Pokemon: A Different Story


Pokemon and their trainers usually have strong bonds, fighting for the other through thick and thin, never leaving the other behind. But what if it was different? What if Pokemon were forced to do their master’s bidding, kept locked up and treated like criminals? In that world, bigger, stronger Pokemon are kept quarantined with poor living conditions. Smaller ones live out on the street or some even do manual labor for factories and their own master’s needs, but not of their own will. Others have been brainwashed, their mind warped into a cold, robotic, drone with their will broken from all they’ve gone through, not even resisting anymore. The world here is terrible, cities covering what were once peaceful forests, sky blackened with smoke and other harmful gases, and the ground covered with litter. But what happens when some Pokemon being tested on in a lab plan to rebel?
From all the testing, some have died, fallen sick with terrible disease. But the remaining few have gained new abilities, such as human speech, small psychic powers even with non-psychic Pokemon, enhanced abilities, and their own unique, powerful moves. Right now these Pokemon are the main characters of this story. Currently, it is around 3:00 a.m in this world around late September. Some are sleeping, and the rest are conversing quietly among themselves about plans or their own needs. Some are off to themselves, unable to sleep. Can the group succeed and gain equality for all Pokemon? Well, I suppose we’ll see.

(I hope you like the plot, I guess. x3 I also hope lots of people join this one, I’m curious what you guys would do with it.)

1.No more than six characters, just like in the Pokemon games. Minor characters that only appear once or twice to move the plot are okay, though, but you don’t need to put them here, although you can if you want.
2. No godmodding/Mary Sue stuff. Sorry if I sound harsh. Just look over your character and make sure they’re not flawless. We all have flaws, and that applies to the story, too.
3. Legendary characters are okay, but no more than two of the same species. Also, they can’t be on too much of a higher plane than other characters, as in this world they’re only somewhat more powerful than regular Pokemon.
4. Pokemon all have 6 moves, 5 normal moves and one additional unique one. Psychic powers such as telekinesis (not the move, the general ability), telepathy, or anything else are not counted as moves.
5. Teleportation is only short distance, so no, they can’t just teleport out. However, if two or more Pokemon with a strong bond can teleport, they can teleport longer distance, although it is risky as they can teleport into a wall, end up in different destinations, or both, and the destination is not controllable.
6. Pokemon can have custom abilities, but nothing ridiculous.
7. If you’ve read the rules, put “apple pie” somewhere in your post.
8. Human-to-Pokemon characters are accepted, but they have to remember some things from their past other than their name and that they were a human.

Characters so far:

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Link to sign up in case you want to join: http://www.pmuniverse.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=13636

EDIT: You may post after there are 10 characters. Currently there are 5.