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Pokemon: A Different Story


Pokemon and their trainers usually have strong bonds, fighting for the other through thick and thin, never leaving the other behind. But what if it was different? What if Pokemon were forced to do their master’s bidding, kept locked up and treated like criminals? In that world, bigger, stronger Pokemon are kept quarantined with poor living conditions. Smaller ones live out on the street or some even do manual labor for factories and their own master’s needs, but not of their own will. Others have been brainwashed, their mind warped into a cold, robotic, drone with their will broken from all they’ve gone through, not even resisting anymore. The world here is terrible, cities covering what were once peaceful forests, sky blackened with smoke and other harmful gases, and the ground covered with litter. But what happens when some Pokemon being tested on in a lab plan to rebel?
From all the testing, some have died, fallen sick with terrible disease. But the remaining few have gained new abilities, such as human speech, small psychic powers even with non-psychic Pokemon, enhanced abilities, and their own unique, powerful moves. Right now these Pokemon are the main characters of this story. Currently, it is around 3:00 a.m in this world around late September. Some are sleeping, and the rest are conversing quietly among themselves about plans or their own needs. Some are off to themselves, unable to sleep. Can the group succeed and gain equality for all Pokemon? Well, I suppose we’ll see.

(I hope you like the plot, I guess. x3 I also hope lots of people join this one, I’m curious what you guys would do with it.)

1.No more than six characters, just like in the Pokemon games. Minor characters that only appear once or twice to move the plot are okay, though, but you don’t need to put them here, although you can if you want.
2. No godmodding/Mary Sue stuff. Sorry if I sound harsh. Just look over your character and make sure they’re not flawless. We all have flaws, and that applies to the story, too.
3. Legendary characters are okay, but no more than two of the same species. Also, they can’t be on too much of a higher plane than other characters, as in this world they’re only somewhat more powerful than regular Pokemon.
4. Pokemon all have 6 moves, 5 normal moves and one additional unique one. Psychic powers such as telekinesis (not the move, the general ability), telepathy, or anything else are not counted as moves.
5. Teleportation is only short distance, so no, they can’t just teleport out. However, if two or more Pokemon with a strong bond can teleport, they can teleport longer distance, although it is risky as they can teleport into a wall, end up in different destinations, or both, and the destination is not controllable.
6. Pokemon can have custom abilities, but nothing ridiculous.
7. If you’ve read the rules, put “apple pie” somewhere in your post.
8. Human-to-Pokemon characters are accepted, but they have to remember some things from their past other than their name and that they were a human.

Entry Form:
[spoilerEntry Fill-out:nd6cyoz3]Name:

Nickname (if they have one):

Relative age:



Appearance (picture or description):







Characters so far:

Cloudz’s Characters:

Steele’s Characters:

Clarity’s Characters

(That’s all for now! I’ll get my characters posted soon, along with the actual RP! For now, feel free to join!)


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Name: Cloud

Nickname (if they have one):

Relative age: 15

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pretty much a normal shiny Umbreon.

Accessories: Purple and turquoise scarf with a cloud chain under it

Talents: Staying calm and collected in tough situations; telekinesis

Backstory: She was born in a forest as a shiny Eevee. She had 3 brothers and one sister, and she was the middle child. But one day, some humans came and started a forest fire, destroying the forest to make more room for the city and killing any Pokemon that got in their way, and taking rare or strong ones. They came across Cloud’s family. Her dad had been hunting at the time, so her only her mom was home. Her mom tried to protect them, but she eventually fell from both the lack of fresh air from the smoke, and from wounds. Cloud can’t remember too much of what happened, but the humans took her to the lab, only sparing her because she was a rare shiny. They forcibly evolved her into an Umbreon a week after through lab tests, and now it’s been about a year. She is one of the longest surviving in the lab. She blames herself for her siblings’ and mother’s presumed death, and hates her shininess because of it.

Personality: She is very quiet and considerate, a lot of the time not speaking her opinion in fear of hurting her friendship with someone. She often thinks things over before making a decision, thinking about the impact it might have on others. There’s a problem with this though. Because of this mentality of hers, she ends up doing things she doesn’t want to and/or hurting herself. She tends to hold in her emotions, and it’s hard to make her angry. But when she finally cracks and lets her emotions come spilling out, it’s usually bad. Some of the only times she lets her opinion be known is when she’s defending a close friend or when she has to make a really important decision. She seems cold at first, but actually she’s just shy. She’s very trusting until you make a major mess up, then you’ll pretty much almost never get her trust back again. She thinks about a lot of things and tends to space out sometimes. Which actually got her her name, because “her head is always in the clouds.” She won’t talk to you much if she doesn’t know you very well, so if you want to talk to her you have to initiate the conversation, and also keep talking, and if you do that after a while she’ll open up to you.

Other: She is close friends with Seth. She doesn’t like Melanie very much, but she tries to be nice.

Name: Seth

Nickname (if they have one):

Relative age: 15

Species: Pikachu

Gender: Male

Appearance (picture or description): Pikachu with interesting almost star shaped markings on his cheeks, ears, and tail. They are metallic, looking like copper or bronze, but behaving like steel/iron. (may post picture later)

Accessories: Pilot goggles, blue bandana

Talents: Faster than a normal Pikachu, sharp, hard-hitting tail and over-conducting cheeks

Backstory: He was born in the same forest as Cloud, but they were seperated later as he escaped into the city and she got captured. They had been close child-hood friends, and Seth, lacking parents, had been around her and her family a lot. Then when the forest fire came, he escaped into the city. He fended for himself for a few months before not being able to find food after only eating from the trash and drinking from water puddles for a while. He had been too weak to move when he was captured. They nursed him back to health for about a week, just enough so he might survive the experiments, in which they fused his DNA with an odd, lab-made metal that had no name, causing the strange markings and his speed…

Personality: He is overconfident but caring. He acts like he is oblivious to things, but really he’s just trying to ignore them. He’s stubborn, so when he’s like this you can almost never get anything out of him. He often goes out on small “adventures” in the lab to take his mind off things, and this often involves stealing small objects no one would miss, like his bandana or pilot goggles, notes (which often leave the scientists scratching their heads the next day, and he can’t read or anything so they don’t suspect him), and other things. Other Pokemon often ask him to fetch things for them, such as the notes I mentioned before, or anything suspicious looking. He is a bit prideful, but it’s tolerable most of the time. Despite him trying to ignore things, if he becomes too concerned about a friend that seems off he will become the exact opposite and become extremely overprotective. Sometimes when he pretends not to notice something, you can catch an apologetic glance in his eyes, showing in the back of his mind he knows and feels guilty. Other than that, he pretends to be reckless but actually thinks things over a lot and even over thinks things a lot, but only close friends know this. Some look down on him for his “recklessness”, but he doesn’t realize because of his “oblivion”. He acts like an optimist, but he’s actually more of a realist.

Other: He is a kleptomaniac.

(I’ll post the rest later, but for now this is a start.)

Woo, maybe gonna go back through this at a later date, these characters are kinda Mary Sue-ish…

Name: Axel

Relative age: 16

Species: Charizard (Originally Human)

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's slightly taller than the average Charizard, with a scar across his back from when he tried to escape his father's lab.

Accessories: A black scarf given to him by a friend from his human past. 

Talents: He has the ability to mega evolve without a stone, due to some tampering with DNA in his father's experiment, but he has no control over this ability. He can also speak human, but he tries to keep this a secret.

Backstory: Axel used to be a normal teenage boy, until one day, his mad scientist father decided to conduct an experiment that would allow humans to control pokemon bodies and unlock their full potential. Axel and his Charizard were the scientist's first subjects, despite their protests, and were strapped to a machine that would switch their bodies against their will. Unfortunately, Axel's human body was destroyed in the process, but the scientist saw the experiment as a huge success and planned to run more tests. Axel, enraged by his father's actions and not used to controlling his new body, burned down the lab and escaped into the wild, leaving behind human civilization forever. A month has passed since that day, and he's already given up some of his human thoughts and personality to pure Charizard instinct. Now he lives in a cave with a male Garchomp, trying to keep his past life a secret and embrace his new lifestyle.

Personality: Ever since the incident, Axel has not been the same. He used to be kind, quiet, and sensitive to those around him. Now, he has become bold, direct, and at times, even defiant. Like all Charizard, he's very confident and brave, willing to accept any challenge and show off his competitive spirit. He has become strong-willed and decisive, bluntly letting others know his opinion no matter the consequences. He doesn't like others telling him what to do, but he's fiercely loyal to his friends, and will become angered if anything were to happen to them. He has a strong sense of humor and a tendency to express sarcasm. He also likes to express his strong hatred of humans, but deep down, he has a strange, deep attachment to them.

Other: A few days after Axel became a Charizard, he was almost killed by a landslide, but Garchomp was the one who jumped in to save him, which marked the beginning of their friendship. Garchomp's the only one who knows that Axel used to be a human, and he has been teaching him about how to live his new life as a pokemon. I don't know how much I'll focus on Garchomp as a character yet. Anyway, I like apple pie ^.=.^

Accepted! ^^

Name: Vellia

Nickname (if they have one): Vel

Relative age: 14

Species: Eevee

Gender: Female

Appearance (picture or description): Mostly appears to be a normal eevee.

Accessories: N/A

Talents: Type changes depending on surroundings, and pokemon nearby. Fur pigment changes slightly on type. This ability is usually difficult to control. Also very intelligent, and can understand human speech, if not speak it. As a downside, she is incapable of evolution.

Backstory: Scientists purchased an eevee egg from a breeder as a part of a DNA experiment. They were trying to invent a pokemon with more than two types, or maybe a combination of evolutions. After the egg hatched, the experiment at first seemed to have failed. However, after a few tests, they noticed the eevee seemed to show an adaption ability never-before seen in other eevees. In a fit of excitement, the scientists introduced the eevee to a water stone, in hopes that it would evolve differently than others, into some kind of highly adaptive vaporeon. But when she made contact with the rock, nothing happened. In dismay, they tried to give her other evolutionary stones, but again, nothing. This confirmed their suspicions- The experiment had failed. In frustration, the scientists gave up on the test. Eventually, they decided to let the eevee roam the lab. Thus, the adaptive pokemon began to learn about the other subjects, and her mind grew smarter, beginning to learn how humans talk, and how they interact. She began to talk to other pokemon, who gave her the name ‘vellia’, sort of like a veil. A veil to the other side, one of the few that can interact with the humans.

Personality: Vellia is a bright, excitable pokemon. She has trouble picking sides, and while she does want freedom for the pokemon she speaks to, the humans are the only ‘parents’ she’s ever had, even if they’re evil. Being found as an egg, the humans are the only things she’s ever had care for her, even if they only did it for experimentation. But even with the internal conflict, she tries to act happy, to avoid confrontation. As such, any friends she has she doesn’t allow to get very close, because she’s afraid of what they’ll think of her. She’s afraid of her own struggle, between her friends and her family.

Other: Her attacks also change types, and something involving apple pie.


[b]Hello, I like pumpkin pie more than apple pie.

I would like to sign up for your roleplay.[/b]

[spoiler1:2rbwcyyh][b]Name: Cameron

Nickname (if they have one): Zard

Relative age: 16 years

Species: Charizard

Gender: Male

Appearance (picture or description): A shiny Charizard, scars all over its entire muzzle, a veiny front right paw from being maimed see backstory, and a very large blue flame on its tail.

Accessories: A large orange bandanna around his neck signifying that he is like all other Charizard in that he was caged like them and beaten like them. A small handkerchief he keeps in a fold in the skin on his stomach, glasses because he can"t see, and a small package with a few extra lenses in case he loses one.

Talents: Lifting heavy objects, moving/knocking down doors for his allies, using his thumbs like a human would, and speaking in human language when he needs to.

Backstory: He lived on a farm, and he was the one who cooked the family"s meat. Eventually there was an accident. He burned the farmer"s daughter"s hand terribly. The farmer then whipped the back of his hand so many times that it shriveled and the veins popped out. The farmer forgave him, becuase he still needed to cook his livestock, but when Zard accidentally burned several baby piglets, the farmer send him to the people who caged him and took him to the labs. He was thirteen. He absolutely hated those whom he called “cagers” because he had a nice life until he was thirteen, but these dunces took him away. He believed all humans were dumb. That was until he started to learn what they were saying. He got confused at certain syllables before, but overtime he practiced when he was alone, and eventually he could speak several thousand words. He would only speak to humans that he knew others believed they were crazy. If he spoke to the crazy humans and they told others, nobody would believe them.

Personality: Bad tempered, but loves his fellow pokemon. He will help the others out, whether it be knocking out the humans as they try to hurt them, talking to the crazy ones when they"re trying to get to his allies, or just plain opening cages and knocking down doors, he can do it all for his friends.

Other: When lifting heavy objects, the veins in his front right paw will pop out further in the strain of liftng the object.[/b]


[b]Hope I get accepted. Long backstory though.

If I think of more characters, should I edit this post or make a new one?[/b]

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Accepted! I would prefer if you make a new post, since then I can tell if you have a new character without clicking the actual page, but either’s fine with me. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit busy here lately.

Accepted! I would prefer if you make a new post, since then I can tell if you have a new character without clicking the actual page, but either’s fine with me. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit busy here lately.[/quote]

That"s cool with me.

Name: Tyler

Nickname: Ty

Relative age: 17

Species: luxray

Gender: male

Appearance (picture or description): Regular looking luzray but he has one fire red eye and one calm blue one. His mane is usally spicked all over the place

Accessories: small black wrist thing. Kinda like a coller on his paw

Talents: He is can run abnormally fast but that’s only for emergency for if her ever rans to fast he will past out and go in a comma for a day or two

Backstory: Growing up Tyler was a kind shinx he didn’t to think ways his parents didn’t approve. One day after staying to them that when he grows up he wanted to be with a trainer. They snapped yelling that trainers are trouble. So they walked with him to the middle of the woods and left him in unkhown territory. But he has grown up since then still emotinaly wounded through.

Personality: Wounded easily, exicited, never is bored, kinda pushes people to do what ever he wants, doesn’t listen, but he is good to depend on when times are tough.