Questions: About SRs

How can we hunt for them? Just like Shinyhunting, there MUST be a method of doing this easier

SR hunting varies from dungeon to dungeon. For most dungeon, the most effective SR hunting is by walking over every tile using a runner with moves like agility, rock polish, autotomize, (i think that’s it?) or something that has speedboost or can take advantage like crystals (forgot if it’s crystal or gem that boost movement speed). But some dungeons has specific tiles that are bound for traps/SRs like HC, or SA and SpTh if they have SRs. Those you only need to check the specific tiles. Otherwise, checking every tile is your best option currently.

It’s Crystals.

Anyway while doing this you’ll also want either a Trap Scarf or Tight Belt/Stamina Band, but yes It’s basically no more than checking every tile on a floor which has a chance of being a SR. There are family Items that are supposed to make them easier to find but they don’t work.

If you don’t have late to end game items, stamina band and agility birds works pretty good as well.