Pokemon: Lost and Broken

I’m hoping we can re-start the roleplaying section. It’s not very active. I wish you all luck, and let us begin.

A long time ago, the balance of the world was shifted. Two legendary criminals had done the unspeakable. They had adventured through an increasingly difficult and terrifying dungeon, the Spiral of Creation, and broke the legendary Crystal of Balance at the bottom. The Crystal was needed in order to keep balance, and without it, the world, and possibly the entire universe would fall.

  The first to go were the legendaries. Without the crystal, they had no powers. And without the legendaries, there would be no one to regulate time, or space. This led to time occasionally slowing down, or going faster, and bits of the world would break, and gravity would alter. And there would be no pokemon in the distortion world to help fix it. 

  Meanwhile, earthquakes and various other natural disasters run rampant, causing many pokemon to remain sheltered, and scared, while the world slowly sets itself to ruin. Few others are trying to fix what is happening.


  1. Do not take control of characters who are not yours without their consent.

  2. Keep in mind, the world IS being destroyed. The landscape would be much, much different, and also gravity.

  3. You can be any pokemon, as long as it’s not a legendary. They are all but extinct, and the few that are alive have very little power left.

  4. Shiny Pokemon and Pokemon of different color are allowed, your Pokemon can wear accessories.

  5. Don’t have too many pokemon. More than one is alright, but don’t have, for example, 75.

Character Sheet

Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”)
Special Attributes:
Behavior and Personality:
Other Information:

Name: Ethan
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) Normal
Special Attributes: Knows Gravity as an egg move. (Maybe can use telepathy later on?)
Behavior and Personality: Shy, Careful, but opens up more the longer you know him
Background: Ethan was left on his own by his parents, who put him on a doorstep with a note saying “Absol brought this upon this child’s parent’s, please take good care.” Ethan believes that Absol is an extremely evil pokemon. Some years later, he goes on a mission, believing his parents are still alive, taking his only friend Mark with him.
Other Information: None

Name: ???
Species: Absol
Gender: ???
Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) ???(Until later on)
Special Attributes: ???
Behavior and Personality: ???
Background: ??? Warned Ethan’s parents about a disaster coming to them. ???
Other Information: ???

Name: Mark
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) Normal
Special Attributes: Senses emotions easily
Behavior and Personality: One of the most kind and caring pokemon you would ever meet
Background: Ethan’s only friend, Mark is a resident of the area of Ethan’s home. He’s lived in this place his whole life. When Ethan tells him what he is doing, Mark decides to adventure with Ethan.
Other Information: None

Name: Winter
Species: Swinub
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal, but wears a blue scarf
Special Attributes: Summons a snowstorm when sneezing (which she does alot)
Behavior and Personality: She has a cold almost all of the time, which most Ice Type Pokémon can’t get. Thus, she sneezes a great amount of the time. When alone, she can be found crying over her dead parents.
Background: Winter’s parents died when the gravity suddenly was removed and floated to outer space when she was very little. She was found by a Flareon, which always protected her when she was in danger. Winter then decided to save the world to avenge her parents.
Other Information: Nope.

Name: Ignis
Species: Flareon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal
Special Attributes: None.
Behavior and Personality: Always happy, she encourages the other Pokémon to keep going whilst staying at the sidelines, but he also fights when needed. He is extremely fond of Winter and tries to cheer her up when she is feeling down. He is very justified.
Background: His life changed when he met Winter and went with her to fight the evil and the disasters.
Other Information: Nope.

Name: Juliet
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal
Special Attributes: Can detect thoughts of other pokemon. The ability’s power increases or decreases depending on friendship with the other pokemon. (ex: Say she hates that Luxray over there because he took her hamburger. She wouldn’t know what he’s thinking. Works vice versa, too.)
Behavior and Personality: Calm and judging. She doesn’t like to get affiliated with other pokemon’s affairs, and in general, is rather cold.

She was raised when everything was normal.When time walked at a normal pace, when nothing was broken. When life was beside everyone, and when death was permanent. But then, something went wrong. Everything began to break, even books. As a kirlia, Juliet didn"t understand what was happening, as she was previously living with her parents, peacefully, in a simple wooden house, and a simple hill. When the world corrupted, however, the house combusted, and the hill flipped over, sending Juliet and her family sprawling to the ground. The gravity lowered, allowing them to fall safely. Her parents carried her to the Cerian Forest, and made it to the center, where a friend lived. The friend told them that she was dieing, all her power being drained. With her last ounce of power, Juliet was sent to a strange place she did not recognize. Without her family, she had no choice but to wander aimlessly.

Other Information: Has a li’l red scarf, don’cha know

Name: Flint
Species: Armaldo
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is slightly smaller than the average Armaldo. He wears a red scarf around his neck.
Special Attributes: His speed is twice as fast as any other Armaldo alive.
Behaviour and Personality: A fighter. Doesn’t give up easily and will only fight is needed to or provoked. Around others he can become withdrawn.
Background: His entire herd were wiped out by rampaging Pokemon who were angry about the worlds state. He has made it his personal mission to bring the world back to its former glory.
Other Information: Nope.

Name: Vion
Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Appearance: She wears a pair of grey goggles around her forehead.
Special Attributes: She has the hidden Ability ‘Guts’.
Behavior and Personality: She is like a big sister to Armaldo. She has petty arguments with Armaldo, but seconds later they have made up.
Background: She was a Luxio when the world started to break. She evolved to save her best friend, a Furret, from getting dragged into a dark void. She decided she had, had enough with the world and wanted to do something about it, so she set off. Weeks later she met up with Armaldo, who was fighting off a pack of Zangoose. She halped fight them off and they decided to travel together seeing as they had the same goal.
Other Information: Nope.

News papers that haven’t been touched for months - or perhaps years, who knows? - drift in the ever-fluxing forces of gravity. Up, right, until eventually caught on a tree, of which is firmly gripped to the ground. The paper opens, exposing its news to the air. The comic section of the paper slips out and again drifts away, but the second page can now be seen. On it is a list of Emboar Alerts as well as Outlaw Reports. The names are dated, like the papers themselves. One reads the following:

Vagrant Oranges p2

… … … … …

-The age contains an error. Seems to have affected all newspapers.-
HSMEAR: 4" (1.3m)
Last KnSMEARcation: Cenotaph of the “Expendable Rescue Crew”
Quirks: TendenSMEARo follow up phrases witTEAR"Jack"
STAINicableSMEARFeatures: BSMEARyes, Flame-TEAR
Species: Infernape

… … … … …

VO p2

Oh gosh, I haven’t RP-ed in /forever/! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be here all the time, so would you mind if I did some sort of in and out kind of thing? Not one of your main characters, but rather, just a side character who does his thing. :u

If that’s okay with you, that is!

(Sorry. I just drew the image quickly since I didn’t wanna pull out the ol’ tablet. P: )

v Gadget and Knoll v

Name: Gadget.

Species: Pidove.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: A regular Pidove, soft and fluffy. He wears a pair of goggles around his neck. If he needs to fly long distances, he"ll snap "em on.

Special Attributes: Has a sharp eye for finding things.

Behavior and Personality: A curious little Pidove, always asking old Knoll questions. He tends to bite off a bit more than he can chew.

Background: Curiosity almost killed this small bird. Flying into a chasm to find his dropped goggles wasn"t the best idea Gadget had come up with. A slip up, and a long tumble later, the young Pidove was surprised that he wasn"t dead. His right wing refused to flap, and staring up at the slowly darkening sky, he closed his eyes, waiting for the earthquakes, falling rocks, and wild Pokemon to take his life. Quietly, Gadget dozed off in the bottom of the canyon, not noticing the sound of flapping wings.

When he awoke, Gadget found himself in a small nest. It wasn"t the most comfortable nest. There was a lack of soft, downy feathers, grasses, and that sort. His goggles! Where- they were beside him? Whose nest was this? Would the bird creature eat him for dinner, or? Slowly, Gadget pushed himself up with his left wing to see a figure standing motionless a few feet away from him.

The creature was a Xatu. Old, tattered, and . . . he had the bushiest brows Gadget had ever seen on a Pokemon.

Introductions and a few months later, Gadget found himself as the apprentice of Knoll, and old Xatu who was a part time merchant. The two became good friends, and they now travel the world in search of reasonable Pokemon to conduct business with.

Other Information: Works with Knoll, a traveling merchant.


Name: Knoll

Species: Xatu.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: An old Xatu with tattered wings and a bit more red feathers on his head than the average Xatu. Also has bushy eyebrows. What his eyes really look like is a mystery to Gadget.

Special Attributes: That odd Xatu aura. It"s somewhat unsettling and mysterious.

Behavior and Personality: A tolerant and quiet old fellow. He tries to answer Gadget"s questions as best as he can.

Background: Knoll went around trading goods across the lands. He kept himself out of danger with his unnerving Xatu aura, although, that kept some of his potential customers away too. One day, as he was flying towards his next destination, he felt a presence coming from the deep chasm underneath him. Expertly floating down, he noticed a small grey bird unconscious in the pit. A pair of goggles rested near the young Pidove.

Stretching his psychic powers, he lifted the young Pidove and his beloved goggles to the safety of his nearby nest. The young Pidove"s name was Gadget, and he proved to be quite the curious youngster. Gadget made Knoll"s business more approachable and he was a good companion. The two have been traveling together ever since.

Other Information: Works as a traveling merchant.

Oh my, character sign-ups. Thank you all for signing up~! I believe I’ll post the actual RP in the morning, or at least, some time tomorrow. If I have the time, that includes an actual post, with confusing gravity and such. :3

:O An rp! I must be in it!

Name: Ray
Species: Altaria

Gender: Female

Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) She’s normal except since she fell into a tear in the fabric of the world, her wings and body can shift to be the color of the sky at whatever time or place it is, but only when flying. She also always wears a worn, pale yellow scarf with cloud designs and an ankle brace that looks like the midnight sky, but these shift appearance when she is flying too.

Special Attributes: Can shift appearance to that of the sky, and has small cryptic visions every now and then.

Behavior and Personality: She is determined and caring, and once she has decided something, she will not turn back. She is very stubborn and at times even reckless. When a friend is in danger, she will literally shield them with herself. She has doubts at times, but her partner can easily lift them and give her hope. She also often makes others nervous with her recklessness and causes arguments because she is stubborn. If she meets someone new, she will bombard them with questions when she feels protective of someone or something, which is often.

Background: She was hatched while living in her parents care, but later on she was brought in by a couple of Raichus because her parents were forced to drive her out of their nest. Later on, the Raichus had a son named Gale, who she played with and grew up with as a child. He later on became her loyal partner who helped her become who she is today. Later on, she fell through a spacial rift, being separated from Gale in the process. She was lost in the mythical Celestial Woods, where she gained her ability to shift her appearance. She later encountered a druddigon who had been driven to insanity by some of the ghosts that lived in the forest, called watchers. He almost killed her, but an absol saved her, but she doesn’t know who he was. She continued on and once she found the way back to her world, she found a scarf and brace next to the portal to her world. She has been searching for Gale ever since, and this is where she comes in in the story.

Other Information: Her moveset is Sunny Day, Gyro Ball, Steel Wing, and Drill Beak.

Gale might come in later on, but for now I’m not sure. :joy:


Name: Ramona
Species: Braixen
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) Normal, save for a satchel and blue scarf
Special Attributes: Pyrokinetic. She has a higher control over fire than other fire types
Behavior and Personality: With a friendly disposition, Ramona is more outgoing, and likes to hold conversationwith new people. Adding to this, she is loyal and a bit heroic at times, making her a bit brash, but she will back down if she feels she cannot surpass the challenge given to her. She is a bit of a bookworm at times, due to a love of novels and story telling. She isn’t much of a fighter, but will gladly fight if provoked, or otherwise angered beyond sensible thought.
Background: Her backstory isn’t all that special. She grew up in a standard village, and always dreamed of adventure and excitement, like in her story books. Well, once the world went south, she finally got her chance to live in some kind of twisted fantasy novel. Always being in her own little world, she was often picked on, and called geeky or ditzy. She was pushed around quite often, but always shrugged it off, thinking that they just didn’t see the value of having an imagination. (Oh the positive messages!)
Other Information: She is an explorer, and writer.

Name: Hudin
Species: Alakazam
Gender: male
Appearance: (Use and image, write it, or just say, “normal”) his normally yellow skin is a sooty black color, and his normally brown torso and limbs have turned yellow.
Special Attributes: He, of course, can read minds (and block other mind readers), and has an IQ above anything one could even conceive.
Behavior and Personality: He is cold and calculating. He feels little emotion, and his self righteuos crusade leaves him with a strnage moral code.
Background: Beaten and abused most of his life, Hudin decided that enough was enough. he no longer wanted to be the victim, and felt that he need to keep others from suffering what he did. He became a sort of vigilante, and killed anyone he deemed guilty. He views this apocalypse as a “Cleansing”, thinking that it will rid the world of filth. He decided to stop anyone foolish enough to try and “Save th World”. But mind he is not a villain. Just doing what he thinks is right…even though its wrong.
Other Information: He’s real powerful and crap.


Anyway, welcome to the RP. It only took a small amount of time.
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