Poll, and Petition on which Bot should we replace Pokecord with, or should we just delete the channel?

  • PMDiscord
  • Mewbot
  • Varubot
  • Pokeverse
  • Myuu
  • Poketwo
  • Remove the channel/No replacement

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Pretty self-explanatory, based on the conversations on discord.
Please feel free to request another bot if you want one not listed, and please feel free to share your opinions, and have a good day everyone!!!
Please do not vote for remove channel and a bot but you are free to vote for as many bots as you want as people obviously might enjoy multiple since the purpose of this poll is to find which one is most universally enjoyed and if people even want one.

For convenience’s sake, I’ll go ahead and post links to the summaries for each of these chatbots here. This should help people give a more informed response.



Varubot (doesn’t seem to have any working info links that I can find)

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Here’s the other three chatbot summary pages:




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I voted PMDiscord on my end. It’s such a fun bot and would be fitting, the only downside Is the amount of channels. You’re allowed up to 8 for spawns, so you’d want to have that many so that people can play If another channel has 3 players already.

Also bit of a rant that I didn’t want to say In the server; saying “just let It be dead!!!1one” when people suggest what bot could be used to replace Pokecord Is rude and already getting old, Instead of saying “maybe, but I think the channels should be removed or we should leave things” and actually giving a reason you feel that way ( this Isn’t an attack on anyone or anyone who voted “no” essentially ).

People are never going to “just let things be dead”. When games or services shut down, fans always try to find a way to bring It back ( ex: Nintendo WFC, an entire Internet service ) or find a substitute because they meant something to them and enjoyed It. Some members of the PMU chat such as myself would just like something to be done with the channels whether the channels are hidden or a new bot Is added, because we’ve had 0 stance on It from staff. It doesn’t feel the same without the bot due to how Iconic It was, does It?


I don’t know if I can add one without resetting the poll, and I am not risking it, so I’ll add another one here with “Pokemeow”, same rules apply, don’t vote if you’ve voted against a replacement.

  • Pokemeow

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Continuing what Seedlings has done, here are the links for the new one, along with the missing one.