Pokken Tournament!

So, this game releases in 13 days from the day this is made. Just discuss stuff here!
I’m gonna main Lucario when the game comes out, maybe sceptile, shadow mewtwo or garchomp can come 2nd. I plan to play all characters though!

The game looks so pretty. Ahhh, it’s so cool how dynamic this game makes pokemon battling in general.
Might try maining charizard, weavile or suicune.
Who knows I might main a pokemon completely unexpected xD

So far seems like Pikachu is far less technical as far as the other pokemon go.

This game is so awesome and unique. It really brings you closer to understanding the adrenaline,excitement and intensity a pokemon battle can truly hold in the real pokemon world. This game is pure genius. Im obviously gonna main Lucario xD (if I manage to get the game that is)
Therefore I really do hope it comes out for PS4

*Stupid me, its only coming out for Wii U as I’ve just researched

I’m really interested in this game, the graphics look amazing and I think the gameplay is awesome too. I love the design of the different stages and some of the mechanics are really cool as well, such as the ultimate attacks.

I’ll probably main either Weavile or Machamp, which are basically polar opposites as one is speed-based and the other is more defensive/power-based I guess… But I roll with anything and I feel like this is something I’m going to enjoy thoroughly.

Only thing is, I don’t have a Wii U right now and no money to buy one either. :cry:

There are an array of characters which I would probably rotate upon usage. My main, potentially, would be Chandelure. As it is already one of my favourite pokemon, why wouldn"t it make one of my favourite fighters too?