Primordial Oak - A Dungeon

I was feeling bored, so I decided to conjure this up. This is my idea for a new dungeon! Now, I’m not expecting this to be added. I just thought creating this would be fun!


Floors: 60
Level Range: 30 - 45
Rest Stops: Yes
Natural Weather: None
Secret Room: Floors 41 - 60
Mission Rank: 1*
Mission Floors: 44 - 54
Monster Houses: 4%


Primordial Oak Base: Withered Tree of Life
1-20: Tree of Life: Roots
21-40: Tree of Life - Island of the South
41-60: Tree of Life: Trunk
Secret Room: With Big-Hearted Kindness
Primordial Hollow: Enveloped in Light
Primordial Crown: Partner’s Theme

Primordial Hollow

Located after floor 40.
Contains a Kangaskhan Storage rock and a healing bed.

Contains a Floette NPC named Columbine who sells various items:


Apple - 80
Ether - 80
Oran Berry - 80
Rindo Berry - 100
Roseli Berry - 100
Tiny Reviver Seed - 800
Life Seed* - 2500

Primordial Crown

Located after floor 60.
Contains 2 Deluxe Boxes, 1 Revival Herb, and a warp out of the dungeon.


Upon entering Primordial Crown, you are met by Xerneas.


Oh? Who is this? A new face?

Visitors to this place are scarce. Not many make it through the Primordial Oak.

My name is Xerneas. I watch over the region from atop these sprawling branches.
Say, you look familiar. Have I seen you before?

Ah, yes. [name], right? I thought so.

“You’ve done great things. You’ve helped many Pokemon in need. Little by little, your exploits have assisted in making this world a better place.”

I must express my gratitude. Behind me, you will find a gift. I hope whatever is inside will help you in future adventures.

Farewell, explorer. Until we meet again.

End Boxes

Primordial Crown contains 2 end boxes. The item pool is as following:

  • 500 Poke
  • 1000 Poke
  • Life Seed*
  • Amber Jewel*
  • Tiny Reviver Seed
  • Reviver Seed
  • Revival Herb
  • Grass Dust
  • Fairy Dust
  • Warp Scarf
  • Heal Ribbon
  • Goggle Specs*
  • TM Grass Knot
  • TM Dazzling Gleam
  • TM Energy Ball
  • Healthy Salad*
  • Xerneas’s Heart Slate
  • Wonder Tonic*

Secret Room

Secret rooms can appear on floors 41 through 60. They contain 2 deluxe boxes. The item pool is as follows:

  • 250 Poke
  • 500 Poke
  • 1000 Poke
  • Life Seed*
  • Meadow Plate
  • Pixie Plate
  • Amber Jewel*
  • Revival Herb
  • Float Seed*
  • Tiny Reviver Seed
  • Reviver Seed
  • Vanish Seed
  • Miracle Seed
  • Sweet Rose
  • Pink Bow
  • TM Dazzling Gleam
  • TM Energy Ball
  • TM Nature Power
  • Sacred Pan Flute*


Primordial Oak contains 9 items never before seen in PMU.

Float Seed: Gives the user the effects of Levitate for the floor. Sells for 50.
Life Seed: Fully restores HP and increases the user’s max HP by 10 for this dungeon only. Sells for 250.
Lob Orb: Deals 200 damage to a target directly in front. Sells for 100.
Mug Orb: Causes the target to drop their held item. Sells for 100.
Goggle Specs: Gives the wearer the effects of Keen Eye. Sells for 1000.
Amber Jewel: Sells to Kecleon for 15,000 poke.
Wonder Tonic: Permanently raises the PP of the user’s top move by 1. Sells for 5000.
Sacred Pan Flute: Plays the song Tree of Life: Roots. Sells for 2500.
Healthy Salad: Heals 100 HP and 5 PP. Sells for 25. Meme Item for Slade and Scemo ;)

Dungeon Item Statistics


Enemy Pokemon Statistics


This is really cool and quite detailed. I can almost picture it. I’ve played around with dungeon ideas in my mind for fun but not this extent o: I’ll have to check out those music themes when it’s not nearly 1 am

Side note that Mug Orb would be a nice thing for shiny sharing purposes dfkljsdkl

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Mug Orb would indeed be good for shiny hunting hehe
Originally, I was going to have it do damage (essentially an orb version of Thief) but I figured it would be more useful this way.

All the music is from Super Mystery Dungeon, if that would make the tracks easier to find.

honestly, apart from the wonder tonic (which im pretty sure increasing max pp isn’t a good idea due to the already popular mobile scard speedrun with some healing move), and maybe i can see life seed being hard to implentment, everything else seems like a interesting dungeon. However, a 60 floor dungeon for that level range is kinda an overkill, i think 50 ish floors should be good. Lastly, milcery is most likely going to cause error b/c forms.

I really hope some staff read over this and make this a reality.

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Wonder Tonic is something I would personally like to see, but I’d understand if it’s a little much for PMU.

My mindset for making it 60 floors is that it would provide midgame players an experience not unlike running through late-game dungeons, but with more manageable enemy spawns. I don’t personally think a very long dungeon of this level range is a bad thing, but I can certainly see where you’re coming from.

Some balance changes because why not

Revival herbs removed from dungeon item pool. In addition, the end room now contains only one herb instead of two.

Columbine’s shop prices have been adjusted. No more 500 Poke tiny revs :frowning:

Reward pools have been given more items, typically undesired ones, to make them less OP

Healthy Salad added ;)

the amount of effort into this is absolutely astounding honestly, i adore it <3

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Awww thanks <3

I’m planning on doing another one soon hehe

how many chikoritas does the healthy salad contain?

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None, Unfortunately.

Those little buggers are too quick.