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Because it died.
Team Genesis are a small group who focused hard on studying the DNA of both humans and Pokemon, finding the differences and similarities between them.
After decades of research, they found that the only way to get more data to reach their goal of creating the ultimate Pokemon, they tried to blend the boundaries of humans and Pokemon together.

Some humans merged with Pokemon, some humans were transformed into Pokemon using DNA samples and Pokemon were transformed into humans using samples from them. Unfortunately, very few of these experiments were successful and to prevent people from finding their lab and discovering their actions, Team Genesis stored all of the subjects in an underground lab similar to that of a soundproof prison.

This is the story of these experiments and their escape.


[ul][li]PMU rules apply.[/li]
[li]Violence, romance and all that other stuff is allowed, but please keep it PG.[/li]
[li]2-3 sentences minimum per post please. They can be short, I just don"t want single sentence posts. They take up too much space.[/li]
[li]No God-modding. You cannot control another person"s character. Your attacks will not hit every time and you will not dodge every attack. Be considerate when you are interacting with others.[/li]
[li]I"m not going to check if you read the rules. Don"t worry.[/li]
[li]Any Pokemon Gijinka can be used, even legendaries. [/li]
[li]Mega Pokemon are allowed too, but you"ll need to find the stone and preferably an image or description of both forms.[/li]
[li]I lied, I am checking if you read the rules. Write “I read the rules” at the end of your Sign Up post so I know you read this.[/li]
[li]You can have as many Pokemon as you want, just make sure you can handle them all.[/ul][/li]
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[b]Nickname:[/b] (optional)
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[b]Appearance:[/b] (image or description)

[b]Species:[/b] (What Pokemon were you originally/spliced with.)
[b]Ability:[/b] (Briefly describe what the effect of the ability is. They do not have to be exactly the same as the in game ones. E.G. Gluttony can make your character generally more of a glutton or makes them hungrier faster.)
[b]Moveset:[/b] (6 moves are allowed.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Optional. You can leave this to develop over the rp if you want.)
[b]History:[/b] (Optional. Most subjects would have forgotten their memories due to the experiment.)
[b]Other:[/b] (Optional)

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Listed in Rank Order. More history information will be added when as we learn about them in the RP.

Team Genesis
Full Name: Addison Adler
Nickname: Addi
Alias: Professor Adler

Gender: Female
Age: 24

Species: Bronzong
Ability: Levitate - Allows Addison to hover, making her immune to some attacks.
Moveset: [ul][li]Gravity - Alters gravity to make it either stronger or weaker.[/li]
[li]Hypnosis - Fires a ray of light which will put the target to sleep if it makes contact.[/li]
[li]Reflect - Creates a wall of light which reduces damage taken from physical attacks.[/li]
[li]Light Screen - Creates a wall of light which reduces damage taken from special attacks.[/li]
[li]Psychic - Attacks using a telekinetic force.[/li]
[li]Flash Cannon - Gathers light energy then releases it in a sphere or a beam. [/ul][/li]
Personality: Addison takes her research very seriously and takes no nonsense. She makes her rules then follows them to the letter. There are no exceptions when breaking them, even if she does them herself. She follows them so closely that if she breaks them herself, she will even follow the relative punishment.
History: [ul][li]Highly respects and trusts professor Dawson. She allowed him to use her as the first subject when testing his theory on DNA splicing.[/li]
[li]Refuses to share any information she has regarding Albert and his past, even if Albert himself asks for it.[/ul][/li]Other: Her Reflect and Light Screen attacks are powerful enough to almost nullify attacks completely.
Full Name: Albert Dawson
Nickname: Al
Alias: Professor Dawson

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Species: Shiny Abomasnow
Ability: Snow Warning - Summons a snow/hail storm in a battle and/or when aggravated.
Moveset: [ul][li]Grass Whistle - Plays a melody using a grass or leaf to put others to sleep.[/li]
[li]Blizzard - Summons a howling blizzard. Albert can control the flow of the wind, but he is not protected from it himself.[/li]
[li]Razor Leaf - Attacks by throwing razor-sharp leaves.[/li]
[li]Ingrain - Roots himself into the ground. Heals gradually, but cannot move or be moved. [/li]
[li]Rock Tomb - Launches boulders that can hit and/or surround a target.[/li]
[li]Sheer Cold - Freezes the area around him to absolute-zero. Anything too close to him will freeze and faint instantly.[/ul][/li]
Personality: Albert is quiet and doesn’t like interacting with others. He is engrossed in his research and has no regard for the feelings of others. He is a psychopath who isn’t afraid to walk over others to get what he wants. He is very deceptive and is easily bored. He can’t do one thing for too long or else he’ll become frustrated.
History:[ul][li]Woke up one day in the institute having no knowledge of himself, his past or anyone else. Addison is the only one who had information about his past and she refuses to share it with anyone, even him.[/li]
[li]Responsible for the tests that created the half-human/half-Pokemon breeds.[/li]
[li]Persuaded Professor Adler to allow them to ‘recruit’ more subjects and perform the tests on them.[/ul][/li]Other:
Full Name: Isaac Marten
Nickname: Zack
Alias/Fake name: Professor Marten, The Engineer.

Gender: Male
Age: 14

Species: Klinklang
Ability: Clear Body - Prevents others reducing his stats.
Moveset: [ul][li]Shift Gear - Eva rotates her gears faster to increase her attack and greatly increase her speed.[/li]
[li]Lock-On - Eva targets an opponent or area in specific. The accuracy of her attacks increases. She is capable of locking on to more than one target. [/li]
[li]Charge Beam - Shoots a fast beam of electric energy that may increase Sp. Atk.[/li]
[li]Protect - Creates a force field which blocks out attacks.[/li]
[li]Gear Grind - Eva attacks by using the spinning gears on her arms to crush her victims.[/li]
[li]Zap Cannon - Eva fires a huge blast of electricity. This always paralyzes on contact. This attack has very low accuracy and may backfire on Eva. [/ul][/li]
Personality: Isaac is cold and serious. He doesn’t like liars or people who ignore him and don’t take his advice. He is rather lonely, but he’d prefer not to admit it. To help him feel less alone he created a machine, but the machine itself and how he made it is a mystery. This machine was named Eva, after his dearest friend. Eva’s only objective is to protect and serve her master.
History: [ul][li]Isaac was friends with a young girl named Eva who died under unknown circumstances.[/ul][/li]Other: Eva, the machine Isaac created, is said to have once been human and has thoughts and emotions of her own.
Full Name: Caroline
Nickname: Carol
Alias/Fake name: The Guard.

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Species: Garchomp
Ability: Sand Veil - Carol becomes faster and much more agile in a sandstorm.
Moveset: [ul][li]Sandstorm - Creates a sandstorm.[/li]
[li]Dragon Claw - Slashes using her knives.[/li]
[li]Dig - Dives underground then resurfaces to attack.[/li]
[li]Sand Tomb - Traps her target in a quicksand trap.[/li]
[li]Brick Break - Hits with a punch so powerful it can shatter bricks and stone.[/li]
[li]Poison Jab - Jabs at the opponent with a poisonous punch or knife.[/ul][/li]
Personality: Carol is very aggressive and loves to toy with her opponents. She hates when her enemies don’t put up a fight and she dislikes taking orders from those she doesn’t deem worthy. Caroline is rather lazy unless it is to do with stalking, catching and killing her prey. Her main source of entertainment is fighting from escapees, rebels and other members of the team.
History: [ul][li]Caroline was originally a Pokemon trainer and was spliced together with her Garchomp. After having lost her memory, but retaining her ruthless killing instincts, the team decided to appoint her as a guard.[/ul][/li]Other:
Full Name: Catherine
Alias/Fake name: Cathy

Gender: Female
Age: 20

Species: Typhlosion
Ability: Blaze - Increases her power when she is low on health.
Moveset: [ul][li]Flamethrower - Fires a stream of flames from her mouth.[/li]
[li]Smokescreen - Breathes out thick smoke which is hard to see and breathe in.[/li]
[li]Quick Attack - Lunges forward and attacks at an amazing speed.[/li]
[li]Flame Wheel - Surrounds herself in fire and spins/charges to attack.[/li]
[li]Shadow Claw - Attacks with a slash of dark aura from her sword or hands.[/li]
[li]Focus Blast - Fires a sphere of concentrated energy.[/ul][/li]
History: [ul][li]Was stolen from her original trainer then was turned into a human, like a large number of the captives in the facility.[/li]
[li]Was appointed as a guard after she was able to fight at a level even to that of Carol.[/li]
[li]She is very reluctant to fight, but due to her training and hypnosis she follows orders given to her by her superiors.[/ul][/li]Other:

Full Name: Camilla
Alias/Fake name:

Gender: Female
Age: 22

Species: Skuntank
Ability: Stench - Camilla’s fragrances may induce effects on those around her.
Moveset: [ul][li]Smokescreen - [/li]
[li]Night Slash[/ul][/li]
Personality: (Optional. You can leave this to develop over the rp if you want.)
History: (Optional. Most subjects would have forgotten their memories due to the experiment.)
Other: (Optional)
Full Name:
Nickname: (optional)
Alias/Fake name: (optional)

Moveset: [ul][li] - [/li]
[li] - [/li]
Personality: (Optional. You can leave this to develop over the rp if you want.)
History: (Info will be revealed throughout the RP)

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[spoilerKumoshi:4f1qg1j7]Full Name: Kumoshi Shizukana
Nickname: Kumo
Alias/Fake name: Supaku

Gender: Female
Age: 14

Species: Ariados
Ability: Insomnia - Will allow Kumoshi to be awake for a very long time without feeling tired.
Poison Jab - Covers Kumoshi"s arms with poison, and she will jab at her enemy.
Cross Poison - Same effect as Poison Jab, but she will charge into the enemy. Much more powerful, but leaves her defenceless if she misses.
Infestation - Spiders will crawl out from her clothing, who will begin to seemingly fly at the enemy.
Venoshock - Purple orbs will appear out of her hands, which upon a slash of her hand will send all of them at that direction.
Leech Life - She will spit out many needles, which will pierce the enemy"s skin and drain them of their energy.
Sucker Punch - Kumoshi will rush and punch her enemy, hard, and possibly send them back. Regardless, it is a very painful attack.

Personality: Thanks to her forgotten memories, her personality is pretty hateful. She spites everyone and thinks everyone is out to get her, and will attack even the least threatening person or thing. It will most likely change during the roleplay, unless her suspicions turn out to be true.
History: She has forgotten all of her memories, but she hates nearly everyone. This is thanks to her unknowingness of the past and how she is trying to get captured again.

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Scalesies: [Accepted]

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[spoilerSuchiru:361fdkgn]Full Name:Suchiru Jitsuna
Nickname: Chi
Alias: Researcher Suchiru

Gender: Male
Age: 26

Species: Skarmory
Ability: Keen Eye - Able to see many things people usually can"t, such as things in pitch darkness. His eyes are also much more sensitive.
Steel Wing - His arms and fists will harden, as tough as steel, and he will smack his opponent around or pummel the enemy.
Air Slash - Suchiru will unsheathe his sword, and will slash through the air. This will send circles of ripping wind at the enemy.
Flash Cannon - Suchiru will open his mouth, and a ball of silvery light will form. It releases in a form of a laser, making the objects or people get caught in a large, painful explosion of a silvery light and sharp steel shards.
Aerial Ace - He will unsheathe his sword, and glide his finger across the blade. He will then slash through his enemy with the sword, too fast for the enemy to usually dodge.
Dark Pulse - His sword will glow black, and he will thrust it into the air. This will let out a pulse of darkness that will damage the enemy.
X-Scissor - He will dash and slash the enemy, starting the move, and will turn around and slash again, leaving an X-shaped mark on the enemy.

Personality: He is very loyal to the people he trusts. However, he has a trust issue, making it difficult for people to gain his trust. He barely has any of his memories, but he has enough to hate Team Genesis. He hides his expression with his mask.
History: He was originally a Team Genesis researcher. His fellow researchers got mad at him because of his refusal to cooperate with the project anymore, and got forcefully spliced with his pokemon partner, Skarmory. They abused him, and he retaliated. He fatally wounded many researchers, and escaped. He helps any and all escaped projects. However, these are his only memories, which makes him strive to relearn his past.
Other: He uses his sword outside of battle as well, usually for cutting obstacles. He will also use it for normal attacks.

[spoilerKashi:361fdkgn]Full Name: Kashi Koi

Gender: Male [/b]
Age: 20

Species: Sigilyph
Ability: Magic Guard - Invincible to indirect damage.
Psyshock - Glowing pink orbs will appear from his wings, and will target and follow the enemy until they collide with the target or other objects. Upon impact, they let out a psychic explosion.
Psychic - He concentrates, imaging the enemy"s location. Upon release, he will send a damaging wave of psychic power at his enemy.
Cosmic Power - Kashi will close his eyes, imaging stars and meteors. His body will appear spectral, then will return to normal but harden him again all attacks.
Tailwind - Kashi will fly around, forming a wind. After molding it to his advantage, it will become a tailwind, increasing his speed.
Dazzling Gleam - Kashi will let out a damaging gleam of light, blinding the target momentarily and damaging them.
Solar Beam - Kashi will concentrate on absorbing the sun, and yellow sparks of light will gather into his palms. After a small amount of time, he will let out a dangerous ray of sunlight. He is defenseless during the charging time, but does not flinch or recoil.

Personality: Being away from people from all his life, he was rather silent. He does not know how to show emotion, which leaves his face a constant blank. Usually when attacked, he will flee. However, if he can"t escape, he"ll try to bring down his enemy.
History: He has forgotten nearly all of his memories. The only thing he knows is that he was alone before he was spliced.

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Full Name: Tadash Takeda
Nickname: Optional
Alias/Fake name: Optional
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Ability: Pressure Or Super Luck
Shadow Claw-The User Slashes With A Sharp Claw Made From Shadow.Critical Hits Land More Easily.
Hyper Beam-Hyper Beam inflicts damage. A recharge turn is required on the turn after damage is done, during which no action may be performed.
Ice Beam-The target is struck with an icy-cold beam of energy. This may also leave the target frozen.
Rest-it will restore the user’s HP.
Shadow Ball-The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Def stat.
X-Scissor-The user slashes at the target by crossing its scythes or claws as if they were a pair of scissors.