numel finished it off with a Magnitude. And a Starmie first used Confuse Ray to confuse one of them, and later used Bubblebeam on it. After a long and hard battle, the ambushers fled away to maybe reconsider their plans. “Hooray!” The townspeople said, and thankfully accepted the new Pokémon in the town. They asked: “Would you like to stay here somewhat longer, to protect our village and bring more peace in this part of the world?” “Of course we would!” Winter said. “We came from another world, and would like to figure out what happened to us and how we could go back. Meanwhile, we could live here in safety, and have fun with all of you.” And so, our heroes decided to live in Honeybloom Town for a while, at least until they figured out how to go back to their own world.


[spoilerChapter 2.3:nldb91f5]A couple of months later, a base was built for the rescue team. “We only need a name for our team now!” Rocky said. “Does anyone have any suggestions?” “What about Team Safety?” Sparky suggested.“i think that"s a bit too mainstream. What about Team Honeybloom?” Flare said. Everyone agreed, and from now on,the site was called Team Honeybloom Base.



[spoilerExploration Team~:nldb91f5]
Growlithe//Flare Lv. 12
Flash Fire/Intimidate/Justified
-Flare Blitz

Swinub//Winter Lv. 12
Oblivious/Snow Cloak/Thick Fat
-Powder Snow
-Mud Sport

Swablu//Rush Lv. 11
Natural Cure/Cloud Nine
-Hyper Voice

Pachirisu//Sparky Lv. 12
Run Away/Pickup/Volt Absorb
-Quick Attack
-Iron Tail

Aron//Rocky Lv. 11
Sturdy/Rock Head/Heavy Metal
-Mud Slap


[spoilerRival"s Team~:nldb91f5]
Sandile//Sandile Lv. 5
Intimidate/Moxie/Anger Point
-Thunder Fang


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