Profile picture and Banner Request

idk if I am allowed to ask requests or not, can someone please make me a Banner and a Profile picture for forums, this is my Request. (I’m kinda scared to ask this and post it) :@~@: :x.x:
Profile Picture: Grovyle have it have Eye lashes, and have Grovyle wear headphones with a mic and have my head leaf have a Pink Bow on it.
Banner: have Same thing as Profile picture on it but have a pink or purple background and have my Screen Name “Suzzy The Grovyle” on it, and have a Time Gear somewhere on the banner and one more thing idk if u can do this or not U do not have to add this! but have Pinky from Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures on it.

Sorry if it’s to much to ask. :( I want a Profile picture and a Banner very bad and I don’t have Photoshop.

PM me when u are done with Profile Picture or Banner.