PokePark Wii

Why does noone talk about it, it was actually pretty good IMO.

Yeee I liked the battles and mini games (part one was better than 2 btw)

Yeah right! Finally someone who understands i also feel like it was a newtake on pokemon and was very unique in that sense. My only complaint is how easy it was.

A bit off topic, but this is exactly how I felt about Pokemon Conquest. Great concept, lovely art, nice music, but too short and too easy.

As for PokePark for the Wii, I’ve never played it. Personally, it was because I couldn’t be bothered to get a Wii. I never really got into consoles that weren’t handheld. Perhaps the lack of reception is due to the console rather than the audience?

It was a cute little break from the main series. I personally enjoyed playing through it quite a bit.

I always love when we get Pokemon games that aren’t the typical Trainer games, which honestly I don’t like that much, they all feel too similar imo, and I never really feel that attached to the characters, or interested in the story for some reason? I really enjoyed spinoff games like PokePark, Pokemon Conquest, and Pokemon Rumble. Honestly wasn’t that fond of the Pokemon Ranger series, but they were neat too. On the subject of PokePark specifically, I played it when I was 9 or 10, so I can’t remember it super well, but I know I found it super entertaining at the time! It’d be nice to play the sequel at some point too.

Hi! Im glad you all like Pokepark but please dont revive dead topics over a year old! thank you c: