Pokemon Gijinka: Genesis [RP]

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Team Genesis are a small group who focused hard on studying the DNA of both humans and Pokemon, finding the differences and similarities between them.
After decades of research, they found that the only way to get more data to reach their goal of creating the ultimate Pokemon, they tried to blend the boundaries of humans and Pokemon together.

Some humans merged with Pokemon, some humans were transformed into Pokemon using DNA samples and Pokemon were transformed into humans using samples from them. Unfortunately, very few of these experiments were successful and to prevent people from finding their lab and discovering their actions, Team Genesis stored all of the subjects in an underground lab similar to that of a soundproof prison.

This is the story of these experiments and their escape.


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Kaine was awoken by the sound of a bell ringing through the tannoy system. It was artificial and there was an undertone of static and sometimes the noise of whispered voices of those who were in the control room at the time.
He went through his normal routine. He would wake up properly then sit near the bars of his cell, listening out for the door down to the basement.

Their cells were plain and upsetting to be in. It was just three stone walls and iron bars on the remaining side. The bars were wide enough for you to fit most of your arm through but that was it. He could hear the moans and complaints of the other subjects as they woke up from their sleep. That was possibly the only enjoyment anyone could get in this place, but even that was hard to get.

The door to the basement opened. With a jingle of keys and a click it cracked open, allowing light to enter the dark room. With the flick of a switch and a few whirring sounds, the lights in the room came on. Kaine shut his eyes and blinked rapidly as he tried to dust to the brightness. He looked across at the cell directly opposite him, across the stone hallway. In all, there are 4 basements, each with different types of experiments. Kaine was in the one with the original 16 subjects and the newest 16 which just joined them. Only 3 of the original survived, and where they once were is now only empty cages, waiting for more new captives to hold. The original survivors were Kaine, a secretive creature in the cage opposite that would only talk in the darkness and one other he had occasionally heard from the cell on the left of him, but it was difficult to hear through the wall. The walls and cells were arranged in a way so you could only see the inside of your own cell or the cell opposite.
The individual cells were actually quite large and had no lights inside them, allowing the Pokemon to hide in the shadows if they desired, as Kaine’s nocturnal friend would do.

The basement was simple as well. It was a single hallway with cells on the left and right of it. The hallway was barely wide enough for someone to walk down without the risk of being grabbed by another subject, as if it was made to taunt and tease them, but even if they could reach those extra few centimeters, what could they achieve? It wouldn’t earn them their freedom. Besides, there were always consequences for such actions, as they quickly learned.

A tall man familiar walked down the corridor with a metal pointer rod that had been stretched out for length. He dragged it along the iron bars as he walked to disrupt the silence of the basement.
The man, dressed in a black cloak to cover his appearance, walked to the end towards the newer inmates. They weren’t used to the routine, and to them he just smiled.

Not one of pleasure of menace, but one that seemed almost friendly, which was scary in itself because of the context in which it was being used. The man walked down to look into all the cages, just to check they were all there and all awake.
As usual, he would stop at the cage opposite of Kaine, looking in to see whether some miracle had occurred and he had actually awoken and followed instructions. Once again, he was left disappointed. He tapped the bars of his cage especially hard before walking to the front.

He started with the cage on Kaine’s left. He unlocked it and would lead him out of the basement. He did this with all of the prisoners every day without fail for the past 10 years. However, he would skip out those who did not obey him.
He would blindfold them and lead them to a white room in which they would be allowed to wash, use the bathroom and do anything else bathroom related. Kaine knew for sure that each cell had a different bathroom, but he was confused as to why they would need to be let out one by one like this, perhaps it was because he was afraid of them turning on him together. As for being blindfolded, maybe it was to prevent them from learning the layout of the facility. Who knew, maybe the building had a glaringly obvious weak spot they were trying to hide.

Kaine turned on the shower and washed himself quickly. The water was cold, but not cold enough to force him out of the shower. He dried off brushed his teeth and did everything else he had to do before the man called him back again. Kaine would spend as much time in there as he could because of a small barred window at the high end of the back wall. It was too high for him to see out of and it was too high for him to touch the bars but through the iron blocks and hazy glass he could see the sky. It was only a little, but it was the closest he got to being outside again.

Almost everyone would have focused on that window and the little shred of sanity it maintained for them. The guard brought the Mightyena back to it’s cage then moved on to the next prisoner, skipping the one who still hid in the shadows.
Kaine looked across at him, concerned for his well-being. Sure, the night guard was nicer to him but he couldn’t go on with this forever. Sooner or later there would be consequences. It would only be a matter of time.

About an hour later the same guard would come in with two grunts to bring them their breakfast. Normally it was just bread, water and that sort of thing but occasionally they would get meat and fruit to keep them healthy enough to continue surviving, but not enough for them to get stronger. Today they were giving out apples too.

Kaine ate his food and sat leaned against a wall, waiting for the day to end, like every day before that he has ever lived in this place.

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The dull stone walls didn’t provide much comfort to its prisoners. Waking up with a start, Russell glanced around the dimly lit room. The glowing marks on his skin weren’t a dependable source of light, and the currently blaring loud speaker ruined his morning yet again. Though, no morning was really “good” in a place like this. How he wished he were free! A longing for the smell of city gas and not stale air pulled at his gut. Rubbing his head, Russell looked out of his cell, but the darkness kept its grip on the facility. He might as well be blind.

Soon, the door to the room opened, bringing in sweet, sweet light. Sadly it wasn’t sunlight, but beggars (captives) can’t be choosers. Something was ran against the cold metal bars, the sound ringing throughout the dusky hallway, and the figure of a tall man passed by his cage, smiling calmly, yet it was unsettling. A shiver crawling up his spine, Russell retreated towards the far corner of his cell and hugged his knees. His jet black hair was somewhat slick, his broad shoulders sore, his abnormally strong hands, tired from the whole ordeal.

Russell was fairly new to this place, although, he lost track of time quickly. It couldn’t be more than a few months, years, days? Shaking his head, he sighed and tried to dream of a better future. But, whatever hope he had dwindled away in the last few days. He wasn’t getting out any time soon.


Chained, cut, FIRE, stabbed, BURNING AGONY, strapped. There was no end to this misery. Every attempt of retaliation, drowned by drugs, pain, paired with more of those heavy metal chains and fire. Neither comfort nor peace were familiar to the violent prisoner who was normally left behind thick flame-eating bars and a wall of researchers.

Those dreadful white gloved hands, those hideous lab coats, their agonizing needles and wires, everything was terrible. Why couldn’t she be free? Why did she have to be dragged into this project? Why was she the one they cared about? What was so interesting about another harrowing mutant? Why weren’t they afraid of her? Was her red-hot fire not enough?

Her large curved horns were hot with anger, and her fangs, bared against the sudden light in the room. Regardless of the light from the open door, she couldn’t make out any details. They took her glasses when she first arrived. Everything was a blur, a torturous mess of colors.

The revolting smell of rubbing alcohol wafted around the (too) cleanly dressed figure, walking towards her. A small channel of fire flew from her mouth, teeth clenched, a look of hatred written all over her face, and glaring red eyes. The fellow stepped back a bit and grinned. Was this all a joke to him? A game? Just a game?

NO. She would NOT take any more of this. MORE FIRE. BURN.

That never worked.

More. More of them came. They wanted her again. Her chains bit at her wrists and neck as she tried to leap forwards. Of course they never broke. Nothing went her way. Rough hands gripped her scarred and cut arms, no, no, no.


Her howls, full of detest and fright rang loud and clear. Again.

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I woke up to the sound of rats and dripping water. Not very pleasant, if you ask me. Especially the rats. Rats are just freaky. I then noticed something shiny in a puddle of water.

“Oooooh, shiny~!” I mused.

The shiny object turned out to be my pendant. I must have dropped it after- ugh! My head hurts. I can’t remember a thing. I guess I should just put the pendant around my neck and lie down for a while.

I did just that.

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Kendal looked around. The walls of his cell where as dull as ever. Everything was always so dull. He stared at the food he had been stockpiling for the past three days. He hadn’t eaten, but it was worth it. Five pieces of bread. Not much, but it was all he needed. Kendal ate one piece after another only stopping when the man with the black cloak, metal pointer, and strange smile walked by. Kendal preferred not to look at that man. He was… unnerving. He wasn’t hungry anymore.

The man opened up Kendal’s cell and blindfolded him. Kendal walked blind for a while until his blindfold was taken off and he was pushed into the bathroom. He looked around. Today was the day, he thought. It is time to set the plan in motion. Kendal quickly started the shower. He hated the cold water. After finishing Kendal moved over to the bathroom and grabbed the toothbrush.

He brushed his teeth and then used all his strength to snap the top of the toothbrush off. Kendal looked at the barred window. Decisions decisions. Kendal shook his head and dropped the half of the toothbrush down the drain. He then put the rest of the toothbrush into his mouth. He gagged and clutched his throat, spitting up the toothbrush. Once more Kendal put the it in, barely being able to keep it down this time.

Kendal waited until the man opened the door once more and blindfolded him. When he was back in his cell he made sure the man had left before taking the toothbrush out of his mouth. Kendal looked at it. His only hope. He gnawed on it, scratched it, anything to make it sharp. Three guards opened his cell. He looked at them with terror in his eyes. Two held him down while one grabbed the makeshift shiv and punched him. The three men closed the cell and left leaving Kendal with his dirty white hair and his tattered black vest clutching his gut in pain.

Kendal laid there for hours, his eyes glazed over. He twirled his finger around, creating a small tornado. His powers where his only source of entertainment. If only he had the energy, the strength, he could leave this prison. But for now, he will stay here, like a bird in a cage. Tears rolled down his cheek. He wiped them away, staining his white gloves. Everything was stained. Everything was ruined.

“ugh…” shadow says hearing a rumbling sound waking up stretching out saying “where is everyone” he says stretching his wings out walking through the halls (this is only 1st post ill be doing WAY longer later i just do short starters)

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I woke up to a small bang from outside my cell. Louder bangs soon followed, until the room’s door was blown off its hinges and sent flying. A strange humming sound seemed to float around the room.

“…what IS this…?” I murmured, nervous.

The humming sound came closer, and I realized that a huge threat had somehow wandered inside my cell.

A Magneton was on the prowl in what was left of the room. It launched another round of Magnet Bombs, obliterating my cell.

“Well, time to RUN FOR MY LIFE!” I screamed.

I activated Agility and used Quick Attack to hastily escape through the hole where the door was, leaving the Magneton in the dust.

However, I heard more of the humming sounds, coming from multiple directions.

“Oh, dear Arceus, PLEASE tell me there aren’t as many as I think there are.”

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he grunts lowly hearing the noise of another lab rat as he called them he sees the magnetons and uses whats left of his strength to bust open his cell as he is hit with dozens of magnet bombs he steps back slowly bleeding as he says “i hate you steel types” he says as his eyes glow red letting his rage take over he lets a huge blast of fire come from his hands hitting the magnetons continuing the process until he is struck by a thunderbolt he stumbles back until hes taken out laying on the ground wounds still bleeding (if my other post loads use this one instead)