Post your Screenshots Here!

Post your screenshots of anything ; A Pokémon you’ve never seen, a funny moment, etc. :3

Lets hope this doesn’t die.

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Crobat and Golbat Family

[spoilerKarma:2enya6va]While breaking the rock for him, the snow powder-spamming Snorunts freeze me. He laughs, then gets frozen himself. :P


[spoilerThe Historical Moment:2enya6va]The day when we hit a record-breaking 105 players. This was minutes before the laggy moment.


[spoilerDeoxys:2enya6va]Can you find him?


Well i got a couple recent screenshots.

Yatters birthday where everybody gave him a group hug.

Which one is the real one?

Such irony.

Another roamer that people dont know of?

How am i supposed to get around this?

The best any player got to be on staff hill~

This is Wolf Link"s stomach in PMU6. (Also Andy is a player there)

Wolf Link"s stomach in PMU7

I have a bunch of screenshots.

the 3rd time im eaten.

I was being surrounded when I when to PMU when i woke up.

Pikachu dropping 600000000 poke.

Do I have to say? ._.

Read the announcement.

Where is everyone?

[spoilerDeoxys:wuu0s7y2]Can you find him?

I dont see it…

Lol, yes. I beat HT while I was muted xD Lucky for things like Skype.

aww lucky wise! xD well i got this O.O staff were unobtainable pokemon xD


[/details]Holiday Cave Last Floor: Easter


[/details]Holiday Cave Last Floor: Easter

Mother, Father?

Burning Down Grassroot 8D

Another sleep line.

Burning Line.


Inside the belly of Andy

That"s a whale of a lord.

another sleep line, lol

Maxi17 the Raichu
Lila the Furret
Matt_M the Hippowdown
Powerforce the Infernape
Levy the Croconaw
CrimsonQuilava the Umbreon
and last but not least… Blacky the Sealeo! =D

(BTW, I just randomly came back to the comp, and that happened. Only did /pichu! once though. P:)


Ark, don’t need to make a topic if you just posted it here o-o
And anyways, Sonar, what is Winter Peak? HT Christmas? xD

lol yeah i know but i want to post wigglytuff everywhere :3
and lol whats the winter peak

Yeah winter peak was Christmas HC, when you completed all those 50 floors you get like around 8 deluxe boxes…or some kind of boxes, and some big box thats in the middle.

Lol Coffee! Your parents were in town xDD Do you know who they were?

Aww yay Sonar! :) You have a screenie of taco. owo

I havnt seen taco in months, did he like quit or something?