Posion Point

Currently, any move that hits the Pokémon with Poison Point causes the user to be poisoned. It should only be contact moves (e.g. like Tackle or Fury Swipes), as described here:

The result of it affecting every attacking Pokémon might be intentional, but it shouldn’t be. This gets irritating if you, for example, use attract and suddenly you’re poisoned. I hope this is at least considered.

Thank you for the awesome game staff! :D

i agree with this, and this should be so easy to do.

100% agree with this! I’m not totally sure if this is how it is in recent mystery dungeon games, but it really doesn’t make any sense seeing how it activates due to the player (or Pokemon, whatever fits best.) if it’s Physically hit. And Special being the complete opposite should mean that it doesn’t make it so it poisons you. That’s my thought anyway.~

Question: If this happens with Poison Point, does this also include Effect Spore too?

First, in the main series it depends on contact rather than physical/special.
Second, in PMD it works if you stand right next to the target with that ability rather than either of the first two when you attack.
It works the same way in PMU.