Ok, so I was just scrolling down Tumblr when I decided to search Pokemon Mystery Universe. Turns out, a lot of us use Tumblr, so I thought to my self. If we use Tumblr, why don’t we share blogs we follow based on Pokemon or other games we play? Just thought it would be a cool thing to do.
So, whats your favorite blog? Reply the link for it and invite us to some twisted world of fan-fics, gifs, and pictures… :joy:

Well, carry on Tumbling! :la:

I’m askthekingorthesky.tumblr.com if anyone wants to see my rayquaza ask blog, or if you want to see a Homestuck infected blog, I’m youretoofab.tumblr.com.

I have a blog. On it is almost purely pokemon art. Lots of stuff that I really like.


Surprisingly, the PMU Podcast has a Tumblr and so do I. I’m still working on it though owo

Check it out: http://pmunity.tumblr.com