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Hey fellas! I’d like to preface this with saying that I’m new to this forum, (its actually my first forum) so my RP/world-building skills might not be up to par with the expectations, but I think with time I’ll be able to fix that.

Over all, this RP will be much more slice of life, not many big baddies, just everyday problems in the scope of Pokemon. “What would this Pokemon do in this society?” or “What can I do to break the stereotypes of my kind in this society?” type of conflicts. Character creation will follow this format, using Generation 4 'Mons and moves:

Species: (Nothing to special, like mythical or legendary please)
Name: (First and last if you want)
Recognizable by: (tuft of hair tossed to one side, small scar next to nose, something like these)
Age: (maybe research poke-dex entries to find the average life span of your species)
Gender: (don’t really care about biological, but do need to have character’s orientation)
Prized item: (think Partner’s relic fragment from EoS)

Be sure to include a backstory as well!

Heres an Example!
Species: Whismur
Name: Domiso
Recognizable by: scar on his right arm
Age: 14
Gender: male, straight
Prized Item: Wooden Flute

Domiso has the fortune of growing up in a family that is well to do. He has a loving mother in the form of Fasola, a Chimecho, and a daring explorative father named Turon, who is an Exploud. They aren’t his biological parents, but he didn’t mind. He is decent student and talented musician, as he has been trained by Fasola in the art, but also has a habit of causing minor troubles to those around him. He loves his flute, almost as much as his family, and expresses himself through it, as he is seldom heard.
Now, his family is pressuring him to get a job, or at the very least an apprenticeship, But with who? what will he do?

And, I’m sorry for all you human-to-pokemon people out there, but I think I’m limiting that to one character. Reasoning: there needs to be characters that don’t always take up the spotlight, ones that are given there time to shine, and think about how they will leave their impact on another. The human needs to be chill about their situation as well.

Details about the world

  1. Adventurers and mystery dungeons are few and far in between.
  2. Everyone still lives in huts or inside the terrain, although masonry was just discovered, so now building stone houses is a thing. Dirt roads and cobblestone paths are your channels of locomotion.
  3. There are companies that sell specific items to help these few adventurers, and they organized a coalition to end Kecleon shops.
  4. Kecleons want the old system back. (you may see political leanings in this pokemon world) ((Keep discussion focused on pokemon world politics only. No Buts.))
  5. There is an appreciation for hardworking citizens in this world, so the arts are sadly frowned upon, seen as an excuse not to do work. (But you can break that ideal! you can do it!!)
  6. Death, it happens, just please don’t let it happen to you. build your backstory so that you have something to help you.

Thats about the jist of it, send me a pm if you have any other questions. I hope it will be a fun experience!


Things I forgot to mention

Moves: 4 Per pokemon. Remember, utility is very useful in this society
How it will be run: Given the fact that the game-world in PMU is a set thing that cannot be editted (at least by me ,'P), this will take place in our Imaginations! :rainbow: Well, that and some pieces of paper!
Art: feel free to draw art! who am I to stop you? Musical arrangements and themes are also cool, and can be used to set the atmosphere for a conversation.

Please you characters with a thought out backstory, personality, and appearance in mind.

(jeez I might as well run a DnD session for PMD… hahaha jk… unless.?)