Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion [Spoiler Warning]

You know about Tuoko’s information thread of Pokémon Sun & Moon. This thread is not that thread. This thread will be solely focused on the discussion of Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Recently, we got more information pertaining to Pokémon Sun and Moon. New starters, legendaries, and gameplay were released, along with the release date being November 18 in the US. As we are getting hyped for the game, feel free to put your thoughts of what’s been revealed so far below.

Well, at first glance, the starters are REALLY cute! I mean, REALLY cute. I haven’t felt this cute factor with the starters at all. But I’m surprise they went with a Grass/Flying starter, and Rowlet is an owl of all things. But I’m mainly concerned about Litten and Popplio staying pure types. Litten looks like it could evolve into a Fire/Dark type, but that’s not an original combination with the Houndour family existing. Popplio, who knows what it can be. Fairy? Pure water? I don’t know man.

As for the legendaries, I am not surprised Sun’s mascot is a Lion. But Moon’s mascot looks like a bat, or something, I’m not actually sure what it is. They have really busy looking designs, and the bat reminds me of Olympia, but then again, Reshiram and Zekrom had very controversial designs at the time of Black and White’s release.

Who knows where this’ll go, but props to all the people on the internet speculating this new region is based off Hawaii, cause it definitely is.

Just so you know, I just updated the thread now.

The starters are really adorable! I’m glad Rowlet is a dual-type starter because Bulbasaur isn’t alone anymore! I can see Litten becoming Fire/Dark, but I’m not sure about Popplio… Pure Water or Water/Ice? As for what I’ll choose? I have no idea… I like them all. Popplio reminds me of Oshawott and I chose that as my first starter for Generation 5, Litten is pretty great aesthetically, and Rowlet is so adorable and I want to break my trend of not choosing the Grass starter… Tough choice!

As for the Legendaries, I didn’t like the Moon mascot (probably Lunaala and the other Solgaleo bc trademarks) at first, but now it’s starting to grow on me. The other looks pretty awesome! 0:

I’m glad we’re getting an Hawaiian region. Also, just in case no one noticed, in the Japanese trailer Meowth appeared in the overworld. That means we’re not getting a repeat of Unova.

Even if the Houndour line has it, that shouldn’t really matter imo. The typing has only been used once so far, so I’d welcome it.

Other suggestions I’ve seen going for it are Fire/Poison and Fire/Rock.

Yeah, it looks more like a bat imo. I did notice the similarity with Olympia. I’m just glad these guys don’t look draconic and /hopefully/ they’re not Dragon-types.

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