Power Point Indicator — Now In Color

One of the quality-of-life changes that I am extremely thankful for is the way the HP bar changes to yellow once it’s lowered to around half, then red during the critical percentages; this helps me notice when my health is getting lower than I’d like it to be and allows for a small grace period between danger and peril that I can take advantage of.

I believe that the power point indicator for attacks could use this as well; the number of times I’ve rushed into danger, only to unknowingly go in underprepared and run out of PP before I can defeat the opposition. The lack of visual feedback outside of the number causes situations like this to happen fairly regularly, particularly in dungeons with higher enemy spawn rates. The additional feedback that this change would give will help prevent this from happening nearly as often. If the text of the move could turn yellow once the number of power points falls below 50% of its maximum, then that would be an excellent indicator, just like with hit points. The actual percentages can be altered to suit the staff’s needs, though.