Pokemon: Lost and Broken [Official]

Well, it’s official. This is going to be a thing now. Like growing pointy teeth and realizing you’re turning into a cat, and the furry ears actually make sense now. Anyway, hopefully this will be fun, exciting, and worth that 25 cents. I secretly stole a quarter from everyone playing. Ssh, don’t tell anybody…
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Without further ado, let us… BEGIN! So cliche…

A flat plains lay peacefully beyond a rolling mountainside. A river grew out of the ground, etching its own way through the plains, and threw grass to the side as it did so. On the far northern end of the plains, there was a giant pit, leading down to nothingness, with a slope to deep for most pokemon to safely descend. To the west, a gardevoir stood, looking out over the field, which seemed like it didn’t want to be a field anymore. The gravity of the place tugged at her, and occasionally lifted her a little, almost like wind, but much more effective at moving things. She seemed lost, her face searching.

But for what? Possibly, a way to fix this world.

Not long ago, a story was told. Two criminals, dirty scoundrels they were, had distributed the balance of the world, or maybe the universe, by delving into the most dangerous dungeon. Perhaps the challenge enticed them. They broke a mighty crystal, spoken of only in legend, causing the world to erupt in chaos. Legend has it, that had happened before, and if all the parts of the crystal are found, they can be assembled back together again, and placed upon the top of the spiral of creation, and all will be normal again.

But how? The shards could be anywhere. Underground, in the sea, on a cloud- Heck, the entire spire could be buried beneath snow in a desert. The gardevoir would need a way to get through all of these problems, if she wanted to fix this world.

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A little brown Swinub, Winter, stood by the Gardevoir’s side, along with a somewhat older Flareon. “Do you think there is a way to climb down this pit?,” She asked. She started floating because of the strange gravity flux around the plains. “I don’t think it is possible…” the Flareon, whose name was Ignis, stated. “I could send down a fireball to see how deep it is. Maybe it will be so deep, that we won’t see it after a while.” With that, he fired off an Ember inside the pit. But, it returned immediately. “This darn gravity. We really need to fix this. Let’s wait for a while.”

After a couple of minutes, they all fell down from the sky. “Ouch, i fell onto a rock!,” Winter complained. “Don’t complain, your issues aren’t nearly as big as the world’s.” That was Ignis again. “Now let’s try this again.” “Why do you always have to be so serious?,” the Swinub asked. But Ignis already sent down another Ember into the pit, and at first they could clearly see it was deep, but as it fell further down, the light dimmed. “I don’t think it’s safe. We need some help here.”

Suddenly Winter slipped and fell down a little. “Winter! Are you okay?” Ignis was clearly worried. “Yeah, I’m fine. I could see the light though. I thought i was dead… Oh and by the way, this tiny ledge i found, it’s not very stable. Care to help me?” the piglet answered. “I can’t do anything. Maybe one of the others could help you.”

“I don’t care. We are NOT going that way” Vion, the Luxray said as she pointed her paw down a path that looked dark and gloomy.

“But I have been through here before. That way is much faster” Flint, the Armaldo replied as he begged with pleading eyes.

“No!” Vion retorted. “I have been through so much, we all have and now you wanna drag me down some dark path that could lead to our deaths. No, I refuse to go!” Vion said as she sat her butt down and turned her head away from Flint. silent fell between the two when they heard a small shriek. Both of their eyes widened and they raced towards it. In a nearby field Vion and Flint saw a Gardevoir and a Flareon looking down into a pit.

“Maybe somebody is stuck down there” Flint said as he raced over to see a Swinub stuck in the hole. Flint pumped his arms and gained a red aura as he used the move Strength. He picked up the edge of the pit, as well as the ledge the Swinub was on. He placed the rock back down to let the Swinub off.

As Winter fell, Juliet detected a flash of fear that cut through her vision. A white aura-like quality shot through the air around the swinub, and Juliet tried to move to help her, but time seemed to be slow, and she could do nothing to help her. As she went into the pit however, the sluggishness she felt faded, and the aura around her vision vanished, and a flash of red shot to the rock Winter had fallen on, and was torn from the ravine by an armaldo, who seemed to be using strength. He then plopped the stone down to the safe ground near by. The armaldo was followed by a Luxray.

Juliet bowed her head in acknowledgment of the new arrivals.

“Thank you for helping Winter. The rock she was on may have shattered if you hadn’t helped.” She said, albeit strangely. She wasn’t yet used to socializing with those she didn’t know.

“To ask again what this flareon had asked me earlier, do you two know of any safe way down this ravine? I myself have never been here before, and do not quite know the terrain- However, I feel as if there may be something of importance down there.” Juliet said, feeling a strange breeze coming from the pit. As she wasn’t used to wind in a world like this, she knew it must mean something important. Juliet began to feel the gravity gently tug her towards the ravine. She cautiously took a step away.

Rook’s eyes peel open, but the rays of the sun are enough to force them to reseal. He groans. It had been a rough night, as always. The ground isn’t so comfortable when it wants to pull itself apart. Then again, the ground wasn’t very comfortable to begin with. Just when he started getting used to it, like always, something else would happen that would change everything. Rook didn’t like change, before nor after everything went downhill.

His muscles are sore but he musters enough strength to reach out of the hollow log in the air that he slept in the prior night. Carefully pulling the vines that tethered him to a tree, he inched his way closer to the ground until he felt the gravity shift and his weight pull him down. By the end of this adventure he better be ripped, he says to himself. Of course this was the very least of his concerns. Physique did not interest him, perhaps because he was already physically gifted. Nevertheless the joke had to be made. Such raw comedic skill is stopped by no force, not even gravity.

The flames on his head burn scarlet as he hunches over, now on his feet. With his long right arm he reaches high and picks an apple off the tree, then looks towards the sky. Cloudy. About a mile north there is a phenomenon - which in this day and age isn’t so fantastic - upside down rain. Though there is something different about this flux. It appears that there is an entrance where the water is leaking. Could it be? Perhaps a dungeon in the sky? He cross his arms and smirks, but then immediately desists. So cliche.

With gusto he sprints and swings from branch to vine in the direction of the upside down rain. A smile across his face, an adventure awaiting him. He dubs this adventure: Rook to Cloud 9.

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Cheerfully chirping along with the slight hop in his step, Gadget made his way towards the edge of the grey, rocky plateau that sat high above the stretched out flat, grassy plains beneath them. Nestled in the tall, windswept grass, a river snaked its way through the ground, and retreated into the far horizon. Squinting, Gadget looked towards the northern edge of the land set before him. There seemed to be some sort of pit, but, no matter. As curious as he was, Knoll could care less about a massive hole in the ground. The old, ruffled Xatu was a merchant, not an explorer.

“Anything interesting, Gadget?” Knoll turned his head towards the young Pidove.

Gadget shook his head. “Nah. Not really. There’s a giant hole in’na ground, but that’s just 'bout it. I’d rather not fall down another.”

The grey smoke from their charred fire pit twisted and curled into the sky. Toasty and warm, just right for the early morning, although, it didn’t provide too much safety in the night. Savage, unwelcoming Pokemon could always raid their small camp, if they weren’t deterred by Knoll, that is. Most Xatu were solitary creatures who spent a majority of their time out of sight from the rest of civilization, or, what was left of those towns, anyways. Their odd markings and quietness gave them a mysterious aura that would always radiate from their inner core. Even the little Natus had a chunk of it around them. Those eyes of theirs were unsettling enough and-

“Ready to go?” Knoll called out while his talons grabbed a large canvas bag.

“Oh! Yessir! Let’s go!” Gadget quickly hobbled towards his own bag before taking off.

“I’ve got a feeling that we’ll run into a few folks. Make haste, now! I want to find a town or village before dusk comes.”

“No idea miss. Vion and I were just passing by when we heard this little one cry out” Flint said as Vion walked over and smiled at the trio. Vion suddenly felt a cold chill. Her head snapped to the giant hole. She took a step closer and her eyes began to glow yellow. The darkness was thick but she pushed with all her power. Her eyes suddenly turned black. She stumbled backwards shaking with fear. Her eyes returned to normal and she stared at the others. “D-darkness…I feel pure hatred and resent” she muttered.

Juliet turned to look at the duo, astonished, as the luxray’s eyes turned from yellow to black. The luxray stumbled backwards. Juliet didn’t need to have the ability to detect emotion to tell she was terrified.

“Are you alright? If there’s anythi-” She began, but before she could finish, the gravity shifted, tossing her into the pit, the wind encouraging her fall. She fell, tumbled, really, into the pit, falling deeper and deeper into darkness. She felt herself rolling, hitting this wall, and that, and she couldn’t tell where she was anymore. She kept falling, until she herself fell into darkness.

Juliet awoke on a strange, gooey surface. She sat herself up, and felt several sharp pangs as she did so. She couldn’t quiet recall why…

Oh, yeah. She had fallen down a pit. She looked around, and saw stone bricks all around her, as if she was placed in some ancient castle. Dim torches flickered around her. Though, when she looked up, she saw nothing but darkness…
Nothing but darkness. Hmm…

Anyway, at her feet, where she was sitting, was a large pile of slime. In fact, the whole floor seemed to be slime. Well, it was probably what saved her from falling to her death, so she wouldn’t mind it staying. But, she was in a large amount of pain from several bruises on her way down. And, she did feel a strange sense of grogginess… So, she slept. And dreamed of nothing. Nothing important, anyway.

The momentum from his swing carried into the air, higher than Rook had intended. Adjusting accordingly he spin, a sharp blaze sweeping around him, flipping the orientation of his body. Now upside-down he grabbed the vine and pulled himself closer to the ground, where gravity seemed to shift back into favorable conditions. Not for long it would seem, as a second shift in gravity pulled him from the right, crashing his shoulder into a tree. He grunted, the fires on his head flared but only for a moment. As the pain subsided he stood on the tree, the world through his eyes now on its side.

Rook plucked grass from the base of the tree, crumbled it into a ball, and dropped it close to his body. The ball of grass fell to his feet on the torso of the tree and rolled until it fell onto the others beneath it. The gravity in this location seemed sideways for a good portion of the path. Upon notice of this fact he dropped to another trunk, and so on, until gravity shifted back towards the ground and he plummeted chest-first into the overgrown grass.

He stood up, wiping off the blades caught onto his body. Rook sighed and again looked toward the clouds. He spotted his goal, due east toward risen sun. Rain still fell in reverse into a chasm created by colliding clouds. He stepped forward but jerked back two steps when the ground supporting his step caved in a bit. Looking downward he spotted a ravine that seemed to stretch for a good kilometer, by his estimates.

Beneath he could see nothing, but his nose picked up a pungent odor, that of grime. He grimaced and pinched his nostrils shut. He squinted, but before looking away in sheer disgust his adjusted eyes caught a shine. The color was difficult to make out, but light did change. His interests peaked, he thought of taking a minor detour from his adventure. Then objected against it. Why should he? A flickering light? Couldn’t that be anything? A bauble? A flashlight? But… Perhaps it’s something much more precious? Maybe that of a soul? The soul of a fellow creature, who’s hope shines a beacon from the depths of this ravine?! Why, then he has to! There is simply no other way! If someone needs his help, surely he is to assist them! With enthusiasm he hopped down the pit, though far faster than he had anticipated.

Juliet awoke again. Again, she recalled where she had fallen, and the ancient castle surrounding her, with the pit she had fallen from above her. She looked around, and again felt the wave of grogginess. But this time, determined not to give in to the strange sensation, she forced herself on to her feet.

With renewed confidence, she walked, slowly, into the dimly lit corridors of the castle. After all, if someone needed to cast a spell such as the one she currently felt, weighing her down and making her dreary, something important must lay within.

Flint reached out his claw to grab Juliet but missed by and inch. He cursed under his breath before turning to Vion. “We have to get down there she could be hurt” he said.

Vion nodded her head but shuddered. She felt intense evil in the pit and knew it was incredibly dangerous to venture into it. “Lets go” she said as she began to scale the pit.