Pokemon Mega Evolution?

I like asking u guys these Questions, but what Pokemon do u want to have a Mega Evolution? U can say what Pokemon u want and u may post it’s stats and maybe design. :D

Would love to see Delcatty get a Mega

Can imagine Delcatty getting a more fluffier look to her chest, head and tail.
A nice boost on her overall stats and Sp Attack would be wanted

Perhaps getting some fairy type on would be marvelous as well :D

I would love a Mega lapras !
Like a much bigger and more armored one maybe ;o;

This might be a weird idea but I always thought that it would be SUPER COOL if pre-evolved pokemon got mega evolutions. Like a slight change in design, (obviously) a slight raise in stats, and a better more useful ability. Some pre-evolved pokemon already have competitive battling potential, so mega evolving them would make them more common, and others would use them more lol. And also more fun and epic to use. :P like i said my idea is weird, but its something cool to think about. Only a small amount of pre-evo’s are qualified to actually have mega evolutions in my eyes, but those pre-evo’s would be unique, and also not overpowered, but potentially tactical and problematic in competitive battles. Also an unexpected way of battling perhaps xD.

I never saw a Mega Evolution happen in any pokémon game, and I am not watching the pokémon animated series either.

I only know that they exist, and therefore I don’t even know which pokémon have mega evolutions and which don’t.

I agree with Flare about Delcatty though. Can’t really think of one myself.

Mega Tropius yes please :joy:

Could potentially have some buffs in defenses and special attack, while retaining Chlorophyll or gaining Regenerator. I feel like that’d be interesting to see the design of as well. more bananas

I don’t know when we’ll get them but I’m pretty sure they’re coming: Sinnoh starter Mega Evolutions. I think these three could have some interesting designs going for them, especially Torterra and Infernape.

  • Would be cool if Torterra became Grass/Rock after Mega Evolving and had some kind of defensive ability or Rock Head. I could see buffs in Attack and both Defenses, perhaps even at the cost of some Speed. As for the design, it could carry a mountain range or something and also have a tree tail for Wood Hammering everything.
    -Mega Infernape could have buffs in both offenses and speed I guess. Design could have many different options such as becoming a gorilla-like body type or maybe walk the Wukong path. Would retain Iron Fist I guess? Maybe Flash Fire idk.

Something I’d also like is Mega Drapion. While I don’t like Drapion itself that much, it could have some potential.

What I’d envision it like is that it will still be Poison/Dark type. However, it could have some kind of new ability that lets Poison type moves hit Steel types (due to metals dissolving in acid), which would be cool to see in competitive play. The design could have it be a bit bulkier, and more armored near the legs. It could have a giant tail which it could swing around reaching further than its head to deal damage and spread poison.Maybe it could have some red details on its body to replace the blue ones, because red is a more aggressive colour. It could have buffs in Attack, Defense and Sp. Defense at the cost of a little bit of speed. :sick:

An attempt was made.

Looks awesome! :D