Pokemon and Chess

If anyone wondered if there was a chess set where instead of figures you would have pokemon figures - then the answer is yes there have :D

looks like some more of these can be found below, some interesting choices for who would be the king, rook, or bishop

which pokemon would you choose to be a king and a queen if it was up to you? Or figures in your best scenario?


Black :

king: Mewtwo

Queen: Mew

Bishop: Alakazam

Knight: Golduck

Rook: Gengar

Pawn: Meow


king: Rhydon

Queen: Dragonair

Bishop: Charizard

Knight: Seadra

Rook: Snorlax

Pawn: Pikachu

you forgot the pawn. For me tho:

King: Kyurem-Black
Queen: Zekrom
Bishop: Bisharp
Knight: Liepard
Rook: Zebstrika
Pawn: Sandile

King: Kyurem-White
Queen: Reshiram
Bishop: Cryogonal
Knight: Musharna
Rook: Emolga
Pawn: Minccino