Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Jewels of Life

A quick introduction:
Hey folks! I have written part of another story, and i think the first part is alot better than the previous one i made. This time though, i won"t let you decide what"s going on in the story (I"m sorry guys), because it took alot of time. So enjoy: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Jewels of Life!

[spoilerPrologue:2u9mmgvp]Deep in the rainforests of South America, there could be heard an explosion. All kinds of colorful birds flew away from their nest, in fear of the danger that might have exposed when the lab, situated at the heart of the jungle, exploded. A lot of dead bodies were scattered around the ruins of the once high-tech building. One man, however, was still alive. Heavily injured, but he was still breathing.
Before him was a portal to another dimension, and he wondered how it was even possible, for there to be a gap in space and time, and that showed him lush green grasslands, a blue sky and multiple colored flowers dotted around the landscape. “Come.” It was like the portal called him somehow. “Enter the passage to the world of your dreams!”
“No. This can’t be it. The one thing I have been looking for for 25 years. The world of Pokémon!” , the scientist said. Quickly, he grabbed some of his research notes nobody else in the lab knew about. It depicted some orbs with particular colors. “If my theory is correct, the moment I step through this portal, I will be transformed into a Pokémon. The chance exists, I will become a Mega Stone compatible Pokémon or one of its unevolved stages. I could rule the world if I find the correct stone!”

On the other side of the portal, a lonely Rufflet had been overhearing what the strange being on the other side of this thing was saying. “I must warn the king and queen.” , it mumbled to itself. It flapped away in the direction of the nearby woods. Not long after that, the scientist stepped through, and transformed.
The creature stared down to his hands, his body and his feet and made a conclusion: “Blue limbs, yellow chest. Black feet. Spikes out of hands.” He shook his head in both directions. “Two black things hanging from either side of my head. I have a anatomy like a human, but with wolf-like features. I think I can conclude I have become one of the Pokémon species Lucario. Playing Pokémon for my whole childhood has brought me something useful.” , he smiled.

Meanwhile, at the royal castle, the Rufflet had arrived, and was blocked by a couple of Escavalier. “Tell us your reasons for coming to the castle.” , they commanded. “I—I have seen something terrible. A creature from another world is planning to transform into a Pokémon and take over our whole world!” One of the Escavalier told an Abra to inform the king. It did, and a few minutes later, it spoke to the guards: “The king says to let the visitor enter.” The Rufflet hopped along the path to the throne room, closely followed by the Escavalier.

“What can I do for you, my child?” the king, a mighty Gallade, spoke. “Your majesty, great terror has fallen upon our world! Someone wants to rule the whole Pokémon world, and it might already have transformed into a Pokémon. It was talking about some kind of stones, I believe it called them Mega Stones.” Both the king and queen were terrified, and the queen, whom was a majestic Gardevoir, told the little bird there was little they could do about it.

“My husband is simply too old to do something about this-“ “I am not!” “-and as for myself, I am not powerful enough.” The king had tried to stand up from his throne, but his back ached. “The queen is right, but I think I have a brilliant idea. We could send our oldest daughter to find and kill this person, and I sincerely hope she will come back. She has enough power for it, and has a special move nobody understands how she learned it.” “That is indeed a great idea, your majesty. I am willing to accompany her on her dangerous journey to complete her quest.” , the Rufflet said. “Even though I come from a country family, I believe I am strong enough to venture out to and save the world.” The king said to him: “Fine, but I at least want to know your full name.” “My full name is Matthew Windbound, my lord.” The king put his sword, which one of the guards handed him, on the Rufflet’s shoulder, and fear could be seen in the tiny bird’s eyes. “I hereby dub you to be a knight of the king’s entourage.”


[spoilerChapter One:2u9mmgvp]“So, you must be princess Millenium then, my lady?” Matthew asked his new companion for the journey. They were standing just outside of the castle walls, and he was curious what this “special power” was, and what it had to do with this journey. The young princess Ralts answered: “Yes, I am. Oh, and you don"t have to be all that polite towards me, just because I am a member of the royal family! Just call me Miley, like my friends would do if I had any…”

Matthew was sort of schocked to hear this, and appearantly Miley could read his face, because she said: “Oh, it"s nothing, Matthew. I"ve always wondered how it would be to be around common people. Besides, I think this mission will bring a lot of fun.” “Okay, m"lady Miley. So i heard the king and queen discuss your “special power”. May i ask what this power will do?” the Rufflet asked her. “By the way, you don"t have to call me Matthew either, call me Matt, like my friends would do if I had any…” They silently strolled along the tree-lined path to a bustling town for a moment, both grinning. Then, princess Miley said, suddenly very serious: “You will find out what i can do, when I need it.”

“So i guess we should stock up on supplies, Miley?” the little bird asked as they entered the town. It was a very busy town, and there were a load of Pokémon species to be seen in such a small area. There also were canals for Water Pokémon to swim in. The town was placed in a strategic position, in such a way that you could overlook it from the castle, and knights could come help if something was wrong. From all directions, whispers could be heard, such as “Oh my gosh, is that princess Millenium over there?”, “What"s this newcomer doing with the princess?” and “Shove! I can"t see her!” People cleared a path for them, and they slowly walked past the crowd. There were a variety of shops available for the two Pokémon, such as the Forretress Storage, Shuckle Shoppe, Diggersby Bank and the Elgyem Relearner. There was also the Goomy Club, a popular club for exploration teams to rest.

“Let"s go to the Shuckle Shoppe first, i think he sells some Berries and Seeds.” Miley told her new friend. “Sure, I don"t know the region around here as good as you do, I believe. I"ll let you do the words.” When they arrived at the shop, the Shuckle smiled. “Welcome, your majesty, I feel very honored that you paid us a visit. What can i help you with today?” Miley answered: “Well, I was wondering what you have in stock. Do you have any Apples and Oran Berries?” “Of course i do, my lady. I have four Apples and three Oran Berries. Is there anything else you"d wish to have?”, the shelled bug replied. “I believe that"s all we need, how much do we have to pay?”, Matt asked. “Oh no, no.It"s free, because you are accompanied by the princess. And everything will be free for everyone else because the princess is in town!”, the Shuckle added. Miley and Matt said their good-byes to the shop owner, and left. They did not realize they were being watched by a shadow in the cheering crowd.

After a tiring day of shopping, they went to the Goomy Club. All wet from the pouring rain outside, they sat down on some chairs around a table. A Goomy appeared from around the back, and didn"t seem surprised to see the princess.“Hello there, princess. How are we today?” “I"ve been shopping today, because I need to go on a very important mission with this Rufflet here, Matthew.” she replied. “A pleasure meeting you.” he said. As he did that, he felt something near his tail feathers, and quickly turned around only to see a Zorua flee with their items. “Hey, come back here!” the young bird shouted. “Excuse us, we have to go.” Miley told the Goomy, and both of them chased after the thief.

As they rushed through the streets, people seemed confused as of why the princess was running with this random stranger they had never seen before. “Has anyone seen a Zorua around somewhere?” Matt asked. “I have seen it. It went to that back alley over there.” someone replied. “It looked a bit suspicious.” So the two Pokémon went to investigate the alley. There was only a punk Smeargle with a strange tail. Miley wanted to know if he had seen a Zorua go past. “Teehee. So you fools have found me? How unfortunate.” it answered. “I was hoping nobody would have seen me. But now that we"re here, I might as well fight you!”

It immediately tried to use Fury Swipes, and hit Matt in the face with it"s sharp claws and bloodstains appeared between his feathers, but he managed to keep it off after a while with a powerful Whirlwind, which knocked it against the wall. Miley attempted to use Confusion on the evil fox but the mind waves didn"t seem to get through to the enemy. “Why is this not working…” she whispered to herself. She used Growl on the Zorua, and it covered it"s ears from the shriek emitted from the princess" mouth. Eventually, it recovered from it"s knockback against the sturdy wall and wanted to strike Miley instead with a Feint Attack, and it disappeared into the shadows. Matt however, took advantage of it"s Keen Eye ability, and counterattacked it with a Wing Attack. The sharp wings cut off part of one of the Zorua"s ears. In that time, Miley had used Double Team to copy herself into multiple Ralts, and they all shouted “Still think you can win?”

“Okay, okay! I give in. Here"s your stuff back. I didn"t really mean to steal it, but I have to feed my family.”, the Zorua replied. It gave their supplies for the journey back, and jumped over the short wall at the end of the alleyway. Some of the apples were squashed because of the impact of the Whirlwind, but the Oran Berries seemed fine. Matt collapsed on the floor after the exhausting fight, and Miley asked him what happened. “It"s those scratches in my face that hurt. It"s like it"s burning!” he said. “Oh, don"t worry. Just eat one of the Oran Berries and you will be fine, i"m sure.” Miley said while laughing. “If I"d known you were so weak, I would"ve gone with someone else!”, she grinned. Matt nibbled on one of the berries. “These are actually quite tasty! And I feel better already. Thanks.” Together they walked back to the heart of the town, discussing how and where they would progress finding information about their quest.


[spoilerChapter Two:2u9mmgvp]“Tell me where to find a Mega Stone!” the dog-like Pokémon yelled at another person, a scared Xatu was wrapped by a Seviper and stuck in a chair. “I- I will never tell you! Mega Stones are only to be obtained by the pure hearted ones. They shall not be used to dominate the world of Pokémon.” Lucario, becoming quite frustrated now, told his snake sidekick to wrap it"s victim tighter. “I will squeeze you until you"re dead…” it hissed. “If I die, you will never know where to find the Mega Stones!” the Xatu told the two other Pokémon in the room. “That"s okay with me. I can torture you emotionally instead.” Lucario said. With that, he used Dark Pulse on the bird. It began to screech and made all kinds of wierd noises. Eventually Lucario stopped and Xatu said: “Okay, stop. I shall tell you, but promise me you won"t break it or horrible things will happen. You can find a Stone in the snowy mountain range in the northern parts of the lands. There is a mountain with three peaks, and the item can be found somewhere on the highest peak.”

Princess Miley and Matt had decided to go east from the town, and ventured out to a road heading to a dark forest. “According to the map, that place must be the Moonlight Forest. Folklore says a ghost comes out at night, but we won"t fall for this trick, right Miley?” “Well… I don"t really like Ghost type Pokémon… I"m actually afraid of them, to be honest. Let"s turn back please.” Miley replied. “Come on, it can"t be that scary! Ghosts don"t exist. I"ll protect you from any ghost if there is actually one of them in Moonlight Forest.” the brave little bird yelled while running towards the tree-lined horizon. “Wait! Oh well…” Miley sighed. She started running as well.

When they finally arrived at the woods" entrance, dusk had arrived.



Okay guys, I have added Chapter One to the list of Chapters (which only contains this and the prologue at the moment). Enjoy!