Pokemon GO

Thoughts? And what have you guys done in the game if you downloaded it? I didn"t get to download it because my phone won"t handle it right now.

It makes me want to walk to places to get more pokeballs. It’s addicting.
People need to beware of their surroundings because there are already people robbing trainers.
Please bring water because you don’t think much of it, but you are walking a lot.


I have not downloaded it ether, I don’t play Addicting games like that, but I can see it’s going to be a Problem sadly.

I don"t think of downloading it, ever, but I heard that people are leaving lures at poke stops, and luring unsuspecting people looking to catch pokemon and mugging them.

I am obsessed with it! Since I got it I honestly left it on all the time. xD; I’ve caught lots of cool Pokemon like Kingler, Tentacruel, Jynx, and even got an Aerodactyl out of a 10km egg! I own quite a few gyms so I’m quite proud. ^w^
It’s also great living near town. The amount of PokeStops there are is unreal, I get like 100+ Poke Balls a day because of it. xD; Currently level 14.

well, I’d have to say if you play it, make sure you don’t live in the middle of a rural area… Pokemon spawn in more populated places… and I can’t really play it outside of my house without hooking up to a wifi hotspot…