Proposal for Fusion Rock Weather Mechanism ★★★★★★

What is Fusion Rock Weather?

  • It’s a feature that facilitates combining two weather rocks. For example, combining Damp Rock and Heat Rock will create a Damp/Heat Rock.

Reason for Proposal:

  • Many players, including myself, wish to use their favorite Pokémon to quickly farm exp and move at maximum speed (max speed x4) using Event Items obtained during weekly events.
  • For instance, my Pokémon, Delphox, has a dual type of Fire/Psychic. To move quickly, we’d need either Fiery Crystal or Psyche Crystal.
  • For Fire Type, we’d need Sunny weather or a Heat Rock, and for Psychic, we’d need Foggy weather or a Foggy Rock. Both rocks require Clear weather to activate.
  • Unfortunately, these rocks cannot be stacked. Whichever rock a Pokémon hold first will activate, the remaining stone will not activate.
  • Some Pokémon with dual types matching the required weather will maximize their effectiveness, achieving x4 speed. (Dragon + Flying, Fire + Fairy …)

To overcome this limitation, I want to propose introducing a new mechanism. It could be formulated as follows

Fusion Rock without Clear Rock

  • Cost: 500,000 coins
  • Rarity: 5
  • Cannot be dropped,

Fusion Rock with Clear Rock

  • Cost: 750,000 to 1,000,000 coins (with this rock, players won’t need a Pokémon with ability Cloudnine).
  • Rarity: 6
  • Cannot be dropped,

Update 14/05/2024

Wait a second. So, that’s the benefit of dual-type Pokémon being able to increase speed by 4x. But what about the Pokémon I like that have only a single type? So how do we resolve this? It really doesn’t seem fair.

  • Regarding this issue, I initially only considered the speed boost of up to x4 for dual-type Pokémon. I overlooked single-type Pokémon and assumed their speed would be limited to x2.
  • However, I believe there might be a solution to this issue, and here’s my suggestion: we could develop an advanced weather stone by combining two stones of the same weather type. This upgraded stone would introduce a single enhancement: the x4 speed boost. All other weather effects and moves would remain unchanged. (If possible)

If you have any other suggestions, please let me and everyone else know. :D

Suggested location:

  • Make new NPC, Located somewhere in the **Archford **area,
  • Players must complete a dungeon challenge ranging from level 70 to 95.
  • Explorer Rank requirement: Master

Another Suggested location:

  • Limited in Event HC

I hope this mechanism is accepted by everyone.
Thank you all for reading through.

I’m up for the double rocks without Clear Rock, except that would basically mean adding 72 more items (9 rocks, assuming you can’t fuse a rock with itself, each one has 8 options. Half of them if we’re clever about it and make Heat + Damp = Damp + Heat, and so on) into the item list for basically only endgame players and very specific Pokemon. With sprites, specific code, some chart somewhere in memory to know what item to grant and all of that.

The fusions with Clear Rock could be solved by just making the rocks already work on any weather. Clear Rock fusions (especially if they end up being more expensive) end up in a “make a problem, sell the solution” deal. Not that the whole concept isn’t one of those deals, but it’s more obvious on Clear Rock fusions.

Furthermore, how would the players react to this? Noivern’s x4 speed with just Clear Rock is already controversial enough as is. With this change, every dual type would have x4 speed… at a higher price. Unless, as you said, their types already have a matching weather, at that point they don’t need this mechanic. If that weather is not clear, grab your pocket Cloud Nine support mon (which you should already have by the time the mechanic is even available bc Sandstorm and Foggy dungeons hurt your eyes more than your mons) and away you go. So while it would let so many other Pokemon enjoy the (at times hard to control) x4 speed, some would pay more than others and not all of them have the tools to handle it (Ghost movement, a healing move outside of Rest, a good HP stat to tank the empty belly damage…). :sadmimi:

Also, rip the mono types. Unless rocks could stack with themselves and activate crystals twice, but at point why would you ever make double weather rocks. Have your Fire Psychic Delphox run double Heat Rock and completely ignore the Foggy requirement for Psychic items. Also if rocks can be fused with themselves, now you have 81 possible combinations to keep track of somewhere. :growlithethink:

Having two weathers active at once is going to mess with many things and probably cause other problems to rise up. Heliolisk wouldn’t have to decide between x4 speed and activating one of its abilities. Moonlight, Morning Sun and Synthesis would be hella confused on how much to heal. Sky Shaymin could have x8 speed if it existed. Azumarill with x4 speed and rain (because Sparkle Rock is already a movement speed increase) would certainly be a thing. The original x4 speed mon would be even better because you don’t need to ctrl-delete your wallet nor remember which of the now way too many rocks it was to get them online.

…so uh i said i was up for it but after this analysis i guess i’m not up for it. Or I am up for it but have some concerns over how the spaguetti code will handle it. You choose. :umbreshrug:


Ty you reply this post, DiegoG. :grin:

Here is my anwser. (It may not be fluent, but I hope you understand my answer.)

  • Fusion two identical rock will not happen. Regarding single-type Pokémon, Pokemon x2 Speed are still good. It’s just that they aren’t faster than dual-type Pokémon with x4 Speed (if this feature were to be introduced). It’s not useless at all, it depends on each person’s team composition. I still use those Pokémon in certain specific cases.
  • With Pokémon speed up by x8, it’s going to be very hard control. I recommend considering the use of a different Pokémon or Rock instead.
  • Heliolisk/Azumarill: I think that so good. What’s the problem with it? Broken x8 Speed and Ability ?
  • List move like: Moonlight, Morning Sun and Synthesis
  • In the case where both weather conditions occur, to balance it effectively, you can calculate the HP increase ratio based on the average of the two weather-specific ratios.

  • Example: Restore 50% of its total HP under weather condition A and 66.66% for weather condition B, you can calculate the average ratio as follows: (50% + 66.66%) / 2 = 58.33%

  • The moves that contrast each other in terms of effects, we can still apply the same approach.

  • Other cases, when a certain weather condition triggers additional power-ups or reductions for that Pokémon’s type. We can still apply (A+B)/2 .

  • The accuracy stat can also be approached similarly. Like… Thunder will never miss in rainy weather (70 → 100), but its accuracy is halved when it’s sunny weather (70 → 35). So, it will be 67.5 accurate.

What do you think ?

hold on. i thought one of the reason you made this post was so you could use your favorite pokemon with 4x movement speed, yet you respond that certain pokemons can stay at 2x movement speed max and they are still good so it dosen’t matter?
that’s not very fair.

i could argue the same thing about delphox, this system isn’t needed cause delphox is already good enough, great type with great moves and covrage dosen’t need 4x movement speed to be good,
but you want it to have access to 4x movement speed cause it’s your favorite,
my favorite is raichu, why don’t i get to have 4x movement speed? :pikasad:

i’m fairly confident the issue diego was bringing up was that the code wouldn’t be able to handle it such a mess of complexity, rather then asking to speculate on how they could be implemented


Good Morning, Superscemo

Delphox is just my example. :joy:
About single-type Pokémon might have to accept that 2x speed is their maximum. Although I would really like those Pokémon to also get 4x speed.
As Diego mentioned, if combining two stones of the same weather type creates a stronger stone, I think this shouldn’t exist. If it does exist, it should only have one effect: increasing speed by 4x. The effects of HP recovery moves/ability or the weather itself should remain unchanged.

Update the post about my thoughts and proposal regarding the issue of single-type Pokémon.(14/05/2024). Perhaps it won’t be very convincing.