Pokemon: The Bend (character sign-up!)

Alright, this is my first attempt at creating a roleplay here. I hope it turns out okay! :joy:

The world is at stake. You are either trying to save it or fighting against it. A group, called Team Distortion has gathered together in an attempt to bend the world to their will, to make it shape to whatever they wish it to be. However, what was not considered is the fact that one Pokemon’s ideal world may not be another’s and so when they set off to find the Gem of Worlds, once they found it they traveled to Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga’s domains to present the Gem of Worlds, which was made by Arceus so that if anyone were to find and present the gem to the three beasts, they could grant them any wish. But this was meant to be used only by one Pokemon at once, so when they wished upon the gem at once, all with different desires and wishes, the world could not comprehend this. An earthquake shook the world at that moment, reverberating the Earth deep from within the core. The universe was stretched, pulled, and smashed, kneaded like dough in one’s hand. Holes and gaps that were already in space and time stretched wider to become a great abyss, and the world sunk into it. Chaos came after, volcanoes erupting, geysers spouting, ravines going deep to Earth’s core. Then, there was a small group who had formed beforehand; they had tried to stop Team Distortion from getting the Gem of Worlds, but to no avail. Team Distortion is up again, trying to find yet another way to shape the universe, but madness has descended to most minds that were in that group, all who were involved. They want to now destroy the world and make a new one, where they will live in anarchy. The aforementioned team is weakened, but they are trying to find the Gem of Restoration to restore the world. Whose side are you on? It’s your choice. But either way, here we are in a world trapped in chaos.

Character Sheet:

Appearance:(picture, described, or normal)
Team Distortion, or Restoration?:
Special Traits or Abilities and Powers:
Is this character affected by distortion?:


  1. No humans, but there can be humans turned into Pokemon; the distortion affects the human world too.
  2. No more than 5 characters per person, it gets too complicated. :@~@:
  3. Yes, there can be new or hybrid Pokemon because of the distortion, just tell me what they look like.
    4.No characters straight out of other worlds, like Kirby for example, he would have to be turned Pokemon. I’d prefer you don’t use them anyways, be creative! :D
  4. Your character has to have at least one move listed, otherwise they cannot survive.
  5. Yes, there can be items from the human world like Pokeballs. :joy:
  6. Yes, there can be legendaries, but don’t make them too powerful.

That’s about it! :joy: I will hopefully post my character and the actual rp tomorrow! :D

Name: Z
Species: Zeraora with shiny charizard wings
Gender: Male
Appearence: Zeraora with a purple scarf and Shiny Charizard wings
Personallity: Easy to anger. Doesn’t like being asked about his past. Never cries.
Past/ Background: He was an orphan in the human world named Justin. He was living in the streets helping people by beating up thugs and gangsters that threatened people. He was a good acrobat and turned that into fighting. He was the mysterious protector on the streets. Then the earthquake came. He was hit by flying rubble and blacked out. When he woke up, he was a Zeraora with shiny Charzard wings.

  • Plasma Fists
  • Close Combat
  • Thunder Punch
  • Thunder
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Special Trait/Power: Can fly around using Shiny Charzard wings.
    Held Item: Caries a Black Z-ring on his wrist with Electrium Z on it. (Z-crystal not active because nature has to be okay to use Z-power)