Pokemon Black and White Skin

Well, heck, it’s been ages since I’ve played this game. I’ve been busy with life and didn’t really have the time or energy to get on and play, so I’ve been offline since…March/April. Now that I’m going to get back into the game, I’ve made a skin in self-celebration, and probably the best one I’ve made so far. The last skins I posted are months old and have overlooked minor errors such as alignment issues, and issues with how the game handles transparencies and pure black and white colorations, but this time there is none of that. It’s still kinda simple overall, but it has lots of love put into it. Hopefully, I’ll make a more complex skin soon since I’ve been inspired by Coki’s beautiful work.

Black and White is my favorite game of the main Pokemon series, and this theme is all about that. I was going to use it just for myself this time, but…I think sharing would be better since IDK who might want to use it or not.

It features custom music too! When first opened, it’ll play the credits theme.


I can never seem to get this into a .pmuskin file but here’s the .rar that can be extracted to the skins folder in the main client’s location.