Pokemon Secrets and Trivia series!

Hi, Pakawaka here, im starting a new series called, PMU Secrets and Trivia, where i post Secrets and Trivia of the game.

Here is the Episode List :

Episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVopuIP … e=youtu.be

Do you have any secret or trivia to share too? post on this post, and i will use it on my videos with ur credits, i was would thank you if u post screenshots.
Im also looking for a duo partner so if u wanna join me just ask on the forums :)

Have a nice day!

isn’t there also a male Peliper in Taneran that is named after a male pelican in AC that has a crush on one of the two girls, but is crushed on by the other?
Felix the Meowth=Felix the Cat
There is another Surskit in Archford that I think is named after Navi’s sibling (Majora’s Mask), as it states ingame to be siblings with Navi? I never picked up MM so IDK.

Pokemon are commonly named after a fusion between an animal and a word or object

Bulbasaur = Bulb + Dinosaur
Ivysaur = Ivy + Dinosaur -------

A bulb has to do with a plant-- ivy has to do with a plant-- venus has to do with a plant

Venusaur = Venus + Dinosaur

Charmander = Char + Salamander
Charmeleon = Char + Chameleon --------

To char is to burn, to be charred is to be burned; a salamander and chameleon are both reptiles or lizards, Charizard"s name should be self-explanatory

Charizard = Char + Lizard

Squirtle = Squirt + Turtle
Wartortle = War or Warrior + Turtle --------

To squirt is considered to fire a liquid, like spraying, it"s usually squirting water ---->

Blastoise = Blast + Tortoise

If you give it some thought, you’ll happen to realize the names are pretty true

Nothing requires to be searched up, you just notice it after specifically paying attention to the names

He is doing stuff about PMU, not pokemon as a whole.
thanks though ;3